Started In Bus Ended At Lodge

Hello readers, am new to this site. Am here to submit a story of mine.Hope you all like this. I am satheesh, 20yrs, white male,little girlish type and I have some gay experiences before this incident happen and I will share that with you later.

This story happens when am traveling to goa by volvo bus. The bus was nearly empty. My seat was around the middle area. When am placing my bag over my seat, a guy came behind me. I moved back as he was walking towards back of the bus to his seat. He looked me from top to bottom and smiled at me at me, and I smiled back.

After sometime of travel that guy came near to my seat and asked he was getting bored sitting alone and can he sit near me. I said ok. He sat near me. He was tall, well build 30s.He said his name as Suresh. We talked for sometime. It was dark by then. He took his mobile and started playing some videos. At first it was some funny clips but after that he played a porn. We both said some comments about it. He said he have some nice collection of porn in mobile. He told me to come to his seat which was at the back end of the bus and there was no-one near that seat.

We moved to his seat. He played some rough gangbang porn and we watched it together. After sometime i felt his hand on my thighs. I didnt respond. He take that as a yes and moved his hand to my cock. He asked me whether i have any previous gay experiences. I said yes. He said he likes young boys like me and he likes rough. We both covered ourself with the blanket. The light inside was dim.

He told me to remove my pants. I resisted a little but he compelled me to do that and I was in great mood, so I removed my pants and covered with blanket. He pushed his hand inside my underwear and touched my cock and started shaking. He then removed his pants and now we both are sitting in undies under our blankets. He took my hands and placed it over his cock. It was medium sized cock. I started rubbing his cock over his underwear and slowly insert my hand and touched his cock and started shaking it.

He pulled my underwear down and made me remove my underwear. He took my undies and sniffed it. He again hold my cock and started squeezing it. It hurts a little. He then told me to suck his cock. I resisted, as it was in bus. But he said there is no one near and he push my head towards his cock under the blanket. I took his cock in my mouth. I first licked it and slowly started sucking. I sucked it continously and after sometime I tried to stop sucking and sit straight but he didnt allow me to do that. He firmly hold my head. With his cock inside my mouth he started pushing my head down and his cock enter deep in my mouth.

After some time like that, I felt his grip over my head getting firm. He placed my head very firmly and suddenly I felt his warm cum pumping inside my mouth. I tried to remove his cock from my mouth but he didnt allow me to do that. His cum shoots deep in my mouth and it was all over my mouth and flowing out to his own cock as am facing down. Then he removed his hand over my head and I sit straight with his cum in my mouth. I have to drink his cum that was in my mouth. There was some cum over my cheeks. He took my underwear and started cleaning cum that was over his cock. He also clean my cheeks with my undies and he gave my undies back and told me to wear it. I was hesistant to do that but he compelled and i did. I can feel the wetness of his cum over my ass.

He then placed his hand inside my undies and hold my cock. He played a porn in his mobile and while I watching that, he started shaking my cock without taking cock from my underwear. After sometime, I started to cum. I cummed inside my underwear. Cum flows inside it. He then removed his hand and clean his hand on my thighs removing some of my cum which was on his hands. He then told me to put the pants on without changing underwear. He didnt allowed me to remove underwear. I put my pants back on, and i can feel my cum and his inside.

With warm cum inside my undies,we lay back and slept.He woke me up at morning and told me that his place is nearer. He said there is a nice place near and can enjoy all we want. He also said he will arrange vehicle for rest of my journey. At first i resisted ,but he compelled me to do so. At last I said yes. I dont know what place was that but I get down at that place with him. He took a taxi. We reached a lodge. It was little lonely place. The receptionist knows him as they smiled and talked as they were friends.

He took a room. We walked to the third floor. It feels like there was no one on that floor. I didnt saw anyone on my way to the room. So I feel little comfortable there.

After entering the room he told me to take a bath. I am also tired and also there was cum inside my underwear. So i started removing my dress and he watched it and passed some nasty comments. I become naked, took a towel and walked inside bathroom.

He said to take a nice bath and come back soon, as his cock is waiting for me. I started shower and when water fell on my body my cock started erect again. I was eager for the next encounter with him. But, Is that the only thing waiting for me? That I will tell you on the next episode, soon.

Please give your comments. Am new to this, so kindly bare with any mistakes. Will soon be back with the next episode.

Started In Bus Ended At Lodge