The Most Wonderful Punishment

Hey ISS readers! I am Sanjay and I stay in Chennai. I am 19 years old and I am gay. I am a fat round guy and I have big butts and boobs too. I have a fetish for clothing. I always have felt horny when I see men wearing lungi and walking on the road. I also feel aroused when I see men pissing on the road wearing lungi. This lungi fetish of mine drove me to great experiences.

I myself do not own a lungi because I’m too shy to wear one in front of my house people. But this extreme affinity to this perverted clothing made me want to wear this in public when my parents were not at home. My parents were working and I was at home from 3 o clock in the afternoon to 8 o clock in the night. Thus, I had plenty of opportunity to carry out my fetish. In my apartment terrace, many people used to dry their clothes including 3 or 4 lungis, every day.

So what I used to do was, I used to go up to the terrace and take one of those lungi and tie it on my bare body and walk around the terrace. I also used to masturbate wearing the lungi and cum all over it. Then, I used to wash it again and dry it back on the terrace. There was one particular house’s lungi which I liked a lot because of the variety in patterns. There used to be those typical ones with stripes and checks and also the mallu-style ones- the colorful block print type.

So as usual, one day, I was doing what I usually do in the terrace when suddenly I saw a man walking towards me. I immediately closed my dick and just pretended as if I was sitting in the shade when I heard him say, “I know what you do. I see you do it every day and I also have a video of it.” I saw his face clearly. He was about 35 years old and when I looked at him, I realized that the lungi that man was wearing was one of the lungis I fapped in a few days before.

He looked at me, grinning, and said, “I like it. I like to see you do it on my lungi…” Then he said that if I did not want this to become a big issue involving the parents and all, I should do what he says. I agreed. He then told me to follow him. I began to wear my shirt and pant when he asked me to just bring them to his house and to come as I was.

Then, when I entered his house, he said,” I know that you are alone in your house from 3 o clock. I just want you to come here every day. “ . Then, I noticed the tent formed under his lungi. I realized he was gay too. Then I asked him, “Why? Why do you want me to come here every day?” He slyly smiled and said,” I want to fuck you. Your nice curved body makes me very horny.”

I looked at him; he was also a big man, hairy, and looked as if he fitted my fetish. I told him, “You see, I have this fetish that I want to be fucked by a man wearing a lungi.” he replied,” I want to record me fucking you in lungi so that I can see it whenever I want.” That settled it. He wanted to fuck me. I wanted to be fucked.

So, I came to his house the next day. He asked me to go into the room and take off all my clothes. He kept a green colored, block print lungi on the bed which I was supposed to wear. He then came in. he was wearing a violetish colored block work lungi and banyan that sent me into horniness maximum. He then took off his banyan and his hairy chest was in front of me. He came near me, and he grabbed my boob and he licked my nipple.

He started biting and sucking it till I moaned in pleasure. My throbbing length was literally pushing out of my lungi. He then licked and bit my armpit. He looked at me and smiles. He licked my body all over till I was covered in his spit. Then, he folded up his lungi, and his tool was pushing through the lungi as if it were going to blast all over my face. He came near me and rubbed his erection on mine. He raised my lungi to reveal my hard dick. He grinded his dick on mine. I noticed that he was circumcised. He pulled my foreskin to the top and put his top into my foreskin and massaged our dicks that had become one. His top touching my sensitive top. He pushed me down, raised his lungi a bit to reveal his 11 inch dick and thrust it into my mouth.

He first pushed his dick into my mouth with such ferocity. His dick was dark in color with a pink top. It ranked of urine and semen. He then made me lie down, and turned himself in such a way, that he could push his dick down my throat. I was hardly able to take in half of his dick. But he managed to push the whole thing in. it was so amazing. When he finally came, his white, warm semen shot all over my throat and then he withdrew and shot his cum into my mouth. The taste was too good. The cum filled up my mouth fully. I swallowed his cum.

Then he pulled up my lungi, and he looked at my 8 inches that was as hard as iron bar. He pulled my foreskin down and bit my pink sensitive top. I winced in pleasure and pain. He spat on it. Then he took it in his mouth. He took it out, and asked me to mercilessly fuck his mouth. I have never thrusted my hip with such a vigor ever before.

He enveloped my dick in his mouth and sucked at it. I came in his mouth but not as much as he did. He then took my balls into his mouth and sucked them. He bit them and squeezed them. It was a pleasurable pain. I pushed him down, and licked his chest. I took in every bit of sweat and body smell he had. I licked his chest hair and sucked his nipples. I licked his armpit. He moaned with pleasure. He pushed me down, and put his erect dick through his lungi, between my armpit and fucked my armpit. Then, he put it in between my boobs and fucked my boobs and came over it.

Then, he turned me around, pulled up my lungi, and touched my butt. It was so smooth. He kneeled down, and inserted his tongue into my ass hole. He licked my butt fully then he picked up a bottle of Vaseline. He took a large scoop of it and put it into my hole. He slowly inserted his finger. I moaned in pain and pleasure. He said, “So tight! Don’t worry; it will become loose very soon. If I fuck you like this every day, it will become less tight.”

Then he slowly started inserting two, three fingers at once. He took his hand out, and he punched my hole. I shouted in pleasure. It was not so painful, but it was very pleasurable. He then pulled his lungi up and his pink top rose among his violet lungi and entered my hole. It exited, and then he took a scoop of Vaseline, and massaged it on his dick. He then pushed his dick into my asshole. At first, he pushed it so slowly; it felt as if I was sitting on a traffic cone like how they show in videos.

Then he started moving slightly faster. He smacked my fat butt till it was red. I was moaning so loudly. The louder I moaned, the harder he thrust in me. At one point his thrust his whole 11 inches into my hole with full force, it hit this spot that made my dick feel so pleasured. I moaned louder. He thrust like that again and again till I shot cum on my lungi. He turned me around and now fucked me while facing him.

I saw him arching forward and backward every time his thrust his length into my hole. He started doing it so fast that I started shouting loudly,”FUCK ME!! AAAAAAAAH”. His dick finally became slowly as he came all over my hole. My hole filled like a puddle on a rainy day. My asshole tightened with pleasure and pain. But he wasn’t done cumming. He came over my butt, my leg, my dick, and then he cummed over my chest and face.

He opened my mouth, and pumped his rifle and shot cum into my mouth till it was full. This made me cum on his leg and dick. He then rubbed his slippery cum-coated dick on mine and rubbed our top together. He took my cum in his hand and licked it.

We did this every day for almost 3 years. It was so nice.

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