My First Gay Encounter

Hi guys am 30 year old guy working in a bpo . This happened few years back when all i used to think bout was sex and was straight that time . I was driving around in my car late night around 12 . I stopped to buy some cigarettes from 24/7 . A cute looking cross dresses came up to me and asked if i could drop him to his place which was near by only and wont get a cab at tht time. He was very cute looking . 55 thin fair with short hair but was dresses in normal jeans and t shirt , looked decent so i said ok. When we reached under his place . He said thanks and said i wish i could offer you something for your favor . Jokingly i said u can give me a blowjob . To which he replied i dont blow in car .

For that you have to come up. I readily agreed. He used to live with a roommate but he was asleep so we sneaked in to his bedroom .he went to the bathroom and came out wearing a short black dress. Had really nice legs , no hair. He took off my pants i was semi hard with some precum . He went down on me and start sucking very softly . I laid on his bed and he was seating and sucking on me …..he was really good at it with his tongue, licked my balls and then slipped his tongue in my asshole . It was the 1st time i was getting a rim job and it felt better than a blow job . After some time he stopped and said am also hard and asked me to do sum thing bout it . I told him am straight but when he stood in front of me .

I saw his dick it was at least 8inches and thick and looked clean so i said ok i will give u a hand job and i started stroking it . It was huge . We started suck on my dick again as i was giving him a handjob but it was few inches from my month and i couldnt resist it and took it on my month and started sucking on it . We were doing 69 for few mins and i was bout to come . So i asked him where should i come. He asked me to come in his month . So i came in his month and he swallowed it . Which turned me on even more and i sucked him till he was bout to cum and then he came but not in my mouth . We relaxed for few mins and then i asked him if he has condoms which he did . I was hard again and so was he .

So we again started with 69 and after few mins i wore the condom and fucked him . Which i dint enjoy coz honestly i enjoy fucking girls more . So i thought might as well try something new and asked him to rim me again i got into doggie position and he started licking my asshole with his tongue after few mins i asked him to try and put his finger in . Which he did very softly and dint pain at all and then i asked him if he has more condoms .

He understood what i was saying . He put on a condom and start rubbing his dick on my asshole . Used sum jelly on my ass and started putting his dick in . It was huge and was hurting a little but was feeling heavenly. I asked him to put it all in but not to move. Feel those 8 inches in me felt really awesome and then he started fucking me . I felt like a whore .He fucked me for few mins and said was bout to cum and i asked him to cum in my month now .

He took off his condom and came in my month . It was salty and little tangie but i dint swallow and spat it out in the bathroom sink and then he sucked on me to make me come … and i again came in his mouth . We both were tired so took a break and started talking bout likes and dislikes. He told me he enjoy group sex and have few guys who can join us if am up for it . I am always up for something new so i agreed . He asked me to wait in his room and went out naked .

After few mins got 2 of his friends who were according to me sleeping in the other room but were just playing with each other and came to this room naked and with a hard on .both were again cds i believe as were very feminine both had 6.5 inches dick bout same as mine . So we start again. I used to new guys one by one and one of them was sucking the 1 st guy . We kept on change positions and dicks for at least an hour .

Then the 1st guy started fucking the one of the two guys and then that was fucking the 3rd one and asked me to fuck the 1st guy . So we all were in each other i moving slowly after few mins all three were bout to cum so i asked them to stop and all cum in my mouth . I got into my knee in front of three guys and all came one by one in my mouth and i swallowed it all this it …… it was mind blowing . So only i was left to cum so now all three serviced me.

One was sucking my dick other was licking my asshole and 3rd was fucking on my nipples. It was the best feeling i ever got . And i told them I am about to cum . No one stopped so i came in his mouth while getting my ass liked and nipples suck . Then the one who had my cum in his mouth kissed me and swapped the cum in my mouth and asked me to swallow and i did that . So i had 4 different sperms in me :)) ….. for the 1st gay night it was legendary ……but had few more suck encounters with more guys more cum and more fun :))

My First Gay Encounter