Never Get Drunk With Your Grand Dad

Well hello again and let me give you a brief description about myself. Im 26 smart looking guy from a place called Malad in Mumbai. The following incident took place a few weeks back, when my moms father my Grandad came visiting home.

It was a friday and my dad just informed me that my Grand dad would be coming over from Kochi for the weekend. Usually I wouldnt mind such a visit, but I knew my dad was going to be out of town for the weekend and it would be upon me to take care of my Grand dad. My family consisted of only me and my dad, as my mum passed away a few years back. So getting back to the story, my dad left for his weekend trip and I rushed to the airport to pick my Grand dad up. Well to describe my grandfather, hes roughly around 60 bald headed extremely plumpy man and extremely short tempered. So I picked him from the airport and we chatted cordially on our way back. Once we reached home, i showed him to his room and asked him to make himself comfortable.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. At around 9pm i decided i would head out for a few drinks with my friends. Thats when my grandfather stopped me saying that what kind of manners was I showing by going out when hes come this far to visit.

I was pretty irritated by this, but knew he was right so cancelled my plans and decided to stay back home. To vent my frustration, i just switched on the TV and sat in the living room watching it. I think soon my grandfather realized that I didnt take well to his comment. And to make up he also came and sat with me. We made small talks every now and then. But my frustration still continued, maybe realizing it he turned towards me and said “Arjun do you want to have a drink?”

I was obviously taken aback by his offer, because i know he doesnt drink. Realizing the confusion he said “I bought a bottle of blue label for your Dad, but since hes not there you can have it” Not wanting to miss a chance of having some fine whiskey i agreed. I bought a glass from the kitchen and my grandfather got the bottle from his bag. I poured myself a drink and he just got himself some juice.

Slowly we opened up, discussed a lot about politics, cricket and many other stuff. Time flew and i had emptied the whole bottle. And like any good whiskey, the hit was slow and steady. But soon I realized i was tipsy, I was about to ask my leave and hit the sack when my grandfather said….

“Arjun remember when you were a kid how you used to sleep with your head resting on my lap”

I said “Yes, that used to be some days…. I really wish i was a kid again”

Grandfather: “Youre still a child to me, why dont you come and sleep that way again?”

I thought to myself, what harm… It be great to relive those childhood days again. Thinking this i made my self comfortable and rested my head on his lap.

My grand father, stared down at me and said “Youve grown so fast Arjun” saying this he kissed me on the forehead.

I was really surprised with his reaction, but also enjoyed the warmth of his affection.

I smiled back at him. He stared down at me again and said “No Arjun youve really grown so big” this time he bend down and kissed my cheeks.

With enough alcohol in my system, I didnt really mind his show of affection. I just smiled again.

My grandfather kept staring at me and then he said “I wish you were still that little boy” saying this he came down to my cheek again, but this time after kissing he stuck his tongue out and licked my face. This sent shivers down my spine, i wanted to get up but somehow my body refused my mind.

My grandfather sensing no opposition from me, came down again and this time was more aggressive…. he started licking my face as if it was some kind of ice cream. With each stroke my face was more and more smelling like his saliva. Becoming further bold, he now approached my lips and started kissing me hard, i resisted a little but soon gave in to him.

With each passing moment his tongue went deeper and deeper in my mouth. I was slowly losing my senses. Heres my 60 year old grandfather kissing me! Then he did something i least expected. With my head on the same position on his lap, he opened his zipper and out popped this hard bulge, wrapped in a jockey.

I looked him straight in the eye, but all he did was bring his undies down a little. And there i saw hidden in a forest of grey a good 6 inch cock, oozing with pre cum. No waiting for my approval, my grandfather just shoved the dick on my lips. I slowly quivered and opened my mouth and thats all that he needed. He pushed in his dick further, tasting a mans cock for the first time, i almost gagged.

The odor was pungent and the taste salty. But i had no choice, with each stroke he just became wilder. I could here him moan and my mouth became his pussy. I could feel his muscles tense and with each push my nose went further into his grey pubes. I tried to break free but all the alcohol, didnt help me much. Finally he gave a loud moan and gushed out all his cum. I tried spitting it… but with his dick still in my mouth i had no choice but to drink it up.

Finally after a minute or two.. he finally looked at me, his semi limp dick still in my mouth… he said “Arjun that was just your first hole for the night….” i said nothing but just awaited what was in store for me….

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Never Get Drunk With Your Grand Dad