My Junior Turned To Be My Master

When i was working in my previous office Chennai, a new guy joined. He has Cute boyish look, athletic, with 23 years old, slim and 6.2 ft height. He was really nervous on his first job. I approached him to offer help, to my surprise he too from my native and staying with his friends. I dont know he gonna master me in-future.

On a weekend, I called him for drinks. After office, I picked him and went home, my friends were out on a tour. I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and headed to the room. He was ready for drink with his boxers and vest. The first beers went down quickly, and he asked for hot drinks. So I went back to the shop to grab us some whisky. While I return, I saw he was watching some porn on his mobile. When I asked to show, he refused. When we sat down, for next round of drinks, he removed his vest. I was surprised to see his slim built sexy appeal. His cock and balls were bulge out of boxers and my mouth waters.

A little scared, but also curious, so quietly we had drinks and went to bed. I tried to seduce him, hugged him while he sleep. As we got closer, the warm breath from him tempts me more. I moved my hands towards his thigh. He is so smooth, when i move my hands a little, i felt the warm cock hitting my hand. That was hard, I felt he is not sleeping and enjoying my fondle. I couldnt see his cock but can only feel. I grabbed his cock and suddenly I felt my cock was also being got hold by him. I was extremely happy and moved his cock foreskin, moved in and out few times. When he did that for me, I was cummed as I was already in very high mood. He woke up and scolded me for cumming too fast. After 5 mins masturbation, he cummed on my hands. We both slept hugging each other.

The next day morning, he said he going to his room and need my bike and he will come night for drink again. He left and I was waiting for his arrival that evening. I took a warm shower and was waiting for him. He came, we started the drinks again.

After 2 round of whiskey, he asked me directly If I like him. I was shocked and said yes. He pulled down his boxers and ask me to suck if I like him. First time seeing his cock directly. 6″inch cock curved down with his foreskin wet under his pre cum. I moved towards him, kissed his abs and cock, and I start swallowing it in passion. I could feel his moaning coming got louder, and louder. He grab my head and make me to suck deep. While I was sucking his cock and balls,he had gone for another drink.

He asked me to have drink and went over laptop to near by room. I know, Im going to get full treat tonight and after few mins, he called me to that room. I approached the door; to see he was chatting with a guy online. My junior told him, he gonna get a visual treat today. My junior sitting on the rolling chair and asked me to suck. I was really feared to do in-front of cam. My junior pulled me down, I cant get hold after seeing his cock dancing inside his boxer. I myself buried my face inside his legs and boxers. I feel the warm cock hitting, need some suck, so I moved his boxer to take his candy out.

I opened my mouth wide to take his cock. He was laughing and enjoying my suck and asked me to do deep. His online friend was jerking by seeing this and asking more postures. I obeyed all my junior commands like his slave. He really gag me make me his dick licking slut. I was enjoying his orders. He asked me to bend down, he exposed my ass to his friend. My junior slapped at my butts and said it belongs to him. He pours some oil over my ass and pushed his long finger inside my ass. Oh, I really cried of pain. But he never stops.

He started inserting his another finger. Now he made my ass hole better and removed his finger. I was relaxed a little but no time, he pulled my hair backwards and pushed his dick inside my ass roughly.

God,that was the hard fuck I ever get. As i was bent down and he was in standing position made him ease. He pulled me to get deep to his cock. Every stroke he hit my prostrate, I felt being in heaven. He turned me towards him without removing his cock and carried me, oh that was easy for him to carry me for his height. I was sitting on his cock and his cock inside my ass. He rammed hard.

His online friend was enjoying all scenes. My junior put me down with my legs facing up over his shoulders and his long cock kicking my ass hard. Now his sweat from head dropping over my face, I licked and tasted it salty. He fucked me wildly non-stop for 15 mins. I know he was about to cum from his reaction. He pulled his cock out and the cum spit out like gun and reached my face to stomach. Same time my cum too wet my stomach. Then he disconnected the online view and asked me to clean myself.

I went bathroom and cleaned myself and get ready to go for bed., before I come out, He had two more rounds of whiskey and went to bed over tired. It was already 1.00 am. I myself kept my face near his dick and sleep holding him. Again by 4 am, i felt something warm inside my mouth. Im too tired but he was ready for next round. I sucked it softly and he enjoys it. He pulled me up and inserted his cock slowly inside my ass. I felt a warm stick inserted inside my ass. He gave few strokes lying behind me and we hugged and sleep.

When morning,I woke up, I could feel his cock still inside my ass. Oh that was a pleasant feel. I never had it before. His flaccid cock moves out when i move little. I dont want to miss it. I again push it back, but bad luck, it moved out completely.

Next morning we moved out for a shopping and he departed to his home. I felt much. I felt him close as anyone else and a week passed by in office. Next week end, he said he gonna come to my room. But few of my friends are staying & Im in discreet gay sex. But i cant said no to him.

Friday night he came along with a friend, he was much built than him and tall like him. I was shocked. Along with our friends we had drinks together. Every moment was scared. Luckily all my friends moved to terrace for sleep. And when I inquired about his friend, he said he was his friend during playing cricket. Night while we sleep, he asked to suck his cock. I really afraid. But really I feel he had mastered me. He order me to suck his cock.

I try to remove his half-pant. But my junior does it ease and asked to do it now. When I opened his under wear, i was shocked to see the 4″inch cobra sleeping. I felt it was a real treat. I kept in mouth, and the cock started growing and my mouth cant hold the cock. It had grown to 8″inch. It stands erect and straight in 90 degrees. The cut cock looks really attractive. In the mean while my junior was enjoying seeing my suck and he was caressing my butt.

Now he ordered to suck him and after 2 mins, he again asked me to suck his cock. But he havent work up. Now my ass gone under my juniors control and mouth enjoying the cut cock. In 5 mins, I felt a load of cum in my mouth. The sleeping beauty had filled my mouth and my ass being rammed up. Few mins he stroke me deep and released his cum inside my ass. My ass gone mad and begged my junior for more.

The next day, they left. After a day, my junior called me and said, he going to shift to my room. I was in extreme joy. He shifted and I became slave wife of him. I started loving him, I enjoyed his every action. I love to experience all with him. We stayed together for 3 years.

Hopefully he might rammed me more than 100 times. I drank his cum mostly. Felt every part of his body was mine. I used to massage him when he feel tired, suck him in mood, drink his cum or give my ass to pound if he needs more pleasure. Sometimes I used to satisfy his friends coming with him. Every day was a story. Every position we had was memorable. Now we stay far and Im still like being his wife. I Love my junior, I always love to satisfy him by all means.

The whole scene was the hottest thing I had ever felt, but the first experience was evergreen that I couldnt forget in my life. Cant even imagine the pleasure of being with him.

I havent experienced anything dirty with him. I wish to get showers from him soon…… but always his cum. Its the tastiest nectar in the world for me.

Love you my partner, my Junior…

My Junior Turned To Be My Master