My First Gay Experience With My Friend

Hi all here I am going to tell my first gay encounter happened in my life. If you like please give your feedback. After me and Gopi fucked Sita aunty. We started fucking here many times alone or threesome. December month came and we are totally bored, because as Sita aunty told her hubby came for leave we didnt get even a small chance to kiss her. We both were irritated and dont what to that time only my friend Bala showed me the gay experience.

That day I thought of not going to college and stayed back in the room, even Bala stayed with me. We both woke up at 11 o clock and I was trying to see Sita aunty but she didnt came out from her home. Bala asked me “what machi today your dream got flapped ah” I told “no da not like that”. I confirmed that she is not going to come out so we started doing my record work.

While doing the record work I asked Bala “Bala, why you didnt joined with us to fuck the aunty, we all know that ram has girl friend and he strictly told he is not interested in fucking aunty, but why you didnt join us da” Bala “not like that Machi I dont like it da”. Me “you dont like it means, you dont like the aunty or you dont like sex itself” Bala ” no da I like sex very much, but I dont like this” I thought OK he dont like the aunty that why he didnt joined us and started doing the record work.

After 1 or 1.30 hours I was totally tired of doing record work and thought of taking some rest, so I lied in bed, my back is paining like anything. I asked Bala “Machi can you please press my back for some time da its paining”. He said OK and started pressing my back with his hands. We both are wearing baniyan and lungi. I felt its hurting so I told him “leave it da its hurting”. Suddenly Bala asked me “Machi shall I do massage for you with oil it would be nice da” I dont know what to say but I agreed because of my back pain. He went to next room and took a bottle of coconut oil and came.

He asked me to remove my baniyan and lie down. I removed my banyan and lied down. He poured the oil in my back I can feel its chill and shacked my body once. He sat left side of mine and started rubbing my back with the oil. It was really amazing when other person rubbing our body with oil. He rubbed the oil in my shoulder, neck, hands and complete back. He asked me to lower my lungi I asked why da… he said “your lungi may get oiled when I massage you” I slightly lowered my lungi and making sure he should not see my butt lines. He rubbed the oil in my lower back. Now he started pressing me hard Wow it was really nice…

Suddenly he sat on my back and started massaging… I didnt asked him anything and enjoying the massage only. He massaged me in my neck wow it took me somewhere… now he started massaging my side potion of my back I shacked my body because of the tickling he did in my side stomach…. now he sat in my tights and started massaging my lower back while massaging he inserted his two thumb fingers inside my lungi and did one action wow it was awesome. Again he started massaging my neck and asked me ” machi shall I massage you for your legs too” I dont know what I replied I said”hmmm”.

He sat next to me and moved my lungi till my butts… now my lungi is covering only my butts… he started putting oil in both the legs and rubbed. He started massaging my tights by moving his hands inside to outside in my tights… he moved his hands little up… my balls are just 1 inch away from his hands… I dont wear underwear when I am in lungi… he moved his hands inside out of my tights by the time his small finger touched my balls I got excited my dick started erecting.. he did it trice… then he moved his hands to my other tights he did the same he moved his hands inside to out of my tights I know that time he can see my cock and balls but I didnt bother I was simply enjoying it.

He put his head near my ears and asked me “how is it machi…” I said “super da… do it again” now he got guts and started massaging my tights again from inside out this time I can feel his two fingers are touching my balls…he came near to me and asked “machi shall I show you one more thing” I told “whatever you want to show show me da” now he sat in between my legs and…

I felt some wet in my balls I turned my head back and saw… Bala was licking my balls I dont have any words to stop him . Bala said “machi just lie down you will enjoy it” I simply lied down. He is licking my balls and started putting my two balls inside his mouth and suckling it…. even Sita aunty didnt do like this… I turned my head towards the doors.. the door was open I got shocked and abut to get up but my Bala understood it and made me lie down and went and closed the doors and came started doing it again…

I was in heaven. Bala slowly moved my lungi up saw my ass n started pressing it like I pressed Sita aunty boobs… I started moaning… “Bala … bala”, Bala placed his hands in my butts and separated it so that he can see my asshole… he saw my asshole and I dont know what he thought he started to smell my asshole and telling me “machi what a smell da…”

Then he slowly started putting his tongue in my asshole and started licking it…. OMG I cant believe that Bala my friend is licking my asshole… God I was totally uncontrolled… and I started pressing balas head into my asshole and made him to lick it nicely…

Then I came to doggy position to show my asshole fully so he can lick it nicely… seeing me in doggy position he got excited and licked me nicely… he removed his head I turned back and saw him he went near to my balls and started licking my balls and came to my asshole the entire part between balls to asshole he licked me….

I was in high mood I made Bala to lie under my cock and asked him to open his mouth he obeyed me I pushed my cock inside his mouth and started fucking him in his mouth… this was really good and my first time fucking in mouth in the mouth I felt his hot tongue in my cock….I was fucking in his mouth and balas hands are playing on my butts and balls…. suddenly he squeezed my balls slightly I went to heaven and about to cum… “machi I am going to cum da… machi I am going to cum da.. ah ahhhh ahhh shhhh… ” I cum on Balas mouth itself… body shacked 2..3 times and put my last drop in my friends mouth… I lied next to bala… he went washed and came.

He lied near me and asked me how wast it I told I was in heaven da thank you so much machi… then only I realized that he didnt cum “machi.. you didnt cum” he said “no da leave it” I really dont want to do that so I said “no no you do hand shagge and cum out” Bala “machi you dont like to see me doing hand shagge right” me ” thats past… now we became close right so I will see it dont worry.” He smiled and removed his lungi, first time I am seeing Balas cock its thin but about 8″ long I got surprised….he started doing.

He asked me “machi shall I lick your balls and come out da” me ” OK np but dont split on me” he agreed and started licking my balls and shagging his cock when he was licking my dick got erected…. he was about to cum he took his lungi and put on my neck to cock and started shagging…”machi machi machi… ” he cum out, his cum hit my chest… stomach and ended near my cock. He simply too his lungi trough it away. Thank god his cum didnt made my body wet. He cleaned and lied down and thanked me…

My First Gay Experience With My Friend