An Unexpected Long Drive

It was Eid and we had been given five days holiday so I decided to go camping in the desert for two or three days. Having packed everything I needed I got in the car and set off out of camp to the roundabout to join main highway. I went round it to get on the highway leading to the interior and the south and as I went to join this highway I saw young Vikram stood with two friends at the bus stop there.

I stopped and asked Vikram if he needed a lift and he said yes please and I told them to get in. Once in the car he told me that he and his two friends Raju and Naresh were heading south to spend the holiday with their former teacher in Salalah. Vikram told me Raju and Naresh worked in Liwa which was 200kms to the north of where we were so had already traveled a long way already.

Vikram told his friends he knew me from work at the barbers shop and I said I could take them at least 400kms and off we went. Raju and Naresh soon fell asleep as we drove in silence and once they were asleep Vikram started talking to me in a low voice. He told me that their former teacher used to fuck them when they were schoolboys so this would be like a reunion. I told him it sounded a great way to spend the holiday and Vikram suggested I cancelled my camping trip and go with them. I decided that was a good idea and agreed to go with them. After a few hours I stopped so we could go eat lunch before traveling on.

After eating we set off again and now Raju and Naresh were fully awake as we drove down the highway which was relatively free of traffic. Vikram told them both I was driving them all the way to their destination which pleased them as they would save money. They all chatted in their own language for some time until Raju asked if we could stop somewhere so he could take a piss. About ten minutes later I pulled off the road and stopped behind a bus stop which was deserted and we all got out and took a piss. Once finished we got back in the car and set off again and a Raju spoke to Vikram who told me Raju had said I had a nice cock. I replied saying all of them had nice cocks from what I had just seen at our piss stop which Vikram repeated to Raju.

As daylight started to fade Raju and Naresh started kissing one another which I saw through my rear view mirror and Vikram turned to watch them. Vikram smiled and said I know you don’t mind them passing time like that. I returned his smile and said maybe I should stop and let you join them in the back seat because the road is empty and it is getting dark so you can have some fun together.

Moments later I pulled over and Vikram joined them in the rear seat and I set off again. I watched as they all began playing and kissing and then out came their cocks. They started sucking one another in turn and I told Vikram that once he got back in the front seat I wanted him to suck me as I drove. He said with pleasure and they carried on.

After several minutes Vikram suggested I pulled over behind the next empty bus stop and they would all cum in turn and I could swap cum kisses with them all.

Five minutes later I stopped and Raju took the first load of sperm from Vikram and then he shared it with me in a kiss. Naresh took Raju’s sperm and also shared it with me. Naresh then moved forward and I leaned back and sucked him off drinking down his load. I decided to kneel in the front seat and took out my cock and they sucked me in turn before I shot my load into Vikram’s mouth which he shared with the others. Once finished we set off again to Salalah and two hours later we were there and eventually found the teacher’s place.

Once inside Vikram introduced me to their former teacher called Gopal who told me I was more than welcome to stay with them. After sharing kisses we went out and had a meal nearby at an Indian café which was very good. I had a good chat with Gopal as we ate and told him how I had met Vikram at the barber’s shop. He told me he had fucked with all the boys when they were at school and I told him he was a lucky man to have three like these.

Once back at his place we all undressed and the fun began with kissing and sucking one another. Gopal fucked Naresh first and I fucked Raju with Vikram getting his cock sucked by me and Gopal in turn. Gopal shot his load into Naresh and moments later I gave Raju my load. We spent a good two hours fucking and sucking one another and I licked out all the assholes I could. My last action of the night was to sixty-nine with Gopal and we cummed in one another’s mouths and then shared our sperm in kisses.

We all slept well and the next day we went out for a sightseeing trip and once we returned to Gopal’s place the fun began again. Vikram and I spent nearly all the evening being fucked by the other three and it was wonderful having cock after cock shooting cum into my asshole. Gopal really enjoyed fucking me and he did me three times filling my cum hole with plenty of his sperm. Both Naresh and Raju gave me their loads and Vikram also got fucked plenty too. I also fucked Vikram and Gopal while Naresh and Raju got fucked too.

Later as we rested Gopal told me that Vikram had told him that I loved licking sperm from assholes as well as in cum kisses. I told him that was true and I’d lick the cum from every asshole once we had finished fucking.

We started fucking again and I got more loads in my asshole as did Vikram. Finally we were all spent and Vikram squatted over my face and I probed his spermy hole as he blew out the cum into my mouth. Raju and Naresh followed him and I licked their assholes clean and dry. Gopal wanted to be last and I did the same for him and this got him erect once more so I told him to fuck me again which he did in the missionary position.

His dick slid into me using the sperm in my ass as lubricant and he fucked me with long slow strokes. He kissed my sticky lips and cheeks as we fucked which was wonderful. He groaned and started spurting into my hole and I felt it as it splashed its way into me. He pulled out and we lay together on the mattress together and the boys shared the other two between them. It did not take long for us all to fall asleep.

When we woke up Gopal sent the three boys out to buy breakfast for all of us giving the two of us time to chat. He knew I came to the area every now and again and I promised him I would visit every time I came there.

We ate breakfast and then after another suck and fuck session we prepared for the long journey back. Gopal had given me his cell number so the next time I was in the area I could call him. We cleaned ourselves up and around 10.30 am we set off back. It was almost 7pm when we got back to the roundabout and I dropped all three of them off and went home. That night I was in bed early and before I went to sleep I called Gopal to let him know we had arrived back safely.

An Unexpected Long Drive