Gay Massage At Resort

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This is Av back after a long long time. Some of you who are new to my stories can follow the following links to my previous stories to know more about me.

All incidents posted by me are real life experiences. O have tried my best to make a narrative as close to reality as possible. So, while it might seem a bit long, I hope that it makes you horny and gives you a good reason to shag a huge load or have some of the hottest sex with your spouse. Do mail me on / /

I am bi curious. So, please, do not ask for fucking my asshole. I politely deny it right away.

Also, please, don\t ask for names of my couples or gay friends. I am not a pimp for anybody. My relationship with them is extremely sacrosanct for me and I will not oblige any such request. We can chat and exchange mails. But that\s where it ends till we do not build a trust among each other.

A bit about me. I am a happily married man in mid thirties. Live a small town about 250-300 kms from Nagpur towards Mumbai. The exact details of my family are withheld for reasons of privacy.

Coming to the incident.

About a month ago, I went for a marriage of my of my relatives. It was a destination wedding at a large resort. The resort also had a nice spa.

We had some time off. So, I decided to go the the spa. If you have read my previous stories, you must know that I love massaged by gay/bi curious masseurs. I wanted to try my luck.

As I entered the massage room, the masseur told me to remove my clothes and gave me a disposable thong to put on. He went outside and told me to change and he would be back in the meanwhile.

The masseur, Sanju, was about 28-30 years old with a slightly dark wheatish skin and a lanky build. He had a clean shaven face with an attractive smile.

I stripped naked and as I was about to put the thong, I was it was very thin, almost transparent. Also, I guess he gave me the wrong one (probably one for ladies) as it was very tight on my thighs. I was standing facing the door. I lowered it and tried pulling the elastic on the thighs to see if it would loosen for comfort. My dick was out in the open.

I have a habit of keeping my pubes clean. I had shaved my cock just two days before.

As I was doing so, Sanju had entered the room. He paused for a moment looking at me and asked what the matter was. As I explained him, he told that the mens thong had run out of stock. My cock was still exposed. I told him that the thong given to me was uncomfortable for a massage.

After a brief pause, he asked if I would be comfortable with a naked massage. It was all I wanted. I said ok and immediately slipped the thong and stood naked in front of him. Sanju just saw my body for some time. He then held my hand and guided me to the massage table and asked me to lie on my stomach. I was already getting horny and my cock was semi hard.

I lied on my stomach and adjusted my cock so that the tip of my cock was visible from my balls after I spread my legs. I deliberately lied with my legs slightly apart. Sanju stood beside me and started moving his hands on my bare back asking for the kind of pressure I would need and any special area where I needed attention. As his hands reached the crack of my ass, I told him to relieve me of stress there as I had a long 12 hour drive. He moved his hands in a couple of circles over my bums and said, sir, then these also need attention. I just said ok. I lied with face pressed on the towel and closed my eyes.

Sanju poured a generous quantity of warm oil all over my body and spread from shoulder to toe. Once my body was drenched in oil, he started with my toes.

Sanju was an expert. He knew all pressure points and soon I was beginning to relax. He followed the typical masseurs routine of massaging toes of each foot alternately.

He then moved to the calf and hamstrings of my left leg. I was already lying with slightly parted legs. As he massaged my hamstring, I started getting horny and my dick started getting harder. A few of time, Sanju was very close to touching the tip of my cock. A couple of times I felt his touch on my cock head which only made it harder. He paused for a brief moment before switching to my right leg. I used it to adjust my cock which was now even more visible. Sanju carried the same routine with my right leg.

He then poured some oil on my bums and started massaging them. I just cannot tell you how awesome it felt. And if the masseur is a seasoned gay/bi masseur, he will not hesitated to play with the ass crack and even the pucker. Sanju was definitely the type. While massaging my ass, he repeated touched my cock a balls. He even used his fingers to get some oil inside my asshole. I just let out an audible moan to let him know that I enjoyed it. He poured oil in my ass crack and generously massaged my bud along with the portion of my cock and balls visible to him. He even inserted his finger inside and gave a nice oiling to the inside.

Sanju then massaged my back. His hands really relieved me of a lot of stiffness and I was now feeling really good. After finishing, he stood with a hand on my bums caressing them softly and asked me to turn over. As I turned, my stiff cock just sprang out and hit his palm. I just lied with closed eyes. My cock was wet with oil and precum.

Sanju again poured generous quantity of oil all over my body, including my cock and balls. He spread with his palms as he had done earlier, again not hesitating to spread over my cock and balls.

He again stared with my legs. As he reached my upper thighs, he was repeatedly touching my balls, even massaging them. I was on cloud nine. Its the kind of foreplay that can get a man to blow his load without someone really touching the cock. I was close to that position. I was somehow trying to divert my mind so that I did not blow just then.

After finishing with my legs, Sanju moved to massage my chest and stomach. He was a bit erotic with my chest. Sometimes caressing, even pinching my nipples. I was already quite hard and now his foreplay was only making matters worse.

While massaging my abdomen, he was quite intent to massage the base of my cock. Guys, you have no idea how painful it was to hold myself back to grab his had and put it on my cock. Once he finished with my cock, he, poured oil on my cock and started massaging it. I was in heaven. He was quite gentle and erotic. I already had strained myself with an hour of foreplay. In less than two minutes I shot what would have been the possibly biggest load out. I was lying with my eyes closed. I must have went really high and landed all over my chest, stomach, thighs and table. Sanju kept stroking till the last drop was out.

I was almost shivering. Sanju massaged my cock with one hand while with the other caressed my face, very gently. Once my cock was empty, I opened my eyes to see his smiling face. He asked if I enjoyed it. I just nodded and again closed my eyes for a brief moment. He just stood there gently caressing my face and my cock.

I opened my eyes and asked if I could ask him a favor. He nodded asking what it was. I said that I wanted to see his cock and feel it. He gave a slightly confused look but then told me that we have to be quick as my time was about to be over and he had another appointment. He handed me a napkin to clean the oil off my hands while he started removing his trousers. I was still lying on the massage table.

He had a nice 6.5″ by 2.5″ dick. He too was already hot and horny and had a massive hard on. I started massaging his cock. I drew him closer to my table. Sanju closed his eyes. He was oozing precum. Soon he stared moaning slightly. Within a very short while, he shot his load all over my body. Sanju opened his eyes and said thanks. I said just dont mention it. He then something most unexpected. He bent and gave a kiss on my lips saying, thank you very much sir and that most people try to exploit him, very few return the favour. I just held his face and gave him another very long kiss saying that pleasure was all mine.

He handed me a bathrobe and told me to put that on as we had to move on to the mens steam room.

The steam room was in the mens locker cum shower rooms. The mens showers had half doors that rose from two feet above ground to 5 feet above ground. They had frosted glass doors. The contour of the person inside the shower was clearly visible. As we entered the shower room, a man came out of the shower completely naked. He just gave a brief smile to us and moved on to his locker. Sanju opened a locker and put all my clothes and belongings inside and handed me the keys. He then gave me a towel and asked me to follow him to the steam room. Another masseur was there with a guest and doing the same.

The man was almost my age. I could make out that he was also naked inside his bathrobe which was rather loosely tied to his body.

Sanju then asked both of us to follow him to the steam room. The steam was already on and he asked us to stay inside till we were fully drenched in sweat and toxins had not flowed out. It would take 10-15 minutes.

As we entered the room, I removed my bathrobe and got naked and sat on the marble bench. As I turned I saw the other guy already naked and standing near the steam.

Due to the haze of the steam, the visibility was very low. However, it was quite easy for both to be aware of another naked man inside. In a couple of minutes I realised that he was blocking the entire flow of steam. So, without a word, I got up and stood beside him. We both stood there occasionally moving hands all over our bodies to remove the sweat and steam from the skin. Out of the blue, the guy asked if he could touch my cock. This was more than unexpected. I just said yes. He held my cock and started moving his fingers over it. My flaccid cock again started coming back to life. In no time, I was hard. I was his cock which was bigger than mine and had a massive hard on. I started feeling it.

In no time, we were hugging kissing and feeling each other all over. The steam not withstanding, were having our own steamy time.

The guy soon sat on his knees and started sucking me stroking his cock at the same time. He was an expert. In less than 15 minutes of my first ejaculation, I shot another load, that was almost as big as the earlier one. He drank part of if while the rest fell all over his face and chest. Once my cock was dry, he stood and guided my hand and placed his hand gently on my neck. I got the signal and sat down to suck his cock. I almost gagged for a moment when he shoved it inside. But, he let me go and I started sucking him. Soon I felt his cock pulsating. I removed his cock and started shagging him furiously. He let out 4-5 squirts in what felt like almost one liter of cum all over my face, hair and chest. I just kept shaking him till he was dry.

We were both drenched in sweat because of the steam and the steamy sex. We just gathered our breath and steamed our body a bit more. We both then just stepped out completely naked and moved to our respective shower cubicles. It was quite surprising that we had hardly spoken to each other and did not know each others names. I guess that hardly mattered.

We both showered while having small talk. After coming out, we both again stood completely naked while drying our bodies and applying the moisturizers.

I have had many a experiences of gay massages, this one however was quite a memorable one.

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