Painful Trouble In Boyfriend Marriage

Hi guys

I am 19 year old cute gay from Hisar, Haryana

This is my story which happened a week ago…. Hope you will enjoy this..

As you know this is season of marriages. I got a invitation from my first boyfriend of his wedding. He said he will pick me tomorrow from my PG.

At first I denied but later he persuaded me and I cant refused. It was 4 day tour for me. So I packed my things and was ready to go. He came in his car and picked me from my pg. He was looking very handsome as always. As he mentioned I was also looking too cute to handle. In our way we both were very happy. Once again my hands were in his hands and my head was resting on his shoulder. It was very romantic for me to explain in words.

On our way it became very dark and we reached the hotel in the night. He took me to my room where I placed my things. He came beside me and took me in his arms. I turned towards him and his face was in front of me and I cant resist the urge of kissing him. It was a deep kiss. Then he took outside and introduced me to his family as his junior and best friend. They all welcomes me with open heart.

After some time I came back into my room and start watching tv. It was the time of mid night when he came into my room and locked it from inside. I was very excited for the upcoming thing. He came near the bed. I stand up and on the next moment I was in his arms and he was licking my neck. I couldnt control my feelings and I was on my knees on the next moment. His love was unbearable to me. I was sitting on the floor and tears roll out of eyes because after 3 days we will became strangers to one another. He picked me up and lick my tears. He just just smile and once again I was in his control.

He took me to the bed and kissed me passionately and in the meantime I remove his shirt and pants.

It was all uncontrollable and we became so much passionate that cant wait for the foreplay.

He removed my clothes and put his dick in my asshole.

It was a heavenly experience for me.

Being in arms of your love in a blanket and his tool inside you, his hands tickling your nipples and his lips on your lips trying to drink every bit of me

Then we start the fucking he was fucking very passionately like a beast as it was our last time and I was enjoying every bit of it.

The hard sex has taken the place of deep romance now.

After few minutes he ejaculate inside me. I got up and went to the toilet naked. I cleaned my ass and then came back as I never release my come after sex because it changes my feeling and I feel bad after that.

As I came back,there was no one in my room. He had gone.

I thought there would be a urgent work as its his marriage.

Next day I woke up late. I took bath and came outside and meet with all.

Then I met him and he introduced me to all his friends and asked me to be with them as he will be busy all the time. I said,” I can understand”.

Then he left and I was with his friends. They were all nice and after some time none of them was a stranger to me.

Then we all planned to drink and I offered my room to them for drinking and they at once agreed as they were expecting this from me.

We all 4 of them and me came to my room where we start drinking.

After some time I was out of control.

I cant feel anything and lust inside me was out of my control.

Suddenly one of them put is hand on my thighs and I saw him with my lustful eyes and all have the same look in there eyes and they all came towards me.

I wanted to resist but cant do anything. They took me to my bed and remove there clothes and also mine. One of them tried to put his dick inside my mouth.

The second one close my nose and when I open my mouth to breath he put his dick inside me. Third one was licking my nipples so hardly. And the fourth one also came in front of me and asked me suck as well.

I was totally in there control. There was nothing I can do.

Now the situation was like this

The first one was fucking me from behind and slapping my asses and the second and fourth one was putting there dicks inside my mouth one by one and the third one was now licking and biting all around my body.

One by one they banged throughout the day till midnight and then we slept. The next when I wake up.

I was in pain.

My ass and cheekbones were hurting. There wore biting marks all around my body and I was in middle of four nude men. Then when I tried to get up they also woke up and grabbed me again. I asked them how I became out of my control and how they came to know that I am a gay.

They told me everything that how they invite me in the marriage so that I can entertain them ,that fake love and sex pills in my drink.

Tears roll out of my eyes. But know there is nothing I can do and last 3 day I was like a bitch to them.

They fucked however they want.

It was a very hard experience.

Now I have returned from there with so much pain and I think there is no one to love because all gays wants only sex.

I need a classy men in my local area who can love me,not who can make me his slave

Any one who is gentle can contact me on facebook / / is my fb address

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