Made My Friend A Crossdresser

I am having a tsunami of mixed feeling about this friend of mine who’s name shall remain anonymous but for now lets call him Anshul. He’s a good guy and a hot one. He got flawlessly creamy skin with awesome bubbly butts.

This started a few years ago when we met for the first time in India. We worked in same company and he was a friend of a friend. At that time I was crazy about my physique and was well built up and he got motivated and asked about my workout routine and slowly he started joining me in gym.

Few months later he moved to my apartment and we became good friends. We became such good friends that we never hesitated in talking about anything. I remember I used to ask him why he took so long in bathroom and he would say that I was masturbating and this time my load was so much that I could impregnate 10000 women. Lol.

One day I don’t know how but I decided to buy a lungi and try it on. I feel comfortable with bare minimum and roam around in my flat in just underwear but that day I bought a lungi and checked in youtube how to wear that. I put that on and took out my underwear and amazingly it felt good and different with your jewels enjoying and happily bouncing. I told Anshul about it and asked him to try too.

He borrowed my lungi and went inside and tried that on. I touched his butts and realized he’s wearing underwear beneath that so I told him to remove that and I put my hands inside his lungi and tried to pull them down. Earlier he used to wear some stupid Jockey euro underwear but after seeing me he bought some good expensive ones. So back to story, I pulled his underwear from his back while lungi was still on and that was the first time I touched his bare butts. You wont believe it but I got a hard on immediately and his butts were so smooth and not a single scar or hair. Just like I was touching a piece of marble.

I tried to hide my hard on and asked him to tell he how he felt. He turned around and walked a few steps and then he blushed and said “this is awesome and crazy”. He was too trying to hide his hard on but then I asked him to come near me as I want to tie the knot properly. Without knowing my intentions he came near me and I untie the knot and started making adjustment and suddenly his dick popped out. I boldly took his penis and hid it under the lungi again. I wanted to see his butts more than his dick.

So I asked him to turn around and acted as I am adjusting his lungi. The moment he turned around I dropped his lungi and saw his hairless smooth butts. The second I dropped it he bent down to pick it up and I got a glimpse of his virgin ass surrounded by cute little pubes. I enjoyed how the fair and flawless butts changed colors when they were meeting there. It turned light brown to little dark brown.

I got up immediately and stepped back and tried to tie the knot. I came near him innocently and took his penis in my hand and said “ So Anshul, looks like someone is enjoying lungi”. He blushed and said yeah this is really good. I slowly started stroking his penis and he was getting harder and harder.

Then I asked him if he wants to jerk off. He said yes and without a moment’s notice I removed my underwear and was butt naked in front of him and he was still holding his lungi and penis together and giving a very exotic butt exhibition. We went to bathroom and on one hand I took his penis and on another I started caressing his butts. He dropped his lungi and held my penis and started stroking. We jerked off for the first time together.

The story doesn’t end here. Later that day we went out and bought him a lungi too. He was so excited to wear that that as we reached home he went to his room and changed to lungi. We jerked off again that day. We sleep together so the best part about lungi is that you can slide you hand in and enjoy whatever you want.

I too continued wearing just lungi but in the morning when I get up I realize that I was sleeping naked. I had other roommates too and maid used to come early in the morning to clean the house so I stopped wearing lungi at night. But I have never seen him wearing anything other than lungi since then. He tried too many different styles that made me crazy and he knows that how much I love his butts. I would ask him if I found any scar on his butts or put an ointment if there’s any acne or boil.

We were together for another 3 years and now we’ve met again after 2 years and we’re living together. One day I saw he got a women night gown in his bag and I asked him why he got this then he replied that this is better than lungi, no knots and hangs all thru the body. I told him to try Arabic gown not this women gown but he told that he liked this more than that and he tried all those too. Not sure if he’s turning into a cross dresser or not but I am surely enjoying his new avatar.

Right now he’s lying on bed wearing that night gown with his legs and butts clearly outlined form outside and this is what motivated me to write this story.

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