Fantasy About My Big Brother Came To Reality

Hello guys, this is my first story , it is a bit of fantasy and reality , hope you guys enjoy it.

I am 25 yrs old boy living in Bangalore , I had my first wet dreams when I was teen about my cousin brother , to tell you in shorts he is very rugged manly guy and I have the hots for him ever since I can masturbate, he is straight though.. I tried to seduce him twice and I failed.

Well, lets come to 2016 , my cousin is 29 now and is happily married , my anni ( bhabi) is very close to me and I tell her everything, ( even the crush) she was not shocked to hear that I am gay. She recently delivered a baby in jan and I had gone to see the new born baby.

She welcomed me and put the baby in my arms and he was a perfect replica of my bro except for his nose , it resembled her , so anyways , we were having a nice chat for hrs and we did not see the time , suddenly the door opened and in came my brother , we were quite shocked , he quickly greeted me and exchanged few pleasantries and went into bathroom to refresh , I was looking through the corner of my eyes , my bhabhi caught the wind of it and pinched me, I quickly came back to my senses , she was having a mischievous grin on her face.My brother came out at that time (speak of perfect timing ).

He :” dinner ? ”

Bhabhi: ” its there downstairs , we both will come down in a minute “.

He goes out even without saying a word or a nod.

Me: ” is my brother hungry or angry ?”

Bhabhi : both

We went down and he was arranging the table , I started helping him to arrange dishes.

Bhabhi : you both go ahead , Ill feed the baby and come.

So I served him food for both of us and sat for eating , she came in a while and joined us, there was a strange silence in the room , I finished my dinner and excused myself out.

I went to hall and started watching some tv , an hour would have passed by and all of a sudden my brother slammed the main door and went out , I was startled, I went to see bhabhi , she was a bit sad , on seeing me she gave a week smile and inquired about the baby , I told baby is sleeping , then she told me what happened , your brother asked me for sex for which I consented but in the last minute ,i felt my mood off and he went in anger , its been a long time since we had sex , I quietly heard everything and didnay a word.

Bhabhi : Ill take the baby now and Ill give your brothers night dress as well , when he comes back , please pacify him and make him to sleep in your room , saying this she gave me his lungi.

She took the child and went upstairs , I was down waiting for my brother to return.

Night 11 I hear a calling bell sound ,

I opened , he was smiling , sorry da, I had to meet a friend , thats why late.

Ah , thats fine , come in,he went upstairs and found that the door was locked from inside. He came down , I handed over his lungi with a grin and explained him , bhabhi is really very tired so asked you to sleep with me.

He quickly undressed and wore his lungi and directly went to bed. I was having some hope but now all lost , I also went to sleep.

It was around 2 am , no electricity , I was feeling hot and I took a torch went to get some water in the kitchen, when I came back , the torch light fell on his lower abdomen. I saw him for the first time semi naked , he had broad manly muscles , flat abs and his lungi knot had almost gone and his erect penis was quite visible from inside.

I was not able to control myself , so latched the door and slowly opened his lungi ,

It was 8″ thick cock , I myself am 7 inches , I slowly started to touch it , he did not respond , which gave me encouragement to go ahead ,

I held the bottom of the cock with just two fingers and started sucking the tip , he did not react , this made me to go further I stripped myself naked and started sucking him deeper and deeper, I was enjoying myself , suddenly he closed his leg locking my head , I was not able to move an inch and he held my hair and started face fucking me , I felt short of breadth and then I adjusted, it went on for sometime , and all of a sudden he rammed his cock deep inside my throat and I felt his body muscles getting tight and he shot his load in my throat , it felt salty , then he released me , I ran to the bathroom to spit , but where.. Everything went inside , I was scared to the core , I washed myself up and I came out.

He was sleeping , so I also slept.

I was sleeping to one side , after sometime I felt something heavy on me and against my back, I woke up and realized my brother was rubbing against me , I did not complain 10 mins passed now he started pinching my nipples and shagging in another ,his hot breadth around my ears and neck. I broke the silence.

I whispered , “anna do you want to fuck me ? ”

He stopped and did not move an inch , I slowly turned around and looked at him.

I started blurting out everything “anna , ever since I was 13 I wanted to have with you , I very much deeply love you , but since you areĀ  married , I kept my distance from you , but today , I could not resist myself , sorry , even bhabhi knows about my crush and she is kind of ok with it “.

“Yes , she told me about you having feelings for me , but I said she was over reacting “.

He took my hand and guided to his penis , it was semi erect maybe 6 “. I began to stroking him ,

“So , did I suffocate you ? ” he asked apologetically

“Yes ,a bit , but anything for you ” I said with a weak smile.

He was hurt “sorry da, its been almost an year since I had sex so thats why I behaved like that , im so sorry “.

“Anna , will you kiss me ?, please…”

He made me to sit , he looked at me right in the eye and planted a small kiss.. He went back to see my reaction , I grinned happily and hugged him , he began to smooch me me passionately , I was overwhelmed.

We both crashed on the bed naked and he started smooching me and humping me from outside , just to tease me and arouse me.I locked him with my legs and I hugged him. We had a lip lock for 5 mins and the he released.

He started kissing my neck, shoulder, nipples , abdomen…It was giving me goose bumps all over.

Now it was my turn , I did everything he did to me and went down and down and started sucking passionately , he moaned ah ah ah ah ! He held my head and pulled me up , looked at me and pinned me to the wall and smooched me and kissed me all over and ordered me to turn around and bend , I did.

He went down and started rimming my ass , I was moaning loudly with ecstasy, he slapped my ass shhh…. Quiet , and continued I was not able control it , my body was twitching and turning with ecstasy , I begged him to stop.

Please anna , podhum ( stop)…. Pls….

He went and sat in a chair and called me. I knelt down and started sucking deep and even his balls. He stopped me and said I want to fuck you now.

He took me to bed and asked me to lay down with my back facing him and I did , he rimmed me some more he spat his saliva and started fingering me , first one , then two and three whole fingers deep inside my ass.

He stopped for a minute and adjusted my position , he mounted his dick near my ass and started slowly pushing in. My entire body quivered with pain and jolted back.. He asked me to relax and take a few deep breadths , I felt myself becoming loose from inside again he mounted and pushed all the way in , I had a thunder shock heart attack literally , silent tears poured out of me.

He came near my ears and whispered “sorry da , within some time pain will go off, dont worry” and kissed me…. He began to slowly push and pull and I began to relax and started enjoying it. In the same position he continued for almost 20 mins

Then he asked me to lay on one side and asked me raise one leg up , he hit my prostrate inside my ass and I was feeling great.. This went on for another 10 more mins , I was in 7th heaven , then we went for the doggy style ,

I went up to kiss him and sit on him , he asked me to hold a window bar tight and I did , he started fucking at normal pace for sometime and suddenly went full force , I thought my head was going to blast , then he stopped asked me to lay down , my body just fell down.

He kissed me , and I looked at him and communicated through eyes ” please enough”.

He put his arms around and cuddled me and kissed me , “please da , last only one time “.

I smiled…

This is what I wanted after all for all these years , I wanted him to love me and treat me like his other half , after all he is my brother ,how can I say no to love ? If not me then who ? If not now, then when ?

I faced him and he kissed me and I was convinced , I have to just go for it ,

He put a pillow under my lower back , he put some saliva on his dick and slowly entered me , he gave small strokes until he was completely in , he looked at me in the eye and kissed me and started increasing his strokes , he was hitting my g point and I was happy.

He suddenly stopped looked at me and said make your dick hard, I tried masturbating with one hand and it worked , I became full hard while he was still inside me and he started fucking me again, gosh I loved it so much.

He started fucking me so hard and I loved it.

“Dei ( hey) let us both cum together.

Then he started fucking in full speed and I shagging in full speed , he knelt down and kissed me , I felt his muscles clench and I knew he is gonna cum , so shagged even faster

He held me very tight and gave one hard stroke and we both cummed at exact same time , he shot some 5 to 6 times consecutively and mine went up to my chest and we both collapsed , his dick still buried inside me , we kissed each other all over the face and I asked him to relax and not take it out for sometime , we both were panting a lot , slowly he removed his dick out and laid next to me , he cuddled and comforted me and I kissed him softly on his cheeks.

After sometime we both went to bathroom and took bath and slept in one single bed sheet cuddling each other and slept.