My First Time With A Ladyboy

Im a 23 year old guy. This happened to me last year 2015. So it all started at a pub in chennai. I came across this really beautiful girl on the dance floor and I thought she was from Singapore or china but later it turned out that she was from japan. So we both really hit it off and I thought too myself in have never had sex with a foreigner before and this might be my chance. She was very open about wanting to have sex. She kept gesturing and kept touching my crotch and laughing and then after a while she said she stayed in the same hotel itself. So went upstairs to her room

We were in her room now. I took of my shirt. She then came to me and slowly started sucking my nippers. Nobody ever did this to me before and I was really enjoying. My nippers were erect. I had a super hard on. My dick was just bursting in my pants. She took my pants off and then could see the bulge through my briefs. She took of the briefs and was just shocked and shy at the same time as she looked at my dick. I have a very thick dick with a lot of veins. Its only 6 inches but its extremely thick.

So she started to suck on the head alone. My dick was already covered in pre-cum so I was naturally lubed. She tried taking in the dick fully into her mouth but she couldnt and I was a little horny in that situation and I gently held her head and just gently fucked her mouth and then just pushed my whole dick in to her mouth and then she pulled away and laughed and said oh u are a naughty boy huh. I like guys like you. And then she took her top off. I never saw boobs like that in my life. It was the most beautiful set of boobs that I have ever seen so perfect that they could looked artificial. She then lay down on the floor. I got on my knees over her and she started rubbing my dick in between her boobs. Which was amazing. The friction was beyond amazing.

She then got up and took her pants off and this is where I was shocked. I saw a bulge in her panties and I thought its probably just that she has a really hairy pussy. But as I went close to remove her panties it seemed like she had a dick and it seemed impossible and I just removed her panties and there it was. She had a dick. She was a shemale. From japan. I just jumped back a bit but I actually got more horny.

Seeing her little dick turned me on even more. I went closer put her on the bed and started stroking her dick. She was giggling. She had a erecting and then she held my dick and hers together and kept rubbing them together. This made me so horny.I turned her over as she was really petite and got her on her knees in the dog style position and I tried to get my dick in to her arse. It was not as tight as it was with the women Ive been with. Clearly this angel with a dick has been fucked in her arse a lot.

So it was a little struggle but still got my dick in and she just let out a huge scream. And I pulled her hair back and kept riding her arse. She had long red hair. Lovely butt. One of the sexiest butts Ive ever seen. Kept fucking her butt. I kept spanking her on occasions and she said she felt like a whore. I held her tight and started going full on hardcore and as I was doing it I was stroking her dick with one hand. I came in her arse. I shot so much cum. It was dripping from her arse. And I just lay down. She then came and lay on my chest.

Then she started kissing me on my lips. Her dick was fully erect. She told me that I was about experience something no guy in this world would have. She made me turn on my back and started to lock my arse. First I felt very awkward since this was all new to me but then it was not weird any more. It felt good. She got her tongue in and I was feeling so vulnerable. She then started fingering me and then said you are going to be my first virgin. You are very very tight. Even 1 finger of hers was not entering my arsehole. She was so excited by this and then said that she wants to look me in the eyes as she fucks me so I turned and lay on my back again she sat on my chest and put her dick in my mouth.

For the first time in my life I was suckling a dick. Im not gay. Always have been straight but this encounter was beyond anything that you could ever imagine. I was sick in a little dick and loved it. I was like an expert. Was sulking her testicle. Then she said I think you are ready and then got into the missionary position and slowly tried entering her dick in to my arse. I almost let out a cry. I could have stopped her but I didnt want to lose out on this amazing experience. She kept pushing her dick in and by the time she did. I was in tears but also extremely horny. I was being fucked. She was now moving at a very brisk pace and I had a erecting again.

So she was looking at me in my eyes and fucking me. And stroking my dick at the same time. She said I want to cum over your fave and pulled out and came next to me and started stroking her dick and then suddenly she burst out and just came over my chest and face. Then I locked her dick off. I drank sperm for the first time in my life then she went down started suckling my dick and I got up and wanted to do the same to her and then she said I dont think youll come so soon. I lay down and wanted her to ride my cock. She faced me me and rode my cock. It was the best feeling ever. I could see her dick fly up and down and she kept bouncing on my dick.

I was so excited that I made her get off and lay down and I started to drive my dick in hard into her arse. We then moved to the sofa where she lay down in the opposite direction she had a legs up on the back rest and hung her head down I stood across hed head bent down and literally fucked her mouth as hard as I could. I couldnt control anymore and just shot my load into her throat directly because I had ejaculated in the motion of fucking her mouth.

Then I we went lay on the bed. Locked each other off and just covered up and slept naked. We were to tired to even take a bath. If you like the story and if there is a lot of comments then I will definitely post the rest of the story. Please do leave your feedback at / /

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