Lust And Passion With A Stranger Met In A Park

Hi guys..This is sunny or you can call me Sam also. Well am26 yr old and from Chennai.

I am a new member in ISS and going to share you all with my real life experience.

I am bit dark ,5.11” high with absolute clean body without hairs so that ,each tongue running through by body can have a smooth pass and every bit of my body can be licked and tasted.

Ok I guess that would be enough of my small introduction and rest of it can be described in your private mails ,which am very much hoping that I would be receiving after you read my story.

Ok lets start… This is a true incident which started in a public park and ended up in bed.

I was at my 3rd year.I used to stay a pg in a single room. There was a huge park just next to my apartment where I used to roam and sit late evenings when I feel alone. The park was really big and dark as there were not sufficient illumination. Most of the couple find easy place to relax and even can have fun there late nights.I used to go there and find a suitable place to sit and relax alone ,not much of people to disturb.

Pongal vacations was going on and all my rooms in my house was vacant as all other went to their native. As usual in the evening I went to the park late by 7 pm and found a bench which was located at the darkest spot of the park.The park was silent as not many people were there.

Shortly I was noticed a guy approached near to my bench ,he looked at me for a sec ond and took his mobile and started walking back. I remained silent as I thought that he might be searching for someone else.Few minutes back I saw him coming again to me.

He came close to me and asked me can he sit next to me. I said fine ,though I wonder what was happening as there were many other empty benches in the park. He sat next to me and again took his mobile and started doing something. Initially I thought that I should go and find some other place ,but I waited there itself for some more time.

After a while I noticed that he kept his one hand next to mine and was touching my fingers slowly.It was actually kind of weird feeling but I was curious to know what was his intentions. Slowly after sometime I saw his hands making some moves over mine.Now this time it was feeling good.I kept my hand there itself and looked around the park if there is anyone else near to the park.But most of people left the park ,and it was only 2 of us now.

I felt more relaxed and patiently waited for his next move. Soon after that he kept his hand over my thighs and looked back as he wanted to make sure that there is absolutely no one other than us.My dick started getting harder as he started rubbing slowly over my thighs. We were not even looking at each other ,only our hands were in action. Slowly he touched my cock and started pressing. I shifted more closer to him to make him feel that I m comfortable.My dick was now rock hard as he put his hand inside my track pants and more inside my underwear. Now he was actually holding my dick firmly and pressing hard.

I was really in my top pleasure mood and without taking much time I kept my hand over his thighs and then slowly hold his dick.It was already hard as if it was waiting for my touch.He took my hand and put inside his underwear and kept it over his hard dick. Wow I was enjoying it to the full. Now we were pressing each other dick hard and I wanted him in my room now.

I was wondering that should I ask him to come to my room , he suddenly took my penis out of my pants ,he bend down and put my hard dick into his mouth.Omg, it was so amazing and quick. He was sucking with deep passion. His started licking my penis tip with his tongue which was already pre cum. Though I was enjoying ,but also was little tensed as all this were happening in outside.

Suddenly I stopped him from his actions and told him that I am worried to be get caught by someone. He looked at me and took his hand off my penis. I told him that I stay near by and I m alone tonight. Without thinking he stood up and said ok let go.

We started moving to my house without wasting a minute. In other 5 mins I reached we reached my room.I unlock the door ,and brought him to my room.

Now we had a whole bed waiting for us.I closed all my curtains over the windows and locked the door.And looked at him with so must lust.I wanted to tell him that now I am all yours,but before I could say anything he came close to me and kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth and he started to use his tongue inside my mouth. We started to exchange our saliva.

He threw me on the bed started kissing me madly.I was sucking his tongue madly, as his saliva was dripping in my mouth. He asked me to open my mouth, and he spat in my mouth.I drank his saliva. Now he spat on my face and started licking. We undressed each other and now were completely naked. I was still holding his tongue in my mouth.I turned him and now I was on the top. Now he asked me to spit in his mouth and drank all my saliva.

This saliva exchange went for 15 mins and then he started licking my body.He licked my ears ,my neck and slowly moved towards my nipple.He was sucking it like a baby ,as I was holding him tightly. Both of our penis were rock hard. He moved down and started licking my tummy and my navel. He spat on my navel and filled it with his spit. Now it was time for hardcore session as was in some other world now.

He hold my dick firmly looked at me with so much lust.Opened his mouth and took my rock hard penis into his mouth.He was sucking it all and was tasting my pre cum.I was holding his hair and started pushing more towards my penis.

Now I laid on him in such a way that I could mouth fuck him.I can feel my dick deep inside his throat.I started my waist very rapidly.Saliva was flowing from corner of his mouth and I wanted to taste it was not in a position.I increased my speed mouth fucking him ,keeping my hand over in ass and squeezing it.I couldn’t hold it further and with a great pleasure I released a big load of cum into his mouth. He drank half of it and came to my mouth and spat on my lips. Now I was tasting my cum too. He licked the rest of my cum over my lips and swallowed it fully.

Now it was my turn and I was desperate to taste his ass. I told him to come into doggy style position.I spread his ass cheeks apart and started smelling it. I started to lick his ass crack and then asshole. I was licking his asshole madly. Slowly inserted my tongue into his hole and started licking it.With my other hand I was holding his penis and was giving him a hand job. I increased my pace of licking his ass. This went till 10mins. I was again getting erection and we placed ourself in a 69 position.

After hardcore sucking ,he laid me down and came to my top and started mouth  fucking. I took his hard cock deep inside my mouth and was sucking it with so much passion. After few minutes he released his holy white fluid inside my mouth and swallowed it fully. He asked me to open my mouth and we started to exchange our saliva again. He laid next to me hugging me as we were tired. But it the action was still remaining.

After 20 mins relax ,he asked me to turn back. Now he started to eat my ass.He inserted his tongue and was fucking my tight ass with his tongue.He asked me fart and he smelled my fart. He ate my ass fully and went on till 20mins.

After that he told me bring some lubricant as my ass so very tight. I went to the kitchen and brought some oil. I gave him a blow job too to make his cock more hard.He applied the oil on my hole and started to insert his cock. It was a hell of a pain initially ,which turned hell of a pleasure later.

He fucked my ass hard and again released his cum into my mouth.This time took his cum in my mouth and spat on his ass and licked it with my tongue over his ass. All this action went on whole night and he fucked me 3-4 times. We tasted each others cum ,saliva and even urine.We drank each other piss many times and even took a bath in it.
He slept with with and left early morning.

So guys this was my story. The action went on till many days with the stranger which I will be writing down in my next story.Please send me mails and comments

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