Story Of Four Hot Guys

Hi guys, I am kushal. I am studying in class 12. As my friends say I look very sexy and i have hot body with lot of curves due to my swimming practice. I have a friend name rishi, we both study in same school. We all live near by, rishi is very cute and has a very feminish body. We are good friends and we both love swiming. so we both have sexy slender body. We always got lot of attention during our swiming practice. We are very good friends since childhod, he had shared me that he is gay some 1 year back, he had shared this with me only. Rishi has been first fucked by his two cousins. I always feel that I am straight and rishi too knows that.

One day I seen gay porn and had a curisoity about gay sex since then. Now Rishi is getting fucked by his handsome neighour boy named sahil. Sahil is 4 year older and doing his enginering. Sahil stays with his friend, faeem in same apartment where rishi used to stay. I had seen sahil and faeem, they are damn hot. Sahil used to date many girls but I didnt knew he is gay. Faeem is hot muslim guy, rishi told me about faeems 9 inch big cock. When ever rishi went to sahils room, most of the time faeem will be in office. Only one day faeem was there. Rishi told how he sucks faeems hot 9 inch cock on that day while sahil was fucking his ass. Rishi tell me about how sahil and him, nowdays used to had sex in swiming pool showers.

I used to tell thats risky, but rishi tell thats the thrill of getting caught make them horny. One day I went to swiming pool on monday afternoon and seen sahil and rishi are fully nude in shower room. Sahil is feeding his cock to rishis mouth. Rishi is sucking sahils cock like a lolipop. I had a instant hardon. I couldnt control myself and started jerking my cock. Sahil is very manly and handsome with sexy smile. He has toned muscled body due to regular visit to gym. Sahil seen me, he told rishi see your friend is here. he took his cock out of rishis mouth and they both came near me naked, then he hold my erected cock and pulled me towards shower.

Sahil told rishi always tell about you. I wanted to fuck you baby. Sahil then kissed my juicy lips, he is good in kissing. Rishi was sucking my cock. Sahil then kneel down and started teasing my cock with his tongue. Both Rishi and sahil was sucking my cock. Sahil then started sucking my hardened cock. While sucking He started inserting his fingers inside my ass hole. He then made me face the wall and took some oil and put inside my ass and some in his cock and started rubbing his cock in my ass crack, Sahil then gave a thrust and whole of his cock went inside me, i shouted in pain, he then stops and kisses my ear and told ” you are very tight sexy, is it your first time. I nooded and he then kept on kissing me and told you will not forget this day darling. Rishi was jerking seeing me getting fucked by his boyfriend.

Now he increases his thrust and now i am enjoying getting fucked in ass. he take out his cock out of his ass and started french kissing me. I seen how hot sahil was. I could feel his chiseled chest and abs. He then started fucking me in missonary position and kisses me madly while fucking me.

He increases his thrust and cums inside me. I love hot cum flowing out of my ass, rishi was watching me getting fucked. Rishi came towards me and hold my cock which he started sucking and made me hard. Rishi then bent himself and showed his ass, inviting me to fuck me , i didnt waste time and inseted my full cock insise rishis waiting ass in one go. Rishi told he was waiting for this time since long time. I kept thrusting while i feel sahil was behind me and rubbing his cock in my ass. He too started fucking me again, while i am fucking rishi. I was fucking while getting fucked. we three cummed in same time.

We then bath together and sahil then asked us to come to his room.

When we went to sahils room, his hot room partner named faeem was there In boxer. he is a muslim guy. He was doing workout at that time. He Is fair, tall and very handsome with hot body. His body is full of sweat. As sahil introduced me we hand shake, i shiver with his touch and i kept on loking his sexy face and hot chest. I told you have a nice chest. He seen me for some time and told thanks. He told me that I have nice ass.

He spanked my ass and asked do you exercise for my butt, then rishi and sahil are telling he had just finished his butt exercise. i told its natural And all starts laughing. faeem then cupped my ass in his hands and opened my pant and again spanked my naked ass. faem was siting in sofa and i am bend to show my ass to faem. I had put my hands on table and my ass was exposed to faem.

Faem told that I had nice lubrication inside my ass and faeem then insert his finger to find sahils cum. faeem showed his finger to rishi, then he licks sahils finger. Faeem then told sahil, your sluts are very hot. faeems cock sprung out of his boxers like a spring.

Rishi sucks faems dick like a lolipup. Faeem was continiously fingering me and sahil was kising my lips and holding my cock, then faeem puled me and made me sit in his lap. His 9 inch cock was not geting inserted in my ass. Then Rishi guided faeems long dick inside my ass. His dick was very big, i was shievering in pain but rishi keep on kising me massaging my cock.

After some time i was enjoying geeting fucked by faeem. Sahil then insert his cock inside my mouth. the hot guys are fucking me like mad dogs. Rishi was sucking my lips. after intense fucking of faeem, he finally cummed inside my ass. Sahil too cumed inside mouth. I too cummed in rishis mouth.

Rishi then kisses me i had sahils cum while he had mine. We had a hot wet kiss, Sahil and faeem too joined kissing. faeem told i need to meet my girlfriend and i need to go as i got 3 mised call. After that rishi told what about my ass. Rishi was in all fours and showed his ass to faeem. Faeem couldnt resist and fucked his ass.

Then sahil came behind me and hold me from behind and started rubning his ass. he is kissing my neck and told did you like getting fucked. I told yes and told i want to be fucked like this everytime. Sahil has managed to slip his cock inside my ass with ease, as my ass has widened a lot now.Then i went home that night i had mastubrated again thinking about what had happened with me. Rishi and me for one year enjoyed geting fucked by faeem and sahil.

After 12th i got addmision in enginering college far from current place. I was very unhappy, to cheer me up one night rishi arranged double penetration for me. One that night when i was jumping on faeems lap with his hot erect cock inside my ass. I feel rishi was massaging my ass hole.

All of a sudden i found sahil came behind and started pushing his dick inside me with faeems dick still inside me. Sahil told it is your parting gift from us, you will remmeber this day for lifetime as it will be your first dp. They both fuck me like a machine and i was moaning like a girl. that night even rishi too fucked me for first time.

I loved rishis smoth body and we did 69 while faeem and sahil fucked us both. Rishi cumed inside my mouth while i cumed inside, i didnt had dinner that night. Next day i went for my college to discover new cocks.