Friends With Benefits

Hi readers. I am Yashika. A crossdresser since 2 years. Today I am here to share with you the incident that turned me into a crossdresser. If u like it or want my cd pics, write up to me at / /

This happened when I was about to turn 18. I had a best friend named esha with whom I shared everything. I was called aman back then. I was a 53″ boy with slim figure, round butt and hairless body. Esha was a hot girl and I always wanted to date her. But she had this hunk boyfriend named rohan.I knew he was in the relationship only for sex but you only want sex when you are in relationship with a busty girls of big boobs.She was tempting.

And of all the boys, I was her greatest friend. We did sleepovers, knew our darkest secrets and all. But then there was the day that changed everything. After the school, I was going to eshas place. She was alone and her maid opened the door. The maid was leaving. I went straight to eshas room and saw that she was crying. I asked what happened esha? She teary eyed told me that everything is wrong between her and rohan.

I asked her what happened and she told me that rohan told her to do sex with him or leave him forever. I saw this as an opportunity. I said he was like this only. She started crying more badly. I said I wish I could help her. I t was then that she stopped crying. She said yes you can. I foolishly said I ‘ll do anything in the world to make her happy. She sat up, went out and after sometime, came back and told me that he and rohan have reached an agreement but youll have to help me. I said anything for you esha. It was then that she smiled. She took me to another room and we waited till rohan came to her house.

I was sure that it was a breakup meeting and soon I ‘ll get esha to be mine but the real thing was something else.Rohan came and he was smiling. He was a hunk with a 6 ft height.He smiled at me and asked esha ” does he knoiws”. She said not yet.He said”You better tell him till I go and pee”. Esha then told me that rohan has agreed to fuck me if I dressup as a girl. I was shocked. I straightaway refused but esha tried to convince me. When I refused to give up, she threatened to tell my secrets to everybody. I had no choice. Rohan cam,e back and got to know that I had agreed. He then selected a day when eshas parents were to be out of town. She asked her to dress me like a bride and keep me ready. Then he gave me a wink and left.

The day then arrived. I said to my parents that I was going for a sleepover at eshas house and many friends were coming. I reached at round 5 as I had to be ready. I dont know why but I was a bit excited. Esha took me to her room and asked me to strip down.

I took the opportunity and said that I ‘ll only do what she said if she lets me kiss her and press her boobs. I then kissed her and pressed her boobs but it was over soon. I stripped naked and she laughed at my dick. She then took out a pair of a red padded lacy bra and panty. And asked me to waer them. I obeyed. She shaved my asshole and legs and brought my ‘shaadi ka joda and some jewellery. She tied a small golden string around my waist.And made me wear the blouse, lehnga and chunari. She then did my makeup and fixed my wig so that it wont fall. She then exclaimed that I looked much better as a girl. I said nothing.

She gave me some wine and made me wear high heels with 5 inch heel. It was difficult to walk in but I managed. It was then that rohan came. He was in a suit and as soon as he saw me, he exclaimed yashika, you look hot. He then asked esha to put some wine in the bedroom and sleep. Esha did as commanded and left. I and rohan were alone in the drawing room now.

Rohan looked into my eyes and picked me up in both hands. He carried me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. He climed upon me and started kissing me. I tried to resist first but then gave it all in. He kept sucking and biting my lips for over fifteen minutes. It was then that he started thrusting his tounge in my naval. I moaned. He explored my whole body with his tongue. He then picked me up and threw me on the floor. He asked me to get up and kiss him.I kissed him. It was fantastic. He was so long that even in heels, I had to be on my toes to kiss him. I said I love you rohan. He said I love you too yashika. He then opened his pant and unleashed his nbig cock on me. I was on the seventh sky. I did not even wait for him and started sucking it like they do in porn videos. He moaned.

I sucked his dick for 10 minutes and then he picked me up and carried me, so that he was licking my asshole and I was sucking his dick. He put me on the bed again and became nude. He asked me to lift my lehenga. I did what he said.

I was his bitch now. He kissed my asshole and started tongue fucking it. It was like heaven. He then put a lot of lube on his dick and my glory hole. He said my love, be ready to be a woman and inserted his stick in my hole. It was hell lotta pain. Pain like never before. I screamed in agony. I closed my eyes. He spanked my ass hard. He kept his dick still for sometime till I relaxed and then slowly started moving it. The pain slowly vanished and pleasure appeared. He started moving my hips slowly. I liked it very much. He kissed my nipples and lips.

This got him more excited and he started thrusting it more wildly. The pain returned and I felt blood oozing out from my anus. He didnt stop. Nor that I wanted him to. The pleasure completely took over pain and the next moment, I was in his arms kissing him while he made me a woman. He then asked me to lie back and inserted again. This time, he was more gentle and started saying loving things for me. I completely gave myself to him. He then asked me to do the work and fucked me in the cowgirl position. It was with 5 different positions that he finally said he was about to cum. I told him I already cummed like 3 times in my panties. He then shoot his load in my ass. It was hot. I asked him am I finally his wife? He said forever. We then slept in each others arm till esha came and woke us up the next day. I thanked her.

Till that day, I have been helping esha and rohan carry forward their relations.Wait for my next adventure. I f u liked the story, do write up to me at / / Bye