Hot Mumbai Rickshawala

Hi all, this is my first sex story of the many encounters, I have had in my life. Filled with fun, passion, sex and lot more. This story is of a hot kashmiri rickshaw guy I met and had sex with… A little about me, I am Forever 21, kidding Im 29, but look in my 20s, got a perfectly curved body and 5. 8 inches tall, fair, golden hair.

This story starts from a beautiful night, I met a friend who was celebrating his anniversary at a Restro Bar in Andheri, we had a lot of alcohol shots, different flavours and ate some amazing food.

We friends got done from the Restro bar and proceeded to the persons house who was celebrating his anniversary, his wife cooked us some delicious dinner, if I recall correctly it was Chicken Pasta in white sauce and amazing chocolate fondu. There was more alcohol in the house and we got drunk to the core, we were singing songs and dancing, it was a fun night …. but wait the fun wasnt over just yet…. the night had just began.

As we were getting drunk, some friends joined us to celebrate more, we ate and drank to the core. I was totally drunk and was yapping myself out, and we were singing in the road like typical drunkards, my friends dropped me to the rickshaw stand and proceeded to their own homes.

I was waiting for a rickshaw as there was no rickshaws and the rickshaw stand, suddenly I saw a rick heading towards me, I sat in the rickshaw and told the destination to the rickshaw guy.

I was drunk so was enjoying the breeze of the night, suddenly the rickshaw guy asked me “Sahab aap thik ho” and I looked at him, he was gorgeous, fair tall, handsome and the cutest smile. He might have been 21to 24, 6 feet tall, beautiful green eyes and that rickshaw walla uniform made him look more hot.

I replied to “Thik hu” he smiled, after sometime he said “Sahab aap bura tho nahi maanoge, mein ek baat bolu” to that I replied “ha bolo” he said “Aap bohot aache dikthe ho” I smiled and I knew something was going to happen, but was too drunk to do anything but little did I know I was up for a suspense.

I was drunk and my bladder was full, and wanted to pee, I told the rick guy to stop somewhere as I needed to pee. He stopped the rickshaw and I peed in a little dark ally, sat in the rickshaw feeling relieved, while sitting in the rickshaw I saw the handsome fellows bulge it looked big. I asked him, where is he from? He replied “Kashmir se hu sahab”, then I asked him his name he said “Mohammad Parvez” i was like a muslim hottie, wow and a kashmiri guy that to in uniform (I have the hots for men in uniform, handsome cops, watchmen, rickshaw guys, and cabbies).

He was driving in a normal pace, he asked me where was I from? and I replied “Mumbai”,and he asked me “kitne saal ke ho” to which I replied “27” he said “aap ekkisa ke dikhte ho” I smiled and then suddenly he saw my flashing nipples and said “Sahab aap ka chu chu bade hai” and for a minute I didnt understand, but when i saw my clothes my tank top was flashing my nipples. I asked him in a laughing tone “chussega?” within a jiffy he replied “ha”……

He took the rickshaw to a dark road in Andheri, which I dont recollect. He stopped the rickshaw and came in the back seat, I was like gosh he looks like a Greek God and I was all vulnerable.

He immediately jumped, and removed my tank top and started to suck my nipples and I was moaning like there was no tomorrow. He was royally feasting on them like he never sucked and nipples, I asked him “accha laga” he was like “ha” he was kissing my neck and then started to smooch me for a long time.

I could see his bulge it was huge. He put my hand on his dick “IT WAS ROCK HARD” he was like “Sahab munh mein loohge” and I just nodded, he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly and flashed his 8 inch cut dick, I was like I am in for a good treat. I started to suck him and he was moaning “ahhhhaaa” “aap bohot acche ho”

I just continued sucking that monster which was growing warmer in my mouth. He stopped me and asked me “aap ka gaand maarna hai” to which I replied “nahi”, he looked wildly at me, he kissed me, sucked my nipples and when he had the chance turned me around and pulled my pants down.

I told him “Nahi Parvez mujhe aacha nahi lagata” he didnt bother he lubricated my butt with his spit.Tore a condom pack, to which I protested but he just shut my mouth with his hand and put the condom on his dick, he lubricated my butt again and in one shot he shoved his huge dick in my butt. It hurted like hell as I didnt get fucked for a long time, tears rolled down my cheeks and he kept on pumping for nearly 15 minutes and all I was doing was moaning like a bitch till I felt a hot flash cum inside of me.

He wore his clothes and dropped me at my destination, he smiled and said ” Wapas milege Sahab”, he smiled and didnt take his fare and left. I was just remembering the most awesome night with this hot kashmiri rickshaw walla, I still masturbate thinking of the entire incident. This is one of the many fun stuff I have had in my life. Stay tuned and please do rate this story, Love you folks

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