Teaching And Training The Gay Boy

By: A. W. Chohan [Londebaaz]

(A very sexy story of 2 college kids in heat and willing to try all)

Mujhay buht ghussa tha keh college mein mujhay hostel ka room allot nahi huwa tha aur ab mein, college se koi 1 1 1/2 meel dour alone aik room rent kerke wahan reh raha tha. Oh, sorry, mera naam Jacob Rafee hai but everyone calls me Jake.

Age 18 saal 2 maheenay aur height almost touching 6 ft. Jawan houn, sexy houn, gay hun aur sirf londebaazi kerta houn yaani Gay Top only. Voh kehtay hein na keh nature ya qismat har kisi ko chance zaroor deti hai; meray saath bhi aisa hee huwa. Gaaoun mein buht londebaazi ki aur ab is shahr mein khoob chance mila, In a few days I got familiar with the town, markets and nearby roads.

To my utmost delight, meri residance se hardly 1mile in the opposite diretion from school; at the corner of the main street aik adult bookstore tha. Mujhay ilm tha keh adult bokstore mein kaya milta hai aur mein ous store mein jana bhi chahta tha lekin buht hesitation mahsoos hoti thi.

Anyway aik din himmat kerke mein ne apni nervousness aur jhijhak ke baawajoud parking lot ke farthest corner mein car park ki, tez tez qadam outha ker book store ka door khola aur enter ho gaya. Box office mein mojoud attendant se coin purchase kiye aur ous ne buzzer ka button push ker diya.

The display of various sexual items made me aroused and somewhat hard but I controlled. Buht se magazines displayed thay magar mujhay aik khaas qisam ke magazines mein interest tha ya phir mujhay wahan jana tha jahan booth thay aur mein coin daal ker gay movie enjoy ker sakta tha.

Suddenly mein ne dekha keh mujh se 2 isles away aik young boy bhi store mein tha lekin voh different items inspect kerne mein itna busy tha keh ous ne mujhay nahi dekha tha. Mera Lorha magzines mein men fucking men aur men sucking men photos ko dekh ker jeans mein pehlay se hee buht pareshaan ho raha tha magar ab ous youngster ko dekh kar toh aching stiff ho gaya tha. Being dark in the store, I was unable to see his face.

Mein dheere dheere chalta ous ke qareeb pouncha toh maaloum huwa keh mein ne ousko college mein apnay saath orientation room bhi dekha tha, couple of times college cafeteria mein bhi line mein dekha tha, Yaani voh ousi college mein meri tarah new student tha. Jounhi mein nazdeek gaya mein ne dekha keh voh aik dildo ko check ker raha tha. Only guessing that he may be a Gay versatile if not a bottom only; mera Lund buht bai chane ho kar jeans ki mazbooti test kerna shuru ho gaya.

Mein buht chupke se ous ke nazdeek ja pouncha aur ousko phir ehsaas huwa keh mein vahan ouskay nazdeek houn aur mein ne ousko dildo mein interest letay bhi dekh liya tha. Mera khayal hai keh ous ne mujhay bhi pehchaan liya tha kayounkeh ouske facial expressions ouski buht zayada concern aur fret ya agony ko show ker rahay thay aur ousne jaldi se dildo ko table per dousri items mein phaink diya tha.

Mein ouski jawani ke jaadu mein kho gaya tha. Gora chitta munda… Meray dil ki dharkan bhi kafi tez ho gai thi aur yeh pulsing, pulsating meri stiff shaft mein bhi ho rahi thi. Zara si susti aur kotahi se munda haath se nikal sakta tha. Mein ousko nikal jaane ka time nahi dena chahta tha isliye jaldi se aur zayada ouske nazdeek hokar ousko mashwarah diya keh plastic ka dildo purchase kerne se kaheen behter hai keh voh asli Lorhay ka intizaam kare. Jo maza zinda aur asli Lund ousko dega ouska koi muqabla nahi.

Bachay ne meri baat suni aur meri tarf dekhkar special smile di toh mein samajh gaya keh gaandu hai aur Lorhay ka zarooratmand hai. Mein ne smile dete huwe hand shake ke liye apna haath ouski terf kiya toh ousne buht garm joshi se jawab diya. Haath milatay huwe mein ne ouska naam daryaaft kiya toh ousne Nigel bataya. Ouffff, almost 5′ 78″ height ka gora, naam bhi sexy tha.

Agar koi mushkil thi toh sirf yeh keh ousko English mein chodna tha kayounkeh ousko yaqeenan hindi nahi aati thi aur mujhay apni zuban mein gaand maarne ka jo maaza aata tha voh angrezi mein nahi aata tha lekinn itna jawan aur teen aged khoubsura bacha spare nahi kiya ja sakta tha.

Mein ne time waste kiye baghair ous se kaha keh voh meray saath aa jaaye and we walked outside. He was a bit shy to stand openly in the parking lot but felt quite comfortable with me. We spoke for a while and he told me that he was curious, very uncertain about his sexuality and thought he was gay because he was always attracted to the boys as well as the mature men.

He had little experience of cock sucking but had not been fucked as yet, although the boys he sucked had tried to fuck him but he did not give in so far. He was scared of ass tearing pain and was in the store to buy a small dildo to start practicing with. He said he was also hesitant about cock sucking and only for the first time it was a problem but now he could suck average to slightly larger size cocks with ease and loved the taste of meat as well as the feel, texture and smell of men in his mouth.

He was not very hesitant in talking but saath hee saath idhar oudhar bhi dekh raha tha. Shayad daylight ki wajah se pareshan tha keh koi ousko wahan pahchaan nah le. Mein ne ousko apni car mein aanay ko kaha. Ouski sexy baatoun se mera Lorha erect hone laga tha aur I wanted to show it to him while sitting in the car. He agreed and we walked to the car and sat in with closed doors. I started talking and told him I was a gay also but a practicing gay no less and not a curious only.

Briefly I told him how I got introduced to couple of the gay boys in Middle School and starting from just holding, circle jerking, mutual masturbating to sucking and even beyond all stages happened by and by.

Mein ne ouse bataya keh although mera Lorha koi record maker nahi tha lekin aik toh mein hamesha se jhaantein shave kerta tha aur dousre meri thickness yaqeenan kisi arbi nasal ke horse jaisi thi; isliye every boy wanted to play, hold, suck and eventually wanted to get fucked by me. I cannot say why; but I was born a top and made to fuck because I never felt the urge to get ass fucked but no one was as or more eager than I to suck the cum out of every boys balls.

I explained to Nigel, how I thought I was a very good trainer for the bottom boys because I did not only fuck but made sure to take them along and made them understand what was happening to their ass as I fucked them.

I fucked with care and respect and wanted the boys to enjoy giving me their ass as much if not more as I enjoyed taking their ass. I just lowered my zipper and showed him my cock size which was not more than 6 inches when hard and only touched 7 inches on the rare moments when over joyous or ready to burst the nuts. Being half stiff, Nigel also appreciated my width and did pass a remark that I could tear the ass with this heavy equipment of mine but I did assure him of never been brutal while fucking the boys in their ass.

He was excited to learn that I lived alone and readily consented to go with me to my place and we were there in short 5 minutes or less. I made sure to mention while I spoke and tell Nigel that a dildo was a good idea but it only dilates or thins the ass sphincter and makes it non hesitant to relax but a dildo never takes away the concern or the fear of a real live man cock whenever it is to be taken for the first time and thats why in my opinion if an experienced and caring top was available, his cock must be used instead of the dead dildo to train the ass orifice to behave and enjoy while fucked by the real thing.

As I was unlocking my entry door Nigel did mention that he had never been throat fucked by a cock larger than 5 inches so far and he was concerned about my size but I comforted him again assuring my passion to not only fuck the boys but to train them for the life time for all different sized cock they would be fucked with in their life and the varied temperaments of diverse group of men fucking them under assorted conditions and time constrains. Nigel ko meri baatein samajh aa rahi thein aur mein feel ker raha tha keh voh kafi relaxed tha aur ousko strange jagah ya kisi unknown baat ka khof anahi tha aur yeh buht behter baat thi.

Hum bedroom mein rakhay sofa pe baith gai and started talking. I asked Nigel, how many boys he has sucked so far and he said there were mostly 3 boys in the group including him but sometimes a 4th guy also joined in. So I told him that he was a pretty good cocksucker boy, but he seemed to mind for being called a cocksucker and I had to tell him to be a proud gay and for all he did for his gay body as I considered myself a self righteous Gay top man, a trainer for the gay boys and a cocksucker too.

We the gays like anybody else get addicted to our habits of cock sucking and ass fucking, getting ass fucked or both and should not feel shame when called so. Nigel did agree but his face was beet red anyhow as he thought himself to be a gay cocksucker boy. He very vehemently denied having been ass fucked and showed little interest to give up his virgin ass for fucking.

I did not want to break the tempo going and asked him if boys sucked his cock and Nigel did hesitate but admitted that he had a tiny, hardly 3 inches long meat piece between his legs and no one sucked him but I quickly assured him, I will suck him if he promised to feed me and he giggled and informed me that his balls were well developed and he always shot huge after masturbating when aroused.

Now I asked him if he wanted to shift to the bed but he said he was comfortable here on the sofa and totally surprising me, he covered my lips with his own. After a few seconds, I felt his tongue, lightly touching my lips and I let it slide into my mouth.

His tongue explored my mouth as we sat there, passively letting him have his way. My tongue met with his tongue, and danced in his mouth. I was happily surprised to be enjoying the activity. After a while, Nigel pulled away and asked if we could strip. He said, he wanted to see again and handle what he had to play with. I felt a thrill in my spine hearing those words and his tone. I quickly obeyed, pulling my shirt over my head, kicking off my shoes, socks and dropping my jeans and boxers. Here I was, completely naked with a guy in my apartment; who I had only known for about 15 minutes, letting him use and enjoy my body as an eye candy.

“Youve a nice body, cocksucker boy”, I told him and moved very close to him and hugged him dearly. My fingers grabbed, rather man handled his nipples squeezing them hard, making him moan in bliss.

I heard him whimper and released his tits which were both hard and erect by now. His eyes fell on my very stiff and erect cock and he complimented it to be so manly and I assured him he was also a man and not a schoolboy anymore in his own way and I was gonna do what men; Gay Men do to each other. I am sure he understood what I meant because he smiled and nodded in complete approval and sanction. I reached and grabbed his slow growing man rod, squeezing it making him moan and look intently in my eyes; feeling at ease. Now Nigel started stroking my cock making my body twitch in pleasure.

He told me most boys had him sit between their legs when he sucked them and used their hands to guide his mouth and throat on it but he always pulled their dicks out of his mouth before they shot, only rarely getting the cum in his mouth. But the boys seemed to get a kick even they painted his face with their juices.

I asked him if he wanted to suck my cock and he nodded but I asked him to speak up and tell me what he wanted to do with my Big cock instead of shaking his head. He quickly came back and wanted to know how Big was I and I had nothing better but laugh and told him, I was not hiding it and he had already felt it and should have a decent guess but I was no more than 6 inches most of the times and rarely touched 7 inches when over excited. I assured him again to train him with ease and he should not be worried about my cock size and he seemed to relax and agree.

“I … I want to suck your cock, Jake”, he hesitated a little but completed his thought, “and show you what I had learnt already”.

“Perfect my boy, thats a great idea but you will call me Sir every time you are here for your training. Now tell me more what you wanna do and how”?

“Yes Sir I want to suck you Sir, I will go in worship mode on my knees and raise my hands as in worshipping and hold your worthy cock in my hands and slowly suck it in my mouth; all of it Sir, while my tongue draws out to lick your balls, Sir”.

“Thats wonderful, boy. Go ahead now and put your words into action”.

By now Nigel was no more than a mechanical robot, dropped on his knees in my feet and I think I heard a whisper suggesting not to Cum in his mouth.

“Get to work boy”, I spoke with authority. “We shall see that when time comes”.

Nigel leaned forward opening his mouth and took the flaring head of my cock in. I do not know why; but I felt a severe throbbing in my shaft as he sucked on the knob. “Sir, Please, let me suck your cock, all of it; all the way to the balls Sir”, I heard Nigel begging and I could hardly tell him to go ahead and swallow it all.

He moved up a little and took another inch or two in his mouth and I grabbed a fist full of his hair pulling him on softly but firmly. His rough tongue ran under my shaft realizing the leaking of pre cum. I knew he must have tasted the pre cum of the boys he sucked; so I could feel him sink his lips down the shaft, licking it to get it wet and lubricated until my knob knocked at the entrance of his throat. He was still holding at least couple inches in his fist, yet to take in. I began to pull back a bit but quickly on the next stroke Nigel sucked me back in all the way deep making me shiver and moan with pleasure.

“Yeahhhhh !!!Thats it cocksucker. Take it all. Yeahhh. Take my fucking shaft, faggot. Show me what kind of a slut you are for my big mans cock. Oh Ah! fuck that feels good. You are a really talented cock sucker baby”. I was damn dazed with his performance. “Now you need to work the entire shaft in your mouth, cocksucker. Look up at me”. I ordered. He tilted his head back and looked up my abs and chest to the face. He was looking at me, with a confident expression on his face.

I had rarely seen a similar look on trainee boys when they sucked me. I appreciated his cock sucking expertise with faggot lips stretched around my cock. “You look real good there on your knees with my dick in your mouth. Go ahead and jerk yourself off if you want”; and his hand immediately went to his stretched cock, squeezing and stroking it while I helped him to suck me off.

“Thats like a good gay boy; I can tell you are a true faggot. You get your rocks off with your hand while you lick and suck my cock. Now, pull off for a minute and suck my balls, boy”.
He hurriedly let my saliva glowing cock slide out of his mouth and sucked my clean shaved balls in his mouth. His tongue running over my wrinkly sack was giving me twitches making me gasp and suck air faster. After about a minute or so, I asked him to go back to my shaft instead, releasing my balls one by one from his full mouth. This time he was surely trying to go deeper than before trying to please me.

Grabbing his head with both hands, I asked him to tilt his head a bit and as he obeyed, I pulled him on dashing my hips forward. The blunt head of my cock forced itself into his throat making him choke this skull fucking done to him. He was surely enjoying, forcing my length for him.

Once again I could not resist appreciating him, “You definitely look perfect faggot on your knees, jacking off your faggot boy dick and your nose buried in my pubes. A total dick slut”. I said to him lovingly. Feeling him panic a little and unable to breathe; I pulled back some but he force sucked me in again rapidly setting a rhythm with his mouth and hands, matching my hips and keeping the eye contact.

He was doing all he could for my pleasure. Continued deep and forced friction started to show its effect making me breathe far more ragged and my balls knotting as my orgasm surged. Sensing that I will be squirting my brew soon, Nigel began to pull off my dick but I had my hands gripping him well. With a hard and deep thrust in; I grunted loud and began to shoot hitting the roof of his mouth.

Next couple of spurts coated his tongue with my thick and heavy cream. He did not resist me much; forcing his mouth completely and using his head to jack myself.

He let me slip out of his mouth, allowing the jubilation waves spreading throughout my body and looking up whispered, “I cannot believe it! Sir, I had you cum in my mouth and I did not gag at all. Surprisingly the taste is kind of salty but not bad. Only the musky sting of your aroma is overpowering my nasal lining Sir”.

Still looking in my eyes he made me proud, making his tongue roam and search any traces of my cum left behind on his teeth and buckle cavity for swallowing. It triggered my button, “Take it, cocksucker. Take my cum. Swallow it all, faggot. Yeah, that feels good. Filling your cock sucking mouth with my hot cum, the way your buddies shouldve been doing to you. Take it boy! Take my fucking cum! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

I was purposely using the terms to remind him, he was with a trainer and should feel proud for being called a cock sucking faggot and even for having introduced to taking mans cum in the mouth and never refuse from now on to all who do it to him. “You are made to do this, boy…Oh Yeah. You are put on this earth to suck, swallow and be fucked”. I stressed and he smiled with a consensual glow on his beautiful face. Exactly then my cock throbbed and a milky white drop of Cum appeared on the tip of my cock and he lapped it up in a jiffy.

“Good boy. Youre a good little faggot. You just need a little training. Your mouth isnt virgin anymore. Youve got a belly full of my cum boy. Im in you forever now”. I pulled Nigel up and kissed him on his lips with lusty passion. Once again, his tongue probed into my mouth and I submitted to it. Slowly and gently he turned some and laid face up on the sofa pulling me over him. For about a minute we kissed deep and sexy, then he moved his body below mine until one his nipple was at my mouth.

“Suck on it, Sir”, I heard him sigh and whisper. I began to lick and suck on his nipple and at the same time, he used his fingers on mine. In seconds his nipple was hard from the warm sensations from my tongue and lips and mine was hard too from the pressure of his fingers. Then he moved his body and hand until we were both working on the other nipple. I ran my hands along his body, feeling the muscles and hardness of youth. I was so excited Nigel had not cum yet; perhaps he knew how to be on the edge of the orgasm.

As I licked his boy chest, Nigel reached over to the table by the beside and grabbed the jar of lube; I had put there in open, purposely. Sitting up he dumped some of it onto my cock and some on his cock, then lowered his body onto mine again. Our cock were pressed together and he began to slowly swirl his hips sliding his cock back and forth against mine. The sensations were incredible, and I heard myself moan in pleasure.

Nigel was letting out little growls of pleasure too as he maneuvered his body on top of mine. His hands were all over, stroking my chest, rubbing my arms and face, even sliding his fingers into my mouth. I made no protest. Hell, I had already penetrated his mouth with my cock, so what was a finger or two? Our legs were tangled together rubbing and the lube was making everything feel good.

Laying his chest onto mine, covering me completely, Nigel started to slip to the side and soon he was on my side and then on his back next to me nudging me to go on top of him. Soon as I took my position over him, Nigel slipped on to the sofa and at the same time he used his mouth on one of my nipples. I felt the intense pleasure very deep in my body. I let out a gasp of pleasure. Nigel raised and crossed his legs on my back, increasing the pressure of his cock against mine.

After having enjoyed an intense orgasm and bursting my nuts, I was again fully hard and so was Nigel. Suddenly I pinned his arms to the bed above his head, holding them immobile. My knees had forced their way under Nigels thighs, raising his ass up in the air from the sofa and my cock slid down exactly onto his boy hole. I realized what position I was in and he saw the command in my eyes.

“You know what Im gonna do to you, faggot. From this moment on you wouldnt need any dildo. My cock will be your dildo whenever you need to get fucked or whenever I need to fuck you”.

Suddenly Nigel tried to struggle free, but he couldnt move. His arms were immobile. His legs were spread and I was fixed between them. I had him in exactly the position I wanted. He was powerless to stop me and I was enjoying his struggles.”Dont fight boy. Youre not gonna succeed and stop me, plus this is what you want. You wouldnt be in that store to purchase a dildo if you didnt want to get fucked and now youre gonna get what you want, fucked in your ass with a real man cock and just as you liked me to dump my load in your mouth and you slurping it, I am sure, youre gonna love to learn being a pussy boy. It is long since I busted a virgin gay guys cherry. It is over a year since I took a guys virginity and he was 18 just like you.

He came back for it again and again. Once he realized he was a pussy boy, he started taking it up his ass from any guy who would need tension in his balls released”.

“No, please, Jake, Sir. Please dont fuck me. I am not ready for getting fucked; Please. I will suck you again. You can cum in my mouth again. But please dont fuck my ass”! Nigel was whimpering and begging but for some odd reason, I knew it was not real. Nigel was ready to have his ass used for pleasure.

“By the time Im through with you, faggot, that ass would beg to be fucked again and again. I cant wait to watch your face as you feel my cock fuck you and stretch you for the first time in your life.” With that Nigel felt the head of my slippery lubed cock against his ass rim. Although I was in total dominating position, Nigel was struggling, “Sir, there is no way a cock as big as this could ever fit inside me. Please Sir, dont fuck me. OOuhh Aaaahh”. He felt my downward and forward movement, pushing into his warm ass tunnel.

“No, please!!” Nigel yelled as my one hand clamped over his mouth while the other kept his wrists pinned. I felt Nigels tight hole begin to stretch as my foreskin pulled back and the huge cockhead began to penetrate him. He struggled even harder but soon realized that his movements in struggle were only helping my cock to push into him and he stopped struggling, but I didnt remove my hand from his mouth or wrists. With the next sudden lunge, my cockhead forced itself inside Nigels dilating and thinning ass orifice farther than Nigel had ever experienced before. His bellow of pain was muffled by my forceful hand sealing his lips.

“Take it boy. Just relax and take it inside you, pussy boy. Let me make you my bitch. Yeah, thats it. The head of my dick pole is inside you now, faggot and I know it hurts but soon you will be loving it. You wont ever want me to take my cock out of your little boy hole. Oh fuck you are tight.

I just popped your cherry, faggot. Youll never forget this moment for the rest of your life and no man will ever do this to you again. Youll get fucked again but no other man will get your virginity because it belongs to me.” I shove several further inches in Nigels ass sliding deeper into him.

My eyes were still on Nigels face watching his reaction as I fucked into his no more virgin ass hole. I was certain his pain was fading sooner as his opening stretched and started willingly accommodate my humongous girth and he was moving his ass to get myself adjusted in him for more comfort and joy. Nigels eyes were much wider when I plunge penetrated his ass but as he got familiar to this invasion of having my body in his body, they had relaxed considerably and noting the transformation, I removed my hand from his mouth.

“Oh, God. Oh, my God, Sir. It is searing me, it is so big. Please, stay still Sir, Please”.

I ignored his begging and continued to push up and IN until my entire cock was buried in the wet and warm guts making Nigel feel full like he never felt before. He had completely and totally submitted to the ultimate domination of one male over another. Not only my cock penetrated his body, my eyes were too and his breath was hitting me in my face.

Soon I started to move my hips in small circles poking my cock in Nigels guts from all angles. Now his moans were more of the ecstasy and very mild discomfort if any. I released his wrists from being pinned above his head. I certainly was hitting Nigels pleasure points in his ass and I saw his cock which had deflated due to the pain of penetration; quickly get rock solid which brought a smile on my face for the obvious reason.

Dragging my cock back until just the head remained inside Nigel and plowing forward with a zeal was making him moan in complete pleasure and every time his ass got plugged, his hands ran across my wide back feeling the strength and this power of thrusts. My speed was shifting in top gear.

Once again I thought, what an irony; I did not even know the last name of the bottom boy being dominated by me, fucking his hole so fiercely making me feel so proud and honored. Right then Nigel spread his legs wider for me to hump his cheap whore ass even deeper and harder. Nigels hands now were roaming all over my ass globes, feeling them flex with each thrust in his ass filling him with my beef wand. Soon I reached grabbing Nigels legs behind the knees and pushed them up and over.

Now his knees were almost touching his ears and ass was pushed up and out for my better use. He was almost folded in half for absorbing my fervor and force. My thrusting became very rough and cruel. Nigel was moaning, gasping trying to endure and enjoy the growing feeling in his ass. I lowered my body to lick and kiss his body as I kept pile driving in him nonstop.

Reaching a kind of mission, I suddenly pulled out of Nigels ass. The scene for next minute or so, will fucking remain untold. Nigel just went berserk feeling the loss, leaving his ass gaping empty and I had to be merciful when he looked at me with eyes begging for mercy and let his ass have my steel solid shaft back in.

“Do you want me back inside you”? I asked.

“Oh yes, Sir. Please stick your cock back in me! Sir.” He begged.

“On your hands and knees, pussy boy; I wanna fuck you like a dog”. I ordered. Nigel scrambled as quick as he could to be on his hands and knees in front of me. His head was almost buried in the sofa cushion, looking through his legs and watching my cock lined up to thrust back in his greedy, hungry ass hole. I grabbed the fistful of his hair, pulled his head back which lowered his hole at my cocks height and fired the missile into him. “Take it boy, take it hard in your man Cunt. Oh fuck Yeahhh. You are damn hot and tight boy. Really enjoying to fuck you hard and be breeding you soon with my hot man seed. Always remember, this ass is mine whenever I need it. OK Boy”?

I think he tried to nod but my grip on his hair was too hurting to move. “Speak up, faggot”!

“Yes Sir. You own my ass, Sir. You own it”! Nigel announced as best as he could.

“Good boy. Good little whore boy”. Slowly I grabbed Nigel and pulled him onto his side laying behind him on the bed; grabbing and lifting his right leg while driving my cock in and out of the ass chute. His back was pressed against my chest and my hand was raising his head upward. Our mouths were joined and tongues were dancing inside just like my cock was dancing in his ass. Nigel was masturbating continuously and I was sensing my orgasmic high as well to hit me soon with heavy cumming.

“Oh Sir, God, Oh my sir. Im gonna cum. Im gonna cum”! Nigel whimpered under me.

“Do it faggot boy. Shoot your faggot load while my big cock fucks your tight hole. Cum while you get fucked like any good bitch does”. I was gasping as I spoke. My words were the final stimulation he needed and sprayed his seed all over the sofa; moaning wildly as if he was being slaughtered. My dick was still huge and hard plunging in and out of him but sudden and acute squeezing and relaxing of his hole worked like magic to bring on my climax as well. I was planning to roll him on his stomach to fuck some more but now there was hardly time to roll Nigel on his stomach and keep myself nailed in him too.

I shoved all the way in his ass and with a very loud grunt, pushed him with both hands crushing his boner under him. I could hardly go in and out of him for no more than 45 times, when Nigels ass gripped my cock tighter than a clamping vice and I yelled louder than ever in my life.

My entire body stiffened on top of Nigel and he also yelled loud as my fucking cock expanded in his ass; crashing his musculature and began pulsing brutally spewing my sperm inside him. My hands gripped his shoulders for leverage and squirting deeper to reach the unknown spots in Nigels well fucked ass before collapsing on top of him.

We both lay there for several minutes, catching our breaths until I softened and plopped out of him. Nigel rolled over and now he was facing me. We both looked at each other smiling.

How did you like it Nigel baby”? It was the first time I had called him by his name instead of a faggot. He reached, kissed my lips and said, “It…it was incredible, Sir”.

“Youre a natural born faggot boy. A faggot like you is gonna give a lot of men a lot of joy.. but ….” .

He interrupted me , ” But I am your boy whenever you need me “. He assured me making my inside smile.

The End….. Sept. 19/ 2016 ….. Please do send some comments…. Chohan