Things I Do In Night Journey

Hi friends, this has been a while since I wrote my last sex story. I got busy could not find leisure time for this. I got some emails which were pretty good and I’m sorry that I didnt reply as soon as possible. Like my last two stories this is also a real life incident. Please read my other stories too. As usual I dont add anything and whatever in the story is true to my heart. I only change names and places. Im a fair average size 23 year old man(bitch) with very little hair and a six inch cock.

Coming to the sex story, it happened in 2nd year of my college. That is about two and half years earlier most of my sex incidents happens during travelling at night and also uses public transport services which can help you hook up .I dont reveal my gay nature in my place or during day. Night is more safer and as a stranger at new places we dont want to worry about our identity publicity is not good for a bitch. My college in Bangalore(place changed) I have to travel full night to reach Bangalore. Bus is not crowded I was in the second last row.

I usually choose last row seats because it is away from other people and high chances to get some sex. When the bus reached alappuzha and a drunk man boarded and took ticket to Bangalore. He seated beside me I hated this he is drunk and there are lot of empty seats he could have chosen those seats why next to me? And there is high chances of spoiling my night dreams of cocks.

As bus is mostly vacant the lights were put off so it was dark inside the bus. I was trying to sleep after some moments a hand was on my thighs. I thought here it comes now I have to choose whether to allow and have sex with him or take his hand and warn him. By looks he is 40-45 years old has grey hair, shorter than me not the one I desire but the bitch in me wants a dick and what if I didnt meet another one then I will end up with no sex most probably I wont have any chance having sex after this night. Something is better than nothing so I decided to go for it.

I took his hand, put it on my crotch area .This was all he needed he started touch my cock vigorously and couldnt able unzip my jeans so I unzipped my jeans he immediately started sucking my cock so hard and roughly I could feel his teeth at first tried to stop but I couldnt.

He pulled down my jeans I was technically naked now he didnt stopped blowing. His warm mouth and cold night made me horny. I was enjoying his rough blowjob but somebody was suddenly stand up from his place checking the place where the bus is so I took his head out of my cock pulled up my jeans immediately. The person who stood up returned to his seat so my partner was saying its ok now we can continue but I was nervous and dont want to continue but he didnt listened to me.

He pulled down my jeans and started sucking my cock I was enjoying it and he started jerking me my feelings become hyperactive my heart beat was so fast and the person who stood up earlier seen us but this time I didnt care I dont want to lose the moment and I cant control it . And I cummed in full satisfaction and my heartbeat started calming, came back to my senses. Person who seen us didnt make any scene as his stop came he left the bus.

My partner started asking for another round but I was exhausted and told him we can have sex when we reached bangalore he also agreed. But he was so mischievous he started acting like we are couples it could have blow up our cover as the bus filled after reaching kochi.

In bangalore we booked a room at low cost lodge. We started undressing and we were in our underwear. He started smoking and gave me one too it was cheap cigarette.

After we laid down the bed he cuddled me and started kissing my lips. He said he liked my lips and started biting my lips so hard and he went down on me sucked my nipples made me sooo hornyy and mourned softly mmm. Sucking my nipples is one my favorite in sex it makes me feel like I am a girl.

He started kissing my navel and tummy this gave me tingling feeling inside me and started gasping because of this sensations. He bites my panty and pulled it down and started sucking my dick roughly and I started moaning hmmm it was so good I hold his head down forcing him to choke . He sucked my cock for several minutes. He pulled out his 5 inch cock and shoved inside my mouth and while sitting on my head.

I took his cock full and started sucking he pressed his lower areas under balls into my mouth I licked it faithfully now. I wanted to feel his 5 inch cock inside me so bend over to doggy style and asked him to fuck me hard.

He put a condom and spitted in my asshole and started fucking me it was not awesome but it was good and he cummed in my ass after removing the condoms. The he jerked me to cum and kissed my lips some more time.After an hour we vacated gone separate ways.

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