Rajiv Made Me His Wife And Fucked Me All Night

Hi boys and girls, my name is Kamran.This is my third story on ISS.About me I am gay bottom with a girly body.I have big boobs like girls and a big smooth and soft ass like girls.I have been fucked by many boys.

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So I will come to the story.After I was introduced to gay sex , many boys had fuck me many times.My friends and cousins had also fuck me.This story is about my new neighbour named rajiv.

Rajiv and his family had shifted one month ago in our neighbourhood.We have good relation with them.

As I had not taken a cock in my ass for so long.I was very eager to get fucked.And I think rajiv is the best option I have. Because he is the only child of his parents.And his parents go to their jobs and come back at evening.

So I started to make out with him.For a few day and then we become friends.We talk about sex and every topic.Then one day I ask him what do you think about gay sex.He said I have never tried it but I want to do it.

Then I told him that I am gay bottom and if you want to fuck me then you can.Then he said that I also wanted to fuck you from the day I saw you but I was afraid.He said I loved your bog ass.I told him that your wish comes true.He said my parents are going out tomorrow for two days at 6 pm, you should come to my home after that.I said ok.

Next day after his parents leave.I told my parents that I am going to rajivs house to study as we have the same course.And I go to his house and rang the bell.He opened the door.I entered and he said that tonight I will make you my wife.I said I am very happy to be your wife.

He took me to his parents room and told me to dress up as a girl in his moms clothes.I said ok.I go to the shower and took shower.As I am hairless so I took out a black bra and black panty.I took a blouse and a green transparent saree and put them on.

I apply makeup and lipstick and go out.He was shocked to see me.He said for me your name is anjali and you are my wife.

And then he started kissing me on my lips.He took my tongue in his mouth and suck it and give me his tongue and I suck it.

We kissed for about 20 min and then he took out my saree and blouse and all my clothes.Now I was just in bra and panty.I could see the bulge in his pants.Then he took out my bra and panty as well and smack my ass and said “Anjali your boobs and ass is bigger and softer than that of a girls and I love it”.

Then he started to squeeze my boob with one hand while sucking my other boob and biting on my nipples.That was so much pleasure.I was moaning.He squeezed my boobs,sucked and pinched them.

He played with my boobs for 15 min and then he took out his clothes and then his underwear.I was shocked to see his cock it was 10 inched long.He said that take my cock in your mouth anjali.I gave a sexy smile and took his cock in my mout and started giving him a blowjob.It was so much fun.

We turn to 69 position.I was giving him blow job and he was licking and fingering my ass hole.After about 12 min then he said time to fuck my princess.

He turn me in doggy style.As I was fucked in asshole so many times,my ass hole was very open so there was no need to apply oil.He just apply his saliva on his cock and then on my ass hole and keep the head of his cock on my ass hole.

He pushed his cock on my ass hole and goes full in my ass.Then he slowly started fucking me ass.His speed increased time by time and I was moaning with pleasure.

He fucked me in doggy style for 8 min and then he took out his cock.He lay on the floor and told me to sit on his cock.I sot on his cock and started jumping on it.After some time I bend to kiss him and he squeezed my boobs and and started very fast jerks.

He was fucking me with full speed and I was very happy and was moaning in pleasure.

After fucking me for 15 mins he opened his cum in my ass and took out his cock.His cum was coming out of my ass.He took that cum in his hand which was coming out of my ass hole and told me suck it of his hands and swallow it.I lick that cum of his hand and swallowed it.It was very delicious.

After about about 20 minutes his cock rise again. He told me to suck it.I started sucking it.I took his full cock in my mouth.Then he start stroking. He started mouth fucking me. He fucked my mouth for 5 minutes.

Then he took out his cock off my mouth and started licking my ass hole. He was tongue fucking my ass hole .I was feeling so good. He was licking my ass hole and fingering my ass hole. It was so much pleasure.

Then again we kissed for 4 minutes. Then he started fucking me again . He was fucking me so hard that I was screaming with pain and pleasure.

Then he turn me to doggy style again and he started fucking me with full speed. I was feeling so good. He fucked me in doggy style for 20 minutes and then he took out his cock from me ass and said I am coming take my cum in your mouth.

I opened my mouth and started giving him a blow job and he cum in my mouth. My mouth was full of his hot and delicious cum. I swallowed his cum not wasting even a single drip of his cum. It was so delicious.

After that we had 3 more rounds of sex.One round in his parents’ bedroom and two rounds his bedroom in his bed.

After that he said that I want you to drink my piss. I gave him a smile and said that I had drink the piss of many boys and I will be very happy if I could drink your piss.

Then I sat in front of him and he took his cock near my face. I opened my mouth and he started pissing in my mouth. I was drinking his piss. It was so delicious and tasty. I was enjoying it very much. When I drank his piss.

After that we slept nude in his bed room together. It was so much fun that night that can not forget it for my while life.

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