Best Friend And Lover For Life

Hi, all. My name is Arun and I am 34 yrs old now. My first gay experience happened when I was 19.

I stayed in hostels all my life but never had any gay experiences until I was in my 1st year of engineering. It was a dorm type hostel within the campus where there were 25 rooms and only 5 bathrooms at the end of the corridor. Each room housed 4 students. So 5 bathrooms for about 100 students. There used to be a big line every day in the morning in front of the bathrooms for taking a bath and usually 2 to 3 people went into one bathroom at a time to take the bath. Of course, everyone would shower in their undies.

One day I woke up a bit late and went to take a bath and I saw that all the bathrooms were full except on where I saw a senior named Anand going alone into the bathroom. I did not say anything but thought of waiting there for my turn. Just then Anand looked at me and asked me if I want to go with him into the shower.

Anand is very good looking and handsome & stylish hunk but a bit naughty & mischief. He was one year senior to me. He is also from Adilabad district in AP where I came from and therefore we kind of knew each other but not so close at all.

Since I was getting late to college, I agreed to go in with Anand and started the shower. I was wearing a blue colored Frenchie underwear and he was in a yellow Frenchie. Frenchie was the most famous and hot looking undie those days.

Few minutes into the shower Anand asked me if I could apply soap on his back since he was not able to reach there. I agreed and took his soap and applied all over his back. When I was done I returned his soap and he turned towards me and asked me if I want him to apply soap on my back. I readily agreed without any further thought.

He started applying soap on my back and all of a sudden he inserted his hands into my underwear and started pressing my buns. In a shock, I quickly turned around and looked at him with a question (?) mark as to what just happened. He signaled me to look at his underwear/crotch area and I saw that he had a full erection and his cock was clearly popping out of his wet yellow underwear.

I immediately looked away from it in shy and Anand then put his hand on my cock are and I immediately got an erection. He then started kissing me on my lips and I felt as if current passed through my body on that first kiss. I was totally lost as to what was happening and closed my eyes standing there. Anand then sat on his knees in front of me and pulled out my cock and started sucking it. I was feeling like in heaven. Not knowing what was happening I just leaned on my back to the bathroom wall. He sucked my cock for about 3 minutes, stood up and turned me around and started squeezing my butt again.

He then dropped my undie up to my knees and dropped his undies to his knees and was rubbing his cock on my butt. I got scared and guessed on what he was thinking and immediately turned around and was facing him. I pulled up my undie and told him that I want to go out. He immediately pulled up his undie and both of us finished our bath without even looking at each other or even speaking a single word and went back to our rooms.

I did not go to college that day and spent my whole day in the room thinking what has happened that morning. In the evening when my roommates returned from classes, I went with one of my roommates to the canteen for relaxation and thought of telling him what has happened that morning. We sat at a table and were having tea when Anand came there and started speaking to me as if he met me after a long time. Started asking me about the need for books or another help since I was a fresher. I replied to all of his questions in yes/no and did not dare to speak and was feeling very shy. He then said that he wanted to speak something to me alone and asked to go to a side with him and I followed.

Seeing that no one was around he start telling me to not to tell anyone what has happened that morning and that my friends will make fun of me and ruin my life/studies and I will be stamped as a gay forever. I got scared at his words and realized that I should not tell this to anyone.

About a week later, on a Sunday I made a plan to go to Nagpur for buying some books and stuff and got ready and reached the bus station and sat on the bus. I was kind of alone and feeling nervous since this is the first time I am going to Nagpur and have no clue where to go etc. There were very few people on the bus since it was the first bus of the day. A lot of empty seats. About a minute before the bus started I saw Anand getting into the same bus and he was also alone. He saw me as soon as he got into the bus and came and sat next to me. He told me that he was going to Nagpur to meet a friend.

I was quiet and shy remembering what has happened between us. And the bus started. The journey to Nagpur is about 2 hrs. About 10 minutes into the journey, Anand started talking about sex and how he likes sex with men and all. I was anxiously/curiously listening to everything that he was saying and I also observed that he was pressing my thighs with his hand while talking. I noticed his crotch area and saw that he was fully erect and I also started getting an erection from his touches.

He suddenly grabbed my cock area of the pant and started checking my erection. He then looked at me with a naughty smile and kissed on my lips. I pushed him back saying that there are people in the bus. He looked around and said that there is no one nearby and grabbed my hand and guided it to his crotch area and asked me to press his erect cock from above the jeans. I pulled back my hand and said that I am scared. With my responses somehow he concluded that I am ok to have sex with him but not in public.

He immediately told me that he is going to Nagpur only to be with me and has no plans to meet a friend or anything. He saw me going into the shower early in the morning and figured that I am going somewhere since that is what most of the students do on Sunday. So he followed me and wants to spend the whole day with me. I could not say anything and immediately made up a story and told him that I was going to meet some relatives in Nagpur and that he cannot come with me. He then started telling me about his plan for that day. He actually wanted to apologize to me and treat me with drinks etc in Nagpur.

We reached Nagpur and I asked him to help me buy my books and then we will have lunch after that. He agreed and we got down from the bus. We bought books, shoes, a shirt etc for me and all along we became very good friends and he was very helpful and accommodating. Very helping nature. There was no senior junior feeling anymore. It was lunch time and then he told me that he wants to treat me in a good restaurant and we went to a fine restaurant and had a good lunch.

I had no other plans in Nagpur and was thinking of going back and told him that we should start going back to bus station. He then suggested that we have plenty of time and that we should go watch a movie and we both went to the nearby theater to watch some English movie. There was no one in the theater and it was kind of an adult movie where only college students come that too on weekdays. That day being Sunday and adult movie there was hardly anyone in the theater. We went and sat in the corner in the back and whenever there was a kissing scene or a sex scene in the movie, Anand was getting hard and touch me and kissing me again. In the middle of the movie he slowly told me in my ears that he likes me a lot and that he wants to have sex with me. I did not respond and was confused on what to say and what not to say.

After coming out of the movie, I noticed that he has a hard on and I also was horny. I was dreaming of having sex like in the movie. He looked at me naughtily and showed me a lodge right next to the theater and went into the lodge. Started speaking to the reception for a room for the night and told him that we are 2 friends from adilabad and wanted to stay for a night. Paid 350 for the room and came back with the room key and went into the room.

My heart started beating very fast because I didn’t know that what will happen. He grabbed me and started kissing on my lips I got shocked with that but after few seconds I also started cooperating, he sucked my lower lips and my tongue, I was on the seventh cloud. Slowly he started moving his hand on my body while kissing.

I felt like an electric shock on my body. After 10 minutes we broke our kiss and he told me to remove my clothes. I obeyed him and removed my clothes. He also removed his clothes and showed me his 7 inches cock which is giving a salute to me. Then he instructed me to lick his cock so I sat on the floor and started licking his cock it was huge for me but I liked its smell and warmth. Because I was a new one in this and never did that so I licked it like an ice-cream cone.

After few minutes he told me to stop otherwise he will discharge, I stopped and started thinking that what next. Anand grabbed my cock and started licking my cock it was a dream come true. After lots of sucking, I told him that I am going to shoot and he told me that he want to taste that.

So I unloaded my all treasure in his mouth. We slept there for few minutes, now it is my turn and I started sucking his cock. After 20 minutes he told me that he is going to cum but I thought of tasting it so I started sucking with more passion and power a minute after he cummed in my mouth and filled it completely drank it and found it very tasty. I sucked his cock till his last drop of cum.

Now both of us are really tired we slept there for few hours after that fun. I woke up at around 9 pm and woke up anand as well. We both went out for dinner and when asked what the plan was, he told me that we shall go back to the lodge and sleep till 4 am and take the first bus back to college. I agreed and went back to the lodge.

After reaching the room, anand started kissing again and he removed his undy from and told me to remove my pants. I obeyed and did what he said and told me to suck his cock I just started doing I was not even able to hold it in my mouth he then laid me down and fucked my mouth I was not even able to breathe after some time he shot loads of cum in my mouth and asked me drink it I did the same and then asked me to lie on my belly and started fingering my asshole it was a bit painful but pleasuring at the same time after about 15 min of fingering he came near my face and told me to suck his cock and make it hard again I did the same and when he got hard he just applied some saliva on my asshole and his cock

I knew that he is going to fuck me hard I kept quiet and he started pushing his cock in my asshole and after some time he was fully in it was very painful but really felt good and started fucking me after 15 mins he shot all his cum in my ass and lied beside me and after 5-10mins cleaned his cock with the tissue paper and cleaned my asshole also and after some time he again made me suck him and fucked me in the doggy style but this time he was fucking and shagging my cock in up down motion and this process

I came on the seat about 2-3 times and he was still fucking me it was very painful but I was on the seventh clouds and after some time he came again inside me and lied for a while and after that cleaned my hole and his cock with a tissue and wore his clothes and asked me to wear mine.

We were so tired and exhausted. We slept for the night. He was holding me tight in his arms and told me that I was his lover for the rest of the life and that we are gay lovers.

We woke up at 8 am next day, had breakfast and boarded the bus back to the college. The relation continued for 3 years after that.