On My Brothers Wedding, Me And My Partner Had Our Suhagraat Too

On my brothers wedding; I and my partner had our suhagraat too.

Hi all readers,

I am Aman living in Canada for the last couple of years but originally from a small town in Punjab.

Little background to my gay life:

I started my gay life many years back, only had two partners with whom I had nice times after every 10-15 days. Our neighbor happy was the one who introduced me as well as his own real cousin (arsh) to the gay world. Arsh was of my age and happy was having a nice time with both of us sometimes together sometimes with me alone and sometimes only arsh.

As arsh was his cousin many times he would ask him to fuck me. Initially, he was finding it difficult to fuck me but slowly with guidance and techniques he was able to get his dick down my ass too.

As arsh and I were of same age we slowly were able to form greater bonding between each other. We used to treat each other as Bollywood actors and actresses and used to make love to each other.

The most rememberable gay experience:

Now I would like to talk about my most rememberable experience. 4 years back it was my brothers marriage. It was just 1 month left for my brothers wedding. I was in Delhi at that time preparing for my MBA entrance exam.

Me and arsh used to have horny chats on yahoo and used to have sex at least once when I used to go back home for a family visit. One day we were chatting about the wedding and arsh said: “should we also have a suhagraat the same day?” I was like “How!!!!”

Arsh said: ” as there will be many people at your home, you can come and stay with me and we will have nice time”

I liked the idea but I said to arsh that we are having suhagraat for so many years. Whats new this time? To which arsh thought and replied ” this time you will remove all your hair on your chest..Your ass and your thighs. We will arrange a bra panty and at least a dupatta to prepare like a real suhagraat.

I was very excited with the idea but I got a little worried as removing hair from my body with doubt so many people. I shared with arsh that this is not a good idea. But arsh said that as I will be wearing a suit all the time nobody will come to know about my hair removal. I was little relieved. I accepted his proposal and asked him to arrange for bra..Panty and dupatta and whatever other things he want me to wear. He also accepted my offer.

The day stated coming near..I guess my brother was not preparing that much for his marriage as we were preparing.Just a few days before the marriage when I was leaving Delhi I removed all hair from my chest..My ass and my thighs. Part of my arms and legs I kept as it is and bought a pair of arm and leg stocking to cover it up during my suhagraat.

Day of the marriage came we had all the dance and drinks and I was waiting for the night. Around 10 o clock when everybody was finished I told my parents that I am going to sleep at arshs place to which my parents easily accepted.My heart was like beating so heavily.

I reached his house, his mother opened the door and I went to his room which was on the first floor away from his parents room. His room was neat and clean with two glass of milk on the side table.There were a black bra, panty and a short night suit placed in front of the dressing table.

There were a lip gloss and a pair of anklets.I took all the stuff and went to the washroom to dress up. I applied a little hair removal cream wherever I saw hair coming up and them applied the moisturizer all over my body. Put my arm and leg stocking … Had the anklet on..Then the bra panty and the night suit. Finally, I applied some lip gloss and went to the bedroom.

Arsh was madly looking at me with the phone in one hand and his dick in another. He dragged me to the bed and we exchanged a deep kiss. We were kissing each other as if we were meeting the first time.

We kissed and felt each other a long time. Now my nightdress was gone and Arsh was all nude.

Then Aarsh said: “Lets do the rasam of suhagraat”

I said : “What”

Arsha said: I have two glass of milk here that you need to drink.

As I just tried to get the glass of milk Aarsh held me between his legs. I was lying down Arsh sitting on my breast and his dick touching my chin. He held the glass of milk(which was almost cold).

He slowly inserted his dick in my mouth and started slowly pouring the milk on his dick which was slowly entering my mouth. He was slowly pushing his dick in and out of my mouth.And believe my it was the best milk drink of my life. After one glass I was sucking his dick wildly almost till my throat.

I continued sucking for 15-20 mins. Ansh opened the side table drawer and took out a small plastic wrap and licked some black thing (which I later came to know was some drug)

Then he made me doggy style and started linking my bums and my ass… The more his tongue went near my ass the crazier I was getting.

Finally, that moment arrived and he pushed his dick deep down my ass but in no time he pulled it out. I looking back and he asked me to get missionary style. I asked him to fuck me doggy style but he had other things in his mind. He made me lie on my back and started pushing his dick deep down my ass.

He was continuously shaking my legs and my anklet was making nice sounds and Ansh was enjoying those sounds. The bigger the stroke he made more the anklet would sound.

We were completely enjoying that sound and that passionate fucking. I guess it was due to the drug Ansh was not getting near to cum.

Then he got up and asked me to accompany him to the rooftop. As it was around 1 we knew nobody would be able to see us. With the cold breeze, we were fucking wildly on his rooftop. Finally, Ansh came after about an hour of fucking.

It was an enjoyable night and awesome experience. I have had so many experiences which I want to write and which I still want to have in India. If you like my sex story and want to be my friend ping me at / / . I would like to connect with like-minded people.