Train ki yaad

Hi, friends I am ravi from, bhubaneswar, my age is 26 now. I am not sure about the genuinety of these stories then also I am going to narrate an incident in my life. This was happened when I was in my college for pre degree studies, I was a good ncc cadet at that time, I used to go for all camps at that time, which gives me a great pleasure, I love to travel a lot, and matured ladies between 30 & 50 as all the male forum tries to ignore them. But I like these aunt’s very much. This incident happened when I was on my journey to gujarat for a camp. We were about 35 boys went to gujarat for a trekking camp. There was nobody came to the station to see me off. , as my parents are not interested to send me for these camps, so I was on my seat reading a novel. There was on family just opposite to my seat & almost all the 5 seats were occupied by them only, I was the only out sider on that section. One middle aged man, his wife, sister (later I came to know) & his two daughters. I was reading that novel, as if I don’t have any intrest what is happening atound me. After some time the train started to move. Then I was simply looking outside the window. I felt sleepy, after 1 hour the train was at some station. Then I realized that only his sister her name is devi was there in that seat. She was also sleeping by the window side. Not purposefully when I looked I got a shock in my eye. I saw her naval which is very beautiful. As I told I like matured ladies very much. Then I started peeping at her pretended that I was reading that novel. The train starts moving. The rest of the family came to the seat back. They were gone to receive somebody from that station. The other family also came there to meet her. Those two family jointly made a plan for a pleasure trip to mumbai. The girls & the parents were started talking loudly.

I was a bit bored at that time. But I noticed she was very quiet & gloomy. Then to give them privacy I stood up from there & went to the door side. After 5 minutes I saw that lady (devi) also came there as the bathroom is near by the doors. She went to the bathroom & came back. I gave her a smile to her & she returned it, I was in a good mood to talk at that time. I said hai, & she also returned it. I started talking to her. She told that they are from tvm & going to mumbai for a pleasure trip, then I asked why you are gloomy, & she give me a smile. I told her about me & in a short period we were become friends. Then my pen which I was holding in my hand fell down & she bent down to take that. The pallu of her sari also fell down, waw what a scene I wondered to see her cleavage. She given me the pen back & I thanked her. Then we started chatting again. In the middle of the chatting I came to know that she is a widow. Her husband was died because of heart attack, before 2 yrs. Then I started to look her with a sexy corner of my eyes. My eyes started to measure her body structure with out her knowledge. She is a medium fat lady with good boobs & a nice buttocks & white in color. Her rose sari gives a sexy look to her. After half an hour we went to the seat. There also we were talking. She introduced me to the family. They asked me why I am not joining the rest of the team. I said I am not at all interested in drinking & smoking. They are also pleased to hear that. Both of us were sitting at the window side seat. I removed my shoes & changed my clothes at the bath room as it’s a 3 days journey. I was wearing only a lungie & t shirt, which I feel most comfortable for the journey’s. After lunch the two girls went to the next section & the parents were started sleeping I was peeping at her pretended that I was reading the novel. Unfortunately my leg touched her leg which was stretched to my area. She was in a short sleep. I started to rub her leg with my leg as if its happening without my knowledge. Slowly my leg gone up up to he knee level. My leg was covered by her sari so nobody can see whats happening at that side. My heart beat become fast I was started to sweat. Suddenly I removed my leg. As she opened her eyes & sit back. That made me more frightened. I thought she know what I did & she will react for that. But nothing was happened. I started reading the novel innocently. Then the two girls came back & they asked for the side seat. Surprisingly she stood up from there & came to my seat. Now she is sitting near to me. She started sleeping again. I cannot control myself. My hand started shivering. Slowly I touched her right boob over her sari as my hands were folded nobody can notice that. Slowly I rubbed her boob, even I can smell the mild perfume from her body. I was totally out of control, my penis erected & was trying to break the wall of my under wear. In one of those moments I pressed her boob with over excitement, after doing that only I think about that, if she made any problem or any noise what I will do, but for my surprise she was sleeping then also. Then slowly it was going to the evening. Everyone started chatting & telling jokes me also went to my daily routine, I went to the bath room & masturbated thinking her in my mind & when I came out, to my surprise I saw her in front of me. When I came out she entered the same bath room. Now I was in a soup, because a few drops of my cum was there on the floor which cannot go easily. I thought what she will think after seeing that. After five minutes she came out from the bathroom with something in her hand. She give me a naughty smile then I realize that she saw those drops. But I returned that smile, & started looking outside to hide my “chammal”. After dinner everybody started to prepare their berth for sleeping. My berth was the middle one& her was the lower one. After some time the lights were switched off. It was almost dark. When I peeped I saw her lying down by pressing her boobs on the seat. My penis started eructing. As I removed my under wear before going to sleep I started pressing the berth with it. After 1 hour when I looked around I saw everybody is sleeping. I planned to try my luck. I hanged my right arm & touched her blouse & slowly I moved my hand. I was surprised that she had removed her bra at that time. Then only I realized that the folded thing in her hand was her under garments. After some time she turned round & I can see her boobs at that time. I stated caressing them slowly.

To my surprise she was not caring that. Then slowly I started passing my fingers in to her cleavage, suddenly I was shocked she caught my hand, & I was started shivering in the fear that she will react for the same. But to my surprise she placed my palm in side her blouse & covered it with the palloo of the sari. I was in heaven & my heart stated beating fastly. I started caressing her boobs & nipples. Her body also started getting hot & sweat. I can even feel her heart beats & sweatiness between her boobs. After some time I feel uncomfortable in that position. After removing my hand I slowly get down from the berth. I give a glance at her & went to the door side. As I expect after 5 minutes she also came there. I looked around to check if any one there. To my luck no body was there as the time is 12. 45. Slowly with out saying any thing I went to a bathroom, but I didn’t put the bolt. As I expect she entered the same bath room. As soon as she entered the bath room, I hugged her tightly. I was pressing her boobs to my chest. Then she bolted the door, & started sucking my lips. She bite my lips & put her hands under my lungie, as I was not wearing the under wear she can easily catch my penis. At that time I was trying to remove her dress. I removed her sari & kept that at the hook, that time she removed my lungie & kept there. Then I was trying to remove her petticoat, but I was un able to untie that. She helped me to untie the same. At that time I sit near to her legs & lifted her petticoat. I was amazed to see there is not even a single pubic hair, & no panty. I started lo lick her thighs & slowly I gone up. She removed her petty coat through above her heads. She don’t want to disturb me from what I was doing. I started licking at her pussy wildly. I spread her legs & kept one leg on the window side now I can see & feel her pussy clearly. She stood simply enjoying what I was doing. After splitting her pussy I started liking deep inside, & from her _expression & the hold on my head I can even feel her thirsty. After 15 minutes of liking & biting she cummed at my mouth, I drunk the same with out dropping a single drop. After that I went up & started caressing her boobs, she hugged me tightly. I released her hand & give connection to my penis. To my surprise she also started giving ,me a blowjob. After two minutes, I lifted her up, but she was not ready to release my cok. I forcefully pulled her up & put her leg at the same window side. Then I tried to insert my penis in her pussy. Amazingly it was very tight. I asked her in a murmuring sound why it is so. She told that no body used it properly. I was really happy to make that tight pussy loose. I started fucking her at standing position, after 5 minutes she started mourning, & hold me as tight as she can, after one minute she told me that “enikku poyi”. I was really happy to hear that from a lady to say that. She started kissing me on my forehead, cheeks, chest & all the other part. Even I don’t have got the orgasm I was happy. That was just a stating for us. The next day we did it 4 times with several orgasam,s. I will tell u about that next time. Send me your opinions & fantacy’s on my mail address which is