Massage leads to sex with Mom

Hi, my name is Deva, I am 26, and today I will narrate how things changed between my mom and me. It’s going to be exciting, so hold on and get ready for some sexy reading!

This happened when I was 23 and my mom was 48. My mom’s name is Rani. She is tall and a bit dusky. She is very busty with big boobs and an ass. She usually wears sarees. And my dad Raj is 52 and is a police officer. So he doesn’t have much time for us.

I was studying for government exams after finishing my engineering degree. My mom and I were in the house most of the time. I used to study late at night and sleep in the afternoon. I used to sleep in my parents’ room as their bed was softer than mine. My mom even used to finish her work and sleep next to me.

One day, my mom asked if I could massage her legs, which I refused. But she said her feet were hurting very much and asked, so I did it. And slowly, it became a habit for me to massage her feet.

After a few days, I didn’t know what had happened while massaging her legs. My evil mind wanted something more. I asked my mom if, “I should apply oil and massage your leg today so that your pain will be reduced soon.”

She agreed. I lifted her saree and petticoat to her knees, with which she was uncomfortable. So I pulled it a little below her knees, took the oil in my hand, and started massaging her feet. I slowly started sliding my hands inside her petticoat but only went to massage her calf muscles.

I wanted to be careful. I noticed she was enjoying it. I was applying pressure and giving her relief from her pain. Her expression was turning me on, but I kept myself very casual. After a while, I stopped.

The next day, she came to me and asked for an oil massage. I just pretended to say no and eventually agreed to her request. Like the previous day, I lifted her saree and petticoat, and her knees were still covered. I poured some oil on her legs and started massaging her.

I did it with passion and excitement. I was touching her toes and heels, and she was enjoying it. Slowly, I started moving upwards. I slid my palms down her calf muscles and almost to her knees. I sent a little higher with every stroke and finally touched her knees.

She let out a moan. I thought she would scold me, but she kept silent. And slowly, I started massaging her knees, and she enjoyed it. On the third day, the same happened, and I was more courageous today. I was massaging her toes, legs, and knees. I started pushing my hands even further inside. I was turned on.

I could start to feel her thighs. They were very soft and sexy. That day, I exposed her thighs, and her pink panties were visible. I could see they were wet but very far from touching them. And she told me to stop it. I was scared that she sensed my intentions.

I was still very horny and could sense a confused state in her voice. But later, for the next 3 days, she did not ask me to do it. I was very disappointed. It had been 4 days, and I pretended to be very casual, though I was missing the touch.

It was 6 in the evening, and she was sitting on the sofa watching her series. I stood behind her, and she noticed me and started complaining that her neck was hurting. Even before she asked, I put my palms on her neck, applied pressure with my thumb, and massaged her neck.

She was surprised but enjoyed the touch. She said, “I don’t know how you learned to massage so well.” I knew I was good at it and started touching her neck and shoulders. Her saree slid aside, and her red blouse made her look hot. I could see a bit of her cleavage.

I knew I was doing magic with my touch. I was touching her neck and shoulders. My hands were sliding into her blouse. She wanted to stop me, but she couldn’t. All she did was close her eyes and let my hands play. I noticed her expressions and my hands started moving in deeper every time.

I went in so deep that I could feel her bra. There was an electric shock in me, and I continued to massage. We both knew we had crossed her limits. And then, on the next stroke, I slid my hands into her bra and caressed her nipples. It was so hard. She said, “No!”

I whispered in her ears, “Mom, please,” and kissed her neck. Her saree fell off. I unhooked her blouse, took her boobs out of her bra, and massaged them again. I cupped her boobs in my palms. It was big and soft and so sexy. I bent down and kissed her boobs and sucked them.

She just closed her eyes and enjoyed it. I was playing with my mom’s boobs. I was squeezing her boobs and sucking her nipples. Then she asked me to stop as my dad might come anytime.

It was the next day. My heartbeat was so high I didn’t know if she would ask me for a neck massage or rub my legs. I was waiting for the afternoon. My mom even had a smile, yet we were both acting normally.

I did some studying in the morning. I couldn’t focus. Later, I had my lunch and went to bed. I was expecting her to come and lie down next to me.

Me: How is your neck pain, mummy?

Mom: It has almost gone.

Me: What about legs?

Mom: I was standing in the kitchen for hours, so it’s painful.

I said, “I will massage you, mummy. You don’t worry,” and I winked. I took the oil in my hand and started massaging her legs. I began at her feet and quickly slid my hands into her petticoat. I was massaging her from heels to knees. I was slowly moving even above her knees.

We both knew things were going differently. She said in a scared voice, “Please don’t do anything,” I said, “Mom, I love you.” I started massaging her thighs also, and I was moving further. I was very close to her pants. The tension was building up. Her thighs and pants were exposed.

I was massaging her inner thighs. I then touched her panties. Her body jerked, and I had an electric shock again. It was completely wet. She didn’t say anything. I insert my fingers into the panties, touching her pussy. I was so happy and surprised as I couldn’t feel my hair.

I tried to pull her pants down, and she resisted. I kissed her inner thighs, and she lost control. I took off her panties and saw a beautiful pussy that was completely shaved. It was so sexy and mouth-watering. I inserted two fingers and fingered her.

She wanted it, but she tried to push me. She did not have force. “It’s okay, mom, no one will ever know,” I said as I licked her pussy and grabbed her ass. It was super soft and sexy.

My face was buried in her pussy, and I licked it for 15 minutes. I took a moment to get naked, and I removed her dress. I was naked; she was wearing only a blouse and was naked on the bottom. She helped me move her blouse and bra.

I went on top of her and started sucking her boobs wildly. She tried to calm me down and let me get sucked in as much as I wanted. I said, “I love you, mummy,” and she laughed.

I then inserted my dick in her pussy and fucked her. It was so hot. Then we changed positions and fucked her doggy style.

I filled her pussy, and then we cuddled and slept till evening. The day was the best day of my life.