3rd Year Engineering Girl Fucked By Senior At Construction Site

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Now, here’s my new story. Well, it’s a real incident and not a story. Let’s begin.

This happened when I was in the 3rd year of my engineering. One day, while waiting for a bus, I was joined by one of my seniors who also lived in the same locality as me. I had seen him almost every day but never spoke to him. I had, however, caught him staring at me multiple times in 3 years. But I always ignored him as I never felt he was my type.

So, we boarded the bus. There were only 2 seats left and we ran to occupy them. My senior sat on the window seat and I, on the aisle seat.

As the bus kept moving toward our destination, it also kept stopping at many bus stops and people kept cramming in. A middle-aged man made his way to our seat and stood next to me holding the bar attached to my seat.

Like I said in my first story, I am horny most of the time and I am filthy as fuck! So, I was sitting thinking of the possibilities I could get fucked in a public toilet or in a moving local train.

Then, I suddenly felt something on my right boob, where my senior was seated! I looked down and was startled to see his hand trying to caress my boob! He was sitting with his hands folded, so no one could see him touching my boob. I did like it but was sort of nervous because the bus was jam-packed.

I pushed his hand away and asked him what he was up to. He said, “Please, let me do it, I am crazy about you, I know you like it too, just once”.

I was surprised because my senior looked very decent and studious. I had no clue he wanted me! I had seen him staring at me but thought it was random. The lust and passion in his eyes turned me on and I let him do it. I didn’t say anything. I just let him do it. I didn’t push his hand away.

My senior guy started fondling my boobs. My pussy got fully charged up. His touch sent shock waves through my body. I had my bag on my lap and I pulled it up and held it close so that no one could see him touching me.

To make it easier, I lifted my right hand and held the seat in front and opened my legs a bit wider. I was fucking loving it. Forbidden and risky things are always enjoyable! After a few minutes of fondling and squeezing my boobs, he touched my pussy over my pants and started rubbing it. I was moaning. I could not control myself!

Suddenly I felt something on my left shoulder and upper back. It was the middle-aged man standing next to me, rubbing his cock on my shoulder and looking somewhere else, pretending to be innocent! I was very charged and extremely horny, so I let him continue. It made me feel so filthy and sexy.

On the right, a guy was rubbing my pussy and on the left, another guy was rubbing his cock on my shoulder. Ahhh FUCK!! I came hard right there in the crowded bus and the pleasure was so high that I was shivering for a few minutes!

Then, we almost reached our college. I told my senior to stop rubbing my pussy. I whispered in his ear asking him how long his cock was. He said, “I never measured it, but it’s big, you’ll like it.”

I was determined to get fucked by my college senior, at all costs! I got a taste of the fun and wanted more of it.

So, I asked him to meet me at 2 pm the next Friday at an under-construction building in our campus which was far away from the rest of the buildings. I told him we would fuck each other only once. He agreed and we reached the college and went our ways.

Cut to Friday afternoon, it was nearing 2 pm and I reached the under construction building. He arrived in a few minutes. My heart was racing and pussy was dripping wet from the anticipation and excitement!

The moment my senior arrived, he started squeezing my boobs. I had a surprise for him, I had taken my bra off in the washroom before I reached the place. My big nipples were erect and rock hard.

I gently pushed him back a little, looked around to make sure there was no one and took off my top.

My naked breasts were hanging down like huge jackfruits. His face lit up immediately. He pounced on me but I pushed him behind and ordered him to lower his pant and underwear. He did it. His cock was already erect. It was around 7 inches long maybe. It was already hard!

I caught him by his cock and led him into a partially constructed room and shut the door. I made him sit on a cement platform and became fully naked. I jiggled my boobs for him. While jiggling my huge milk jugs, I was rubbing my pussy and spat on the floor. The lust in his eyes was increasing. I didn’t let him touch me.

Then I lied down on the ground in front of him. I opened my legs wide like a dirty prostitute and put my legs on the senior’s lap. I rubbed my pussy in front of him. His cock became erect as fuck! He couldn’t take it anymore and pounced on me again.

He first licked my fingers clean and was about to dive into my pussy. But I pushed him aside, stood up against the wall and lifted one leg up. I lifted up my hands to expose my armpits and told him to eat my wet pussy. He attacked it and ate it like a dog.

My leg was on his shoulder. I was moaning loudly like a roadside randi like, “Ahhhh ohhh ahhh..” I was yelling, “Yesss bastard aahhhhhh..”

His whole face was inside my big, fat pussy. His beard was poky and that gave me extra pleasure! I came in my senior’s mouth after a few minutes. He kept eating my pussy even after I came and I was wriggling.

My moans got louder and he told me to shut the fuck up! I came hard again and I begged him to stop. He finally stopped and left me shivering.

Now, it was my turn. I wanted his dick badly. I made him stand and sniffed his cock thoroughly first. I licked my senior’s balls and stuffed his dick inside my mouth and started gagging on it. I was rubbing my pussy with one hand and held his cock with the other hand. My heavy boobs were jiggling.

Then he stopped me and held my hair and while pulling my hair, started fucking my mouth. For a good 10 minutes, my senior fucked my mouth and came inside my mouth. Me being an obedient prostitute spat his cum on my boobs and pussy and ate it from there.

Then he made me sit on his lap and ate my boobs. He bit all over my boobs and nipples and sucked them very hard. It was painful as fuck! But I was loving it. I arched my back and enjoyed it. While sitting on his lap, I opened my pussy lips and started moving back and forth to rub my pussy on his dick.

I looked deep into his eyes while doing this and we shared a sloppy kiss. His cock became erect again and I begged him to fuck me. As I was already on his lap, I got up a little, inserted his cock inside my pussy and slid down on it.

The pain mixed with pleasure, the vulnerable feeling of sitting naked on a random guy’s lap with his dick stuffed inside my pussy was giving me such a high! I bounced up and down on his fat and hard dick and was moaning. My massive boobs were bouncing up and down, hitting his face.

He hugged me tightly and stuffed my nipple inside his mouth and was biting it wildly.

It was heavenly!!

Then I got off him, got in the doggy position and he inserted his dick from behind. He stroked me very hard like a mad animal. The pain was unbearable but it was ecstatic! I was moaning, so he stuffed my panty in my mouth.

My senior pulled my hair and fucked me till he came. My boobs were swinging and I was losing control of myself. I had to hold the wall tight.

He came on my ass and I rubbed it all over my ass and he licked my pussy to clean it. Then I licked his dick clean and kissed it too, as a token of gratitude for fucking me.

Then we got dressed and came out. We were relieved that no one saw us together there.

After that, we kept sexting each other and a few days later, he proposed to me, asking me to be his girlfriend, which I did not want. I felt sorry for him but I’m a slut and a slut cannot be tied down like that.

Then, we just remained friends and slowly lost contact. When a guy proposes, I move away gradually and it happened here as well. It still remains one of the most memorable fucks ever. Later, I found many more animals to fuck me and it’s still counting.

I will see you all next time. Stay wet until then, bye. Muahh.