A Juicy Sister-In-Law

Hi guys. It was hard to cope with my studies. I had a crazy fight with my girlfriend and a failure in my mid semester’s examination results. Let’s say my life which was going on a fairly nice road derailed into the void. I was having a hard time patching up with my girl as she had left town with her family for a few weeks.

I was feeling left out. I didn’t know what to do. I left for my brother’s home. My brother’s name is Rahul. He has been married to a beautiful and kind-hearted woman Shreya for the last 3 years. Suffice to say that things were not working out between them for the last few months.

I could hear them quarreling through the door each morning. I pushed into loneliness and the boredom of my vacation. I squeezed into my blanket many times to sleep it off. Shreya used to make me tasty food. I used to appreciate her kindness and her cooking skills.

She knew something was off. She could tell. One fine evening, while I enjoyed the rain, she brought me bhajis and tea. She made casual conversation. I didn’t know when I broke out. But I broke up into her arms weeping. Yes, it was my weakness. But then I realized her strength.

She was loving. She gave me the strength to hold on. The evening and night were as long as we both shared our problems. Her problems outweighed mine. She hadn’t had a proper life with her husband. I gave her a shoulder to lean on. I listened to her as she sobbed up. We both were in recovery.

As days moved on quarrels kept on constantly in the morning. With me and her getting closer during the rest of the day until her husband comes back. I could see a shine in her lips something I haven’t seen since her wedding days. Things were going well. We both started our relationship into a more open way.

As I used to crack the adult jokes, she used to crack them back. At once I unknowingly touched her boobs while I was explaining how the teacher talks. I apologized with the face of realization. She had a naughty smirk on her face and told it’s ok. Most of the fights with her husband were based on her job.

She had quit her job after marrying. As she was a grad student, she wanted to get back in the office rather than sit idly at home. She asked for my assistance in applying for new jobs. We used to search for a lot of new vacancy in and out internet. She used my laptop as for coverage of new areas even some online interviews.

Nothing seemed to stick. That was when Rahul was called back to the head office for a few days. He left in the assurance that I would be there. I could see her sobbing. She was on my shoulder telling me that he would have left even if I wasn’t there. She had known he was having an affair. I was enraged at him.

I mean tell me, friend. Your great friend having been cheated on by her husband. That too it made me hate my brother. I relaxed her up a bit and ensured her its all gonna be okay. Once I returned home, I could see her crying all night in bed. Truthfully it broke my heart to see that.

Next morning I brought her coffee in bed. Then we went out. I pushed her to a movie theatre. I could sense she enjoyed the movie. After some shopping, by the time we got back, I could see the shine back on her face. Then she hugged me and gave a peek on my cheeks telling she loved me for doing it.

After hugging me, I couldn’t let go. She moved away. I pulled her back into my arms and started to kiss her on her lips deeply. For a moment she was kissing me back. But not for long. She realized she was a married woman. She pushed me away. The following days were hard.

There was not much talk between us. She barely even looked up in my eyes. It was hard for me too. I apologized to her in the following nights. Even fell on her feet. She picked me up. Telling that she was sorry too if she gave me that kind of impression. She had been sexually frustrated.

She didn’t mean it to happen. My confession to her that I love her in between my apologies shook her. She never wanted any of it. Nothing was the same since that night. She cried with her hands on her mouth while leaning on the kitchen counter. I had to do something.

I went to her I took hold of her body. I turned her around as I put my hands around her. I ground both of her hands-on kitchen counters. I started to kiss her. She was trying to resist. As her body was circumventing to the heat of pleasure. I broke the kiss after a few minutes.

As I looked her in the eye and asked whether she didn’t want it. She replied to me. It’s not that she didn’t want it. Its that she wanted to settle a score with my brother. She was not sure whether it was right. I reassured her it was ok. I started to kiss her again. This time I felt less resistance from her.

As I left her hands. She unraveled around me. I again broke the kiss. As I looked her in the eyes I saw the lust and love had mixed in her eyes. We both unraveled each other. I raised her onto the kitchen counter and I kept on kissing her. I removed her dress. I kissed her more and started licking her neck and press over her bare boobs.

A few years back in my memories. I still remember in one of the nights I spent at their home. Some months into their marriage. Shreya used to moan wildly in bed and was riding him very well. I used to even hear them having sex in the afternoon on Sundays while I dozed off.

I moved my hands to her pussy started to finger her over panty and started to rub her pussy. I moved onto sucking her boobs while my hands did their job to make her feel cloud nine. I removed her panty and groaned. I bit her pussy lips and her skin and made her moan wildly.

While she was having a hard grip on the counter. I squeezed her pussy lips, clitoris and nipples hard enough for her moan loudly. Gasping for air in a lusty way through the room. I then took her boobs and started to wildly fondle them. She was enjoying it.

While my fingers entered her pussy, her pussy insides were already wet and tight. I went down to suck it dry. I sucked her pussy and fingered her to stimulate her g- spot. While I felt the shiver I fingered her even more till she saw heaven.

I raised myself to suck her nipples and biting both of them and rubbing them with my tongue. Soon she came in her own kitchen. I then took my stick and pushed it slowly into her pussy and carried her to the dining table. There I gave a tight push.

As she gasped she whispered in my ear she wanted to do it around the house. I then took her to the sofa. Where she sat on my dick and started to move her hips. She started to ride me then and I started to spank her ass and I took both her boobs in hand and sucked them together.

I mashed them together and fingered her asshole. I increased the speed. Her pussy was tight from not being stretched enough in the last few months. I knew from her gasps of air and her slight moans she was getting deep. She continued to ride for 15-20 minutes and I came inside her.

After a few minutes of rest, I took her to the balcony. I sucked her out her pussy and made her cum in the sunlight. Later vigorous sex in a hot shower followed. We were fucking like rabbits.

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