A Shimoga Girl’s Hot Night Bus Journey

Hello everyone. This is Ankita, a 21-year-old girl from a strict traditional family who had come to Bangalore to search for a job and I would be narrating to you the story of my journey from Bangalore to Shimoga in a sleeper bus that took place during the pandemic.

This incident took place on April 26th night 2021, when the Karnataka Govt suddenly announced that there would be a lockdown imposed from April 27th for the next 14-days. Since I was staying temporarily with my relatives in Bangalore, I decided it would be better if I leave Bangalore and go to my native (Shimoga), as my parents lived there.

I opened the KSRTC app to book my ticket for the night sleeper bus. For those of you who are not aware, the distance between Bangalore to Shimoga is roughly around 300kms and takes around 7-hours to travel.

After booking the ticket in the app, I got an error but the amount was deducted from my bank. Hence, I thought my ticket must have been booked since the amount was already deducted and I didn’t bother about it.

I reached the Bangalore bus stand around 11.00 pm and my bus was scheduled to leave at 11.30 pm. I had not received the M-Ticket so I went to the conductor and informed him that my money had already been deducted from my bank but I didn’t get the ticket.

The conductor said that the sleeper has been booked for another person and my transaction had failed. Any amount deducted will be refunded to my source account within 3 days.

There were a lot of people who wanted to travel and very few buses to accommodate. Hence, I requested the conductor to please adjust me somewhere as I cannot go back now.

I was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. The conductor scanned me from top to bottom and maybe he felt a little bit compassionate towards me or horny, he said okay.

He gave me the last double-sleeper and told me that he will adjust some lady to sleep beside me up to Tumkur which is like 2 hours from Bangalore. But after that, another male passenger might come and I am supposed to inform the conductor so that he will try to adjust him somewhere else.

I was happy that finally I could somehow reach my native and agreed to everything the conductor said. Another lady, whose seat was supposed to be on the front, was made to come on the backside to sleep beside me and the male passenger was sent to her place. Thankfully, she agreed as it was just a 2-hour journey for her.

The bus started to move and since there was a female passenger beside me, I had no worries and I gradually fell asleep.

The bus stopped at Tumkur around 2.00 am and I was still sleeping. The lady who was beside me got down and another male passenger boarded the bus. The conductor forgot to tell him not to sleep beside me and even I forgot to approach the conductor as I was in deep sleep.

This male passenger didn’t know that two people of opposite genders aren’t supposed to sleep beside each other in the sleeper bus unless they know each other or are related.

I woke up around 3:30 am to drink some water and when I turned around, I was shocked to see a male passenger. I didn’t know what to do as his eyes were closed. I thought, anyways just a few more hours left for the journey to end and hence just drank the water and slept back.

But, while sleeping again, I just felt like he had slightly opened his eyes and was checking me out. I thought it might be my imagination and slept.

Soon after 10 minutes, I could feel his feet touching mine. Although there was a blanket given by the bus, it was very small in size and I couldn’t cover my body completely.

After touching my feet, he came close by and I could feel his breath on the back of my hair. I was facing the window and he was facing me. I thought he was doing it on purpose and hence decided to teach him a lesson.

I immediately pushed my head back with force while his face was close by and my head hit his nose. He said, “ouch” in pain. Even though I was smiling and happy for what I had done, I just wondered, it would be better if I turn towards him and have a look at his face to see what I had done because I did hit him really hard.

When I saw his face, I was horrified. His nose was bleeding and it was all due to my fault. I broke my silence and apologized to him. I opened my bag and gave him some water to drink and told him to sleep looking upwards so that the bleeding stops. I applied pressure with a handkerchief and told him to stay still in that posture.

While I was doing that, his eyes were locked on my cleavage instead of my face! The guy looked like he was in his early 30s and from a lower-class family. After this, I started to have a small talk with him in a low voice so that others couldn’t hear us.

The lights were already switched off so it was completely dark everywhere. I asked his name and he said ‘Harish’.

Me: Nice name. I’m really sorry for what happened and I want you to know that it was not intentional.

Harish: It’s okay. Actually, I didn’t know that there was a female passenger beside me because you had covered your face fully with a blanket. When you woke up to drink water, I could barely look at your face in the dark. So, just to see whether you’re a man or a woman, I tried to come close but you hit my nose. Anyways, what’s your name?

Me: I’m Ankita. I am traveling back to my native because there is going to be a lockdown from tomorrow and I hate to stay with relatives for such a long time. Now, I will sleep. If you need anything, please wake me up.

After ending the above conversation, I faced the window and slept again like before. But, I started to get pain near my neck as I was continuously facing just one side and I wanted to face the other side.

But, facing a stranger guy was a bit weird for me. So, I closed my eyes first and then turned towards him without having to look at him. I couldn’t get sleep as his nose kept on making sounds due to my mistake.

After an hour or so, I felt his feet touching mine again. This time, I wanted to see how far he would go because I was already feeling guilty for hurting him last time. I acted like I was deeply asleep.

Once he realized that I wasn’t moving my feet away when he touched, he moved near my upper body and started to smell me like how a dog sniffs at the bone.

My co-passenger took at least 5-10 minutes to observe whether I was really asleep or not. After he was convinced, he started his naughty play.

The first thing he did was, he brought his fingers near my lips and very softly and gently touched them. After that, he came closer and gently touched his lip to my lip by slightly making a tongue entry as there was a tiny gap opening between my lips.

Then, he proceeded to my boobs. As I was wearing a t-shirt, there were no buttons to open. He just tried to touch and feel them from outside the t-shirt and was struggling to find a way inside. Since I knew what he was up to, I turned towards the window, playing hard to get.

He got scared when I turned away thinking I might wake up. I knew he was scared so I just tried to adjust the blanket in such a way that he could clearly view my jeans.

I thought he would go after my ass but to my surprise, he was touching my hand instead which was near my ass. I wondered, was there any fetish for a girl’s hand too just like there is for feet. Only after a few seconds did I realize that it wasn’t his hand that was touching my hand but it was his erected dick!

He was trying to get a handjob from me thinking I was asleep!! Feeling a stranger’s dick on my hands made me horny as I wasn’t even getting sleep.

I locked my hands wrapping his dick head. He tried to pull it away but I didn’t let it go. By this time he understood that I wasn’t asleep, he whispered in my ears, “Do you like it so much that you have to hold it so tightly?”

He planted a kiss on my cheeks to which I smiled and faced him with open eyes. He planted a deep sensual kiss on my lips by sucking all the saliva from my mouth. He was an expert in shoving his tongue inside my mouth and exploring all the corners.

He then came on top of me with his dick which was already out of his pants. He removed my t-shirt, fixed his dick inside my bra, and started to stroke up and down. I was amazed and curious to see how his dick was sliding in and out of my bra.

Whenever I’m curious I slightly open my mouth with excitement. Seeing my mouth slightly opened, while sliding his dick, he slid it up to my mouth and the tip of his dick touched my lower lip which felt yummy.

Looking at my lusty eyes, he started to tap his dick on my lips. I didn’t want to take a stranger’s dick in my mouth, that too in a pandemic situation like this. So, I kept my mouth shut. He requested me, “Please open your mouth, dear.” I nodded, no.

He said okay and just rubbed his dick on my sweet pink lips like lipstick. After a few seconds, I wasn’t able to control it and I opened my mouth slightly. Seeing that, he immediately shoved it in and I was shocked with my eyes wide open.

My co-passenger guy then fucked my mouth nicely and I started to love it. His manhood was reaching down my throat and I never knew I would be such an expert in deepthroat.

With my hand, I took one of his hands and guided him gently to my pant zip. He got the signal and unzipped my pants and pulled it down. He was shocked to see that my panty was almost wet. He removed it immediately to have a peek at my pussy.

As soon as he saw my pussy, he started to get hornier and increased the speed of shoving his dick in my mouth. Within a few seconds, he came inside my mouth. It felt salty and sour but I drank it all up.

He then started to work on my pussy by kissing it softly and then proceeding to lick it to which I let out a soft moan. After that, he started to put his finger inside and feel the wetness. I was unable to control them and held his head by his hair and started to rub on my pussy.

He started to bite my pussy lips with his teeth and I started to make moaning sounds. He shoved the finger which he had inserted in my pussy to my mouth and stopped me from moaning. I had my first orgasm right there in the moving bus.

We both saw the time and he said after 30 minutes, he had to get down at his village. I told him, “You can do one more round if you like.” He said okay and this time, he played with my boobs.

He squeezed my left boob while sucking my right boob and then started to bite my nipples. By this act, his dick got erected again and without wasting any time, he spat all over his dick head and also spit on my pussy. He spread my legs wide and started to tap his dick on my pussy before making an entry.

I was begging him to insert as he was teasing me. Then suddenly he pushed it all at once. I moaned deeply and he covered my mouth with his hand. After that, he fucked me in missionary position for 3-4 minutes. Each and every stroke felt like he was reaching deep down inside my womb.

While getting fucked in the sleeper bus, I looked at his face. He was like a beast. I got turned on by this lower-class boy who had such great stamina and teased him with my tongue out.

Seeing that, he increased his fucking speed and started to suck my tongue while fucking me. We were like wild animals making out and finally, he put his cum deep inside me. I even reached my second orgasm which was bigger than the first.

Once he took his dick out, it was still covered with some cum and I licked it up real nice and made it clean. Even he helped me wear my panties and jeans back.

After that, his village came, and he got down. But my mouth and pussy were both having the smell of his cum. I drank some water and slept before I reached my town. I couldn’t walk after the fuck session I had so decided to get an auto and reached my home.

I fingered thrice that day just by imagining what had happened the previous night with a stranger in the sleeper bus.

If you liked my story, please comment and also give some feedback as this is my first story. I would like to know where I can improve and give you the best versions of my upcoming stories.