AC Installation That Didn’t Happen – Part 4

Urvashi opened the door and darted into the apartment. It was a big 2100 sq ft apartment. The door opened to the big living room.

On the right side while entering was the wall-mounted TV unit and sound system. On the left side was a leather lounger and heavy stylish wooden table. There was a huge wall art sticker of natural scenery along with side floor lamps. A little bit inside was a beautiful setting of coffee table with four urban and modern chairs.

There was opening on the right side with 2 guest rooms opposite to each other. Beyond the coffee table, there were 2 huge sliding doors that opened to a big balcony. With the open kitchen adjacent to the balcony doors, a master bedroom was attached to it.

Urvashi’s plan was to cross the living room as fast as possible, get into the master bedroom and put on the shawl before changing into her regular clothes. She was pretty confident about it.

She rushed into the living room, crossed her sitting area and turned for a second to tell the men to wait for a moment in the living room.

That second did cost her so huge which she realized much later. The moment she turned, she missed the coffee table and since she was rushing, she hit the chair, lost her balance and hit her head to the side of the coffee table.

Urvashi woke up with the sound of drilling and chatter of men. Suddenly everything replayed in her head and with a racing heart, she sat up with a jerk realizing where she was and what was happening in her house.

She looked around and knew that she was in her guest bedroom. A sheet was put over her. She immediately removed the sheet and with the fear of worst assessed herself. Her clothes were intact, didn’t look like anything was forced. She was also feeling all normal down there which means nobody touched her there.

She got up and looked herself in the mirror. Even her lipstick was intact but her head was paining a bit. She drew a breath of relief and went outside the room.

The noise was coming from the master bedroom. She went inside only to find 3 men working on the AC installation. She felt glad and relieved at the same time. Bunty was on the ladder, drilling in the wall while Subbarao was holding the ladder and Gajendra was working on the fittings.

“Excuse me Mr. Rao”, Urvashi said. All 3 of them turned towards her. “Oh madam, you woke up. You fell really bad and got unconscious. We didn’t know what to do, so we made you lie down in one of the rooms and started our work here. Hope you don’t mind.” Subbarao said with a smile.

“No no, not at all. In fact, good you did. How can I thank you all for this”.

“You will get a chance to thank us properly”, Bunty said. A little perplexed, Urvashi asked, “What do you mean?”

“Nothing, madam, this guy just blabbers. You please come with me and rest. We will finish our job”, said Subbarao hurriedly.

“That’s fine, Mr. Rao, I will just grab some of my clothes and go,” Urvashi said, still looking at Bunty who in his sweat was looking even more dangerous.

“No worries, madam”. Before Urvashi could have said anything, Subbarao quickly opened here cabinet and pulled her nightgown in a fraction of second.

Urvashi was aghast and about to yell on Rao when Bunty got down from the ladder and pulled her outside to the room where she was lying down.

Urvashi was surprised but it looked like it wasn’t enough for Bunty. He was in a different trance altogether. He pushed her on to the bed. Her ‘halkat jawani’ saree which was worn short pulled up to her thighs and her veil which anyways was doing nothing to hide her assets got thrown away.

The view of her lying down with saree pulled up to her thighs, big heaving bosoms trapped in her black sleeveless blouse, blue set of bangles, her devil red lips and bindi was enough to drive anyone crazy. The same was happening with Bunty too.

Meanwhile, Subbarao and Gajendra came running into the room.

“Madam, please calm down, please. Here have a glass of water”. Subbarao threw Bunty outside the room and offered her water which Urvashi gulped down immediately. Her throat got dry because of this high voltage drama. Her breathing was out of control.

Subbarao tried to calm her down. He realized that Urvashi was coming back to her normal state.

“I want to show you something but for that, you need to behave like a good girl. Can you behave Urvashi?” His tone was also authoritative.

“Tell me, Urvashi”. Urvashi’s heart was racing. She looked around. Now Gajendra was staying a bit close to her.

“What is it you want to show ?” Urvashi demanded.

“I still don’t like your tone but we will work on that”, Subbarao said and gave Gajendra a nod. Gajendra now sat close to her.

“I think I should show this to you now to get you to speed”.

Urvashi got baffled when Subbarao opened her phone with his fingerprint and opened the photo gallery. He opened the first picture and showed it to Urvashi. It showed Urvashi lying down in the bed, her eyes closed while Bunty pressing her boobs and kissing on her neck. Urvashi couldn’t believe her eyes. Subbarao smiled and swiped.

In the next picture, Bunty pulled her saree up to her waist and was kissing on her navel. Her face was turned in such a way that it looked like she is enjoying this.

Subbarao swiped again. In the next one, Urvashi was lying on her stomach, her saree again all bunched up to her waist. Subbarao and Gajendra’s faces dug in her butt cheeks.

There were around 10 more photos like this where it looked like both Bunty and Urvashi were enjoying each other. The last picture totally blew Urvashi’s mind.

Bunty was standing all nude between her spread out legs, her saree all bunched up, Subbarao kissing her left bosom while pressing the right one. It looked like Bunty was fucking her while she was enjoying the fuck and boob press at the same time.

Urvashi was all stunned. She wanted to say something but the voice didn’t come out of her throat. Subbarao sensed her shock and made her sit against the bedrest.

“Let me explain this to you, madam”. Subbarao grinned sheepishly.

“Nothing has happed with you, yet. While you were unconscious, we put you in all these poses and clicked the pictures.

This last one looks so real, isn’t it? Looks like Bunty is really fucking you and you are enjoying. Only the real part in this picture is where I am enjoying your boobs. Your boobs are so tight, madam. I really enjoyed the photoshoot”. Subbarao laughed.

It all started sinking in. Urvashi knew at that moment that she was in great trouble.

“What do you want? I have some cash in the house plus I can withdraw some money from the bank for you. If you leave now, by tomorrow you can have a good amount of money.” Urvashi said in a low voice.

“Shehh..who wants the money, madam. We just want to enjoy a bit with you, do our work and leave, simple”, Subbarao said.

“What you mean by that?” Urvashi asked, her voice shaking.

“Simple. Such a tight item you are. The moment we saw you, that too in this hot dress, our juniors are dying to fuck you.” Bunty interjected blatantly.

“Bunty, behave. Is this the way to talk to our customer?” Subbarao mocked and turned to Urvashi.

“And what if I don’t do what you guys want me to do?” in a frightened but brave tone Urvashi asked.

“See madam, it was easy to unlock your phone using your fingerprint and then add my fingerprint as well. If you want, using your WhatsApp only, I can share these pictures with all your contacts, what say?” Subbarao cunningly said.

Just a mere thought of sharing these pictures with her colleagues, friends, boss, husband and family members gave her goosebumps. Her career, marital life, social status will be all over.

“OK, I will do whatever you want”. Urvashi said.

To be continued.