Adventure Of A Cheating Wife – Part 3

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So Ashwin was pressing his dick against my pussy and making me go crazy. He was chewing my lips like a mad dog. He was pressing my boobs like they wanted to be pressed. I held his dick and put it exactly where I wanted and, from my eyes, begged him to push it.

And he obliged by pushing a hard thrust. Almost half of the dick was inside, and I gasped with pleasure by opening my mouth more. He took advantage and pulled my tongue. He started sucking it and holding it in the same pose. We were madly enjoying the feeling.

He gave a thrust more, and it was full in. The enjoyment and excitement were clearly visible on my face. I was dying for that, and he made my wish come true. He keeps it inside for a while. Now he breaks the kiss to hold my legs apart and starts moving the dick in and out with strong jerks.

My boobs were also moving up and down, and my whole body was in complete control of him. He was making me yell with pleasure. This was the feeling I was waiting for. My purpose to visit Pune has started to come true. ‘Oh my god!’ were the words I was yelling at every jerk.

He was getting crazy by my moans. The speed was increasing with every shot, and my feelings were that it should keep going on. Nobody should come between us and stop this moment. He now bent and kept fucking me hard, and our lips met again.

My hands were feeling his back, and his hands were moving in my hair. Every jerk was making me crazy. We were kissing hard. I was not able to breathe as his lips were not living mine. But I was his bitch today, and I didn’t want him to stop for anything he wanted to do to me.

His shots were at full speed, and his lips were sucking mine like a crazy man who got his bitch in control. He was on the verge of cumming. I had already cum 2-3 times till then. He broke the kiss, and I felt like taking a lot of air, gasping for it. His focus was now to fuck me hard.

With every shot, his sperm flows inside my pussy. He keeps cumming, and I can feel hot, warm jets inside me. It was a feeling of deep satisfaction. He fell on me, dick still inside me. He was holding my boobs, feeling the erect nipples. We both were breathing heavily by this extreme session of sex.

We were in the arms of each other. His dick got soft, and it came out. We slept like that, only nude bodies touching each other with legs intertwined and lips touching lips. We slept like that for an hour.

I woke up as Ashwin was sucking my pussy again. It is a dream of women to wake up like I am waking up and my dream is coming true. He kept on sucking, and my whole naked body was moving with pleasure. He made me cum so hard with his sucking that I never imagined I could have so much.

My whole body was trembling with cum, and he came over and hugged me till I was normal. He kissed me and said, “I hope you like it.” I said, “I love it.” He asked me to dress up as he was taking me for dinner. He asked me to wear something sexy.

He went for a bath, and I was still lying naked, thinking what to wear. He called me from the bathroom and asked me to come. I knocked on the door and asked him what had happened. He opened it and pulled me inside. I got wet due to the shower was running. He pushed me down on my knees.

I knew what he wanted. I held his dick and moved the skin back so that the pink top was fully visible. I licked it with my tongue and was moving all over his dick head. But he wanted it to make fast. So he pushed my head, and it went full in, but this time he didn’t leave it.

He was hard pressing it, and it was till my throat. I was gasping for air, and water was making it more hard for me. He saw me and released it a little bit, but this was just for a moment. He was now fucking my mouth like he fucked my pussy and slapping my face in between.

He was treating me like his bitch, but I don’t know why I loved what he was doing to me. My hubby never made me feel like this. I was happy that I made my life’s best decision. He fucked my mouth for some time, and now he wanted to cum on my face.

He removed the dick and sprayed cum on my face. Oh my god, it was a lot. I wasn’t able to open my eyes. My full face was covered by his thick cum. I was feeling like a porn star. He really made me one today. He sprayed some water on my face to let me clean it.

We bathed together, rubbing and cleaning each other’s bodies. It was a hell of a bath, but he didn’t fuck me there. I don’t know why. But I don’t want to do anything which he doesn’t like, so I keep going with the flow. We came out in a towel and started dressing.

I chose a dress. It was black with a low, deep neck, backless, thin straps on the shoulder, knee length, black bra and black panty. I put on dark pink lipstick and put on high heels, and sandals to match the dress. A necklace and my handbag, my hair tie with a buckle.

I asked Ashwin how I looked. He came near me and removed the buckle from my hair so it got opened. He bent and removed my panty without asking me. I follow his leads and let him. Now he said let’s go. I didn’t want to go out without panties.

But I didn’t want to displease him, so I went with the flow. He held my hands, and we went for dinner. It was a candlelight arrangement and a very nice place to have a romantic dinner. He was treating me like his wife very romantically. He was touching me, kissing me like a newly married couple.

It was amazing. I just wanted him to return his amazing dinner by doing something awesome for him at night. I was planning everything in my mind. After dinner was over, I asked him to wait and come after half an hour as there was some surprise for him.

I planned to dress like it was my wedding night and started getting dressed like a bride. I took a bath, wore a red saree lehenga, wore jewellery and applied beautiful makeup. I was also happy to see myself as I was looking beautiful. I was waiting for the expression of Ashwin when he saw me.

I sat on the bed and pulled down the ghoonghat. I switched off the lights and sat on the bed like a dulhan. I wished the room decoration I could have done, but time was not with me. So I called him to come.

I was waiting for him to come, but this wait was seemingly longer for me. I never thought I would be a dulhan for anyone other than my hubby. But here I am bride of my other hubby, waiting for my suhagraat.

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