After getting Groped on a Bus – Part 2

Two weeks have gone by after that incident on the bus. I was having regrets for what I did. I sucked a stranger’s cock and swallowed his cum. I felt so good, but still, he was a stranger. I felt used, but I liked it.

I was having mixed thoughts. When I was horny, I felt like sucking his cock. I also thought about the incident that happened to me on the bus to masturbate. But when I was done, I also had regrets.

Then, one Friday arrived. My mom asked me to go to grandma’s house and stay there for Saturday and Sunday and to come back on Sunday evening. I felt good as well as hesitant. I thought for an hour or so whether to go or not.

Then I decided to go for it. The last bus arrived, and it was crowded as usual. I got in somehow, and I could stand on the stairs as usual. Nothing happened till the other bus stand where usually everyone gets down.

I got down for everyone to get off the bus. When the bus was nearly empty, I got in to sit in the same place I sat last time. The bus was nearly empty after this bus stand most of the time. Only a few people wanted to go that route.

Just when I got in, someone followed me and sat near me. I looked at him, and it was the same guy. “I thought it was you! Glad I met you again. Do you remember me?”

He was on the bus but way inside. That’s why I couldn’t see him earlier. I felt happy that I saw him again. A lot of thoughts came into my mind, and I said, “Yeah, I remember. Hi.”

“Where were you last week? You usually come every Friday, right?”

“How do you know that!” I exclaimed.

“I’ve been watching you and sometimes groping you too. I have been watching and touching you for a year, baby. I thought you knew me by then.”

I have been groped by people, but I didn’t know it was the same person. There was something similar about the people who groped me. I loved every time I got groped.

“I didn’t know it was you. I enjoy getting groped. But I wasn’t actually into men, so I never looked at their faces.” He looked at me in confusion when I said this. After a silence, he said, “Anyways, I’ve been liking you for a year now.” He touched my thigh while saying that.

That was an instant erection for me, and he noticed it. “There is proof that you like me too.” He wasn’t wrong. He moved my track pants down by untying the lace, and my cock slapped my belly in force. He grabbed it and bent down to suck it.

I was on cloud nine and wasn’t even looking at what he was doing. I looked straight forward and felt his tongue on the tip of my cock. Then his lips touched my tip. Then again, his mouth took my entire cock length. I could feel my cock going deep into his mouth. I felt my cock was small because of it.

My cock was building up the pleasure, and he stopped sucking in between. He took my hand again and placed it over his dhoti. I could feel his flaccid cock. This time, I got courage somehow and looked at it.

Covered with dhoti, I moved the dhoti away from his cock. Saw it. The cock was the thickest one, even when it was flaccid. Mine was nothing compared to his.

I wanted to compare mine with him by standing face to face. But I can’t do that on this bus. Still, I grabbed his cock and mine together. Mine was as hard as it can get and still thinner than his flaccid cock. He understood what I was doing.

He asked me. “Are you comparing your cock to mine?” I got shy and said, “Yeah, yours is so big even when it is so hard.” Its flaccid length was nearly similar to mine when it was hard. I don’t know how to measure it or anything.

I had a regret before, and now it seems like that regret is long gone. He said, “Suck it and make it hard. Let’s compare my hard cock with yours too.” I looked at him, and he nodded. I looked around and made sure no one would notice.

I bent down and took his cock in my mouth, and sucked. I liked what I was doing as his cock started getting hard. I sucked him good, feeling his cock grow inside my mouth. His cock grew harder and harder.

It was hard for me to accommodate his whole cock in my mouth. I could only get half of his cock in now. I could feel his skin moving up and down, revealing his cock head to my mouth. I thought it was time to compare my cock with his.

I took out the cock and grabbed his cock and mine. I could understand how thick it was after that. It was thick and long. My hand was not enough. It was twice the size of my cock I guessed. I grabbed his cock with two hands. I was shocked that I needed two more hands to grab his cock fully.

I imagined how it would be if he fucked me, and I gulped. “Did you like it?” He asked me. “Yeah, it … seems it… it is very big.” He laughed and said, “Now suck it and drink the cum again.”

I obeyed him and didn’t even look around before bending. I sucked his cock so hard. My mind was fully realizing that this cock was not going fully inside my mouth, even when I took it so deep.

Also, realizing that my ass would be so wide after he fucks me. So many thoughts went through my mind while sucking him. He finally shot his load into my mouth.