After getting Groped on a Bus – Part 3

He had a lot of stamina, I assumed, taking a lot of time to cum. I waited for his cock to fully unload his cum into my mouth while swallowing the cum that was pulsing out every few seconds. It was a lot of cum I could tell.

My stop was about to reach. “One day, would you come to my home?” He asked. I was stunned by his question, and I was too frozen to speak. He understood that I have insecurity regarding this.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take you to my house. Tell me when you have free time or school holidays.” I didn’t know how or what to say. “Okay, at least give me your number. Think about what I said and tell me when I message you.” I didn’t have time to think as my stop was up. So I gave him my number and got down.

When I got down, I felt so dumb to give a stranger my phone number and that too on these kinds of matters. I walked towards my grandma’s home. While walking, I got his message. “Hi, this is Sathish. Save this number. Think about what I asked and tell me when you can be out of your house.”

I didn’t reply to his message, and I didn’t save his number either. I thought about this, and I wanted to go with him for some reason. Whenever I thought about him, my cock was so hard. So I decided to go the next day. I messaged him back. “I can come at around 9 am. Where should I come?”

He didn’t reply at the moment, but he didn’t give me time to rethink either. “I will pick you up in my car. Same stop where you got down.” I was so excited to know what would happen there. I couldn’t sleep for the most part, thinking about the fun I was going to have with him.

I drifted off to sleep and woke up around 6 am. I finished all my work and told Grandma that I would be going out with a friend. “I will reach there in 15 minutes,” he messaged. I reached the stop at around 9:05. And there was a car parked there opposite the stop, and to confirm I messaged him.

As the stop was deserted, not many vehicles passed by. “I’m at the stop. Where are you?” He read the message. And the car door opened and he invited me in. I crossed the road and got into the passenger seat. He took a U-turn and drove forward.

He talked about random stuff about his work and how his home is free as his family is at another house. He has multiple houses. Even though I was hearing everything, I was excited about what would happen. My cock was already hard.

He asked about me, and I replied with one-word answers or short answers. He must have understood that I was tense. He held his hand on my thigh and comforted me by saying, “It’s okay. Don’t worry, I will take care of you.”

That did make me feel safe. And also, my cock was hard. He knew that and just touched it from above. “Oh, he is ready already?” He asked, and I smiled. After some time, he took a left from the main road, and after some minutes, he stopped.

“This is my house. Let me open the gate,” pointing at the big gate, he went out and opened the gate. I saw a big house inside and knew that he was rich. He got back in the car and drove me into the garage. I got out of the car and followed him into the house.

He told me to sit on the living room sofa and went inside. I was tense and also excited at the same time. He brought some snacks and juice and placed them on the coffee table. He asked me to have some. I hesitated like a girl and said no. He insisted on having it, and I did.

After some time, he came and sat next to me. He put his hand on my shoulder and hugged me from the side. “Are you comfortable, baby?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Also, it feels like there is no connection between us when you just say ‘yes’, you know? So you can call me Daddy.”

“Okay,” I whispered again.

“What did I just say to you? Say, ‘Okay, Daddy’.”

I was hesitant, but at last, I said, “Okay, daddy.”

“Good boy,” he started hugging me from the side and slowly made me lean towards him. By the time I was aware, he was already near my lips. He slowly made my chin up, and I looked at him. He was looking hungrily at my lips. He kissed me all of a sudden and sucked my lips.

It felt so good, and I felt like a small girl inside a heavy man’s arms. I liked the way I felt. I felt safe. I felt lost somewhere when I kissed him. He broke the kiss after who knows how long. It took some time for me to open my eyes as I was still in that ecstasy.

When I opened my eyes, he was there looking at me like a hungry dog. While biting his teeth, he said, “Say ‘I love you, daddy’.”

“Love you, Daddy!”

“Say it again.”

“Love you, Daddy.”


“I love you, daddy.”

He removed my T-shirt. He pressed my nipples one by one and came near it. Made me lie down on the sofa slowly while kissing the nipple. He sucked my nipples slowly and gently, and I was feeling something that I never felt from my nipples.

He went down my body, and it didn’t take much effort for him to remove my track pants. He threw my dress somewhere and started feeling my body from top to bottom.

He sucked my underarms. Even though I felt a little awkward, it also felt good. He sucked my navel and pinched my nipples. I let out a moan, and that’s when I understood that I moan like a girl. He started sucking my inner thighs and sides of my balls.

I never thought that I would be feeling so much aroused by all this. For me, sex was just cockplay, sucking and fucking. But he unlocked a part of me which enjoyed all this like a girl. I think he unlocked the girl inside of me that day. He also called me baby. I was slowly transforming into his girl.

He grabbed my cock. It was rock hard and dripping precum. He licked the precum out of my cock and my belly. He slowly sucked my cock, which gave me the biggest pleasure that I ever got from the bus. He was sucking it with his tongue and mouth in such a way that I was breathing heavily.