Amar Akbar Antony and their Wives – Part 3

This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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We saw how Amar and his Wife Aarti plan their honeymoon to the Maldives in the previous part. Amar met Akbar and Antony in the Maldives. Amar learns about the amazing sex life of Antony and Ashley and wants to join them.

Then, Amar convinces Aarti to their wife swap, and he convinces Alia to enjoy sex. Then, he helps Alia have the best sex of her life.

As I entered our room, Aarti had a shower in the bathroom. I got undressed and slowly sneaked into the shower. She was facing the other way. I went closer to her and started kissing her on the back. She shivered and turned around. She looked at me furiously.

Aarti: You bastard. You scared me.

Me: So how was it, my love? Did you enjoy it?

Aarti: Umm.

I was helping Aarti apply soap to her body and clean herself.

Me: Come on. You need to be honest.

Aarti: Alright. It was good. I liked it.

Me: Umm. Was he better than me?

Aarti: It’s not like that. Both of you are good in your ways. He has his style, and you have yours.

Me: That’s good to know. I want to learn and get even better. Tell me more.

Aarti: Umm. When you do it, you make me feel like a princess. Handle me delicately and graciously. But he made me feel like a boss. He made me dominate, and it was rough. So it was a new and crazy experience.

Me: I am happy that you enjoyed it. I need to learn a lot of stuff from him then. I am glad it was Antony and not Akbar. Otherwise, you would have killed me.

Aarti: Why?

Me: He is a very handsome guy, but apparently, he is not that great in bed. Alia wasn’t very happy. He is more about his needs than satisfying his woman.

Aarti: Oh. That’s bad. I am sure Alia must have loved it with you then. Even you were lusting after her from the minute you saw her. So I am guessing you had a great time too.

Me: Yes. It was amazing. But you will have to do me a favor.

Aarti: Favour? I already fucked a stranger just because you wanted to fuck some woman. And you need more favors?

Me: And you enjoyed it as much as I did. So that’s for that. So, when you spend tonight with Akbar, Can you teach him how to satisfy a woman?

Aarti: What do you mean to spend a night with Akbar?

Me: I fucked Alia. So I am pretty sure Akbar wants to fuck you too. And I want to fuck Ashely. So we can’t break the chain halfway, right?
Aarti: But you said only once.

Me: Yes. I said I would never bother you again if you dint like it. But you loved it. And I still have to fulfill my fantasy of an orgy. So…

Aarti: So you want me to become a slut. You bastard. Alright. I know you will convince me anyway. So no point arguing.

Me: That’s like my sweet darling. I love you so much. The best wife one could ask for.

Aarti: Now stop buttering me.

We then washed each other well. I sucked and played with her tits for a while. Then, we got ready and went to the restaurant for breakfast.

Later, Akbar and Antony met.

Me: I am glad we decided to swap partners. I had a lovely time with Alia last night.

Antony: Me too. Your wife was one hell of a woman. And she has amazing tits too.

Akbar: Yeah. Even Ashely was amazing. She showed me a new angle on sex.

Antony: haha. She does that. I hope you enjoyed it.

Akbar: I did.

Me: That sounds interesting. I can’t wait to be with Ashely tonight. So the plan is the same but different rooms this time. Right?

They nodded in agreement. We spent the rest of the day again on the beach and playing sports. I was eagerly waiting for the night. At sharp 8 in the night, I rushed towards Ashley’s room. The door was open. So I went in. I was stunned to see her.

She was wearing a leather bra and leather shorts over a netted legging. She dressed up as a woman in those BDSM videos. It was then I connected the dots. What Aarti meant by her dominating and Akbar meant by a new angle on sex.

Ashley: I have been waiting for you. I have heard you have been a very naughty boy.

Me: What do you mean?

Ashley: You will address me as Madam.

Me: Ok, Madam.

Ashley: I saw you were gawking at me on the boat and then on the beach.

Me: Sorry, Madam. You looked so sexy in the bikini that I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.

Ashley: You will have to be punished for it then.

Me: As you say, Madam.

Ashley: Get undressed and get into a doggy position.

I did as she ordered.

Ashley: Good. You have a decent body, and it needs to be disciplined.

With that, she spanked hard on my butt cheeks. I was sure it must have turned red. Then, she spanked on the other cheek. I yelled in pain.

She then took out a whip and brushed it on my back. I felt ticklish. I was worried that she might whip me with that. After brushing it on my back for a bit, she hit me hard when I least expected it. It hurt like anything. I felt like running away, but I wanted to experience it.

She then licked on the part where I got hit and was hurting. The touch of her tongue felt amazing, and I forgot the pain. After licking for a while, she asked me to lie down on the bed. I did as ordered. She then proceeded to tie my hands and legs to the bed.

I was unsure if I should stay or run away, but I decided to brave it. After I was tied down, she slowly started removing her clothes. First, she removed her shorts, bra, and netted legging. In a few seconds, she stood completely naked in front of me.

She had decent sized boobs and pink nipples. Her pussy was neatly shaven with pink lips. They looked like they were begging me to come and lick and suck them. But I was tied down, and I was unable to move.

The idea that the prize was right there, but I could not hold it, made me go crazy and desperate. My cock was throbbing seeing her naked body. She took hold of it and stroked it. She licked all over my cock and balls. Then, she slowly took it in her mouth and sucked it for a few minutes.

Now my cock was begging for a pussy. The pussy is right there, but being in a helpless situation and not being able to do anything made me go crazy. She then proceeded to pinch my nipples and bite my chest. I yelled in pain. She then licked all over my chest. I loved that feeling.

She did everything to me, which I would usually do to a woman. After teasing and licking me for a while and making me go crazy, she finally sat on my face, giving her pussy to lick. I licked and ate her pussy like a starving man who found food after many days.

After tongue fucking her for a good few minutes, she cummed in my mouth. I licked all her juices. Then, she got into position over my cock, helped it into her pussy, and rode it for a few minutes. Not being able to touch her or rub her jiggling boobs was making me go mad.

After riding me like a cowgirl for a few minutes, she stopped.

Ashley: You have been a good boy. Now it is time to reward you.

With that, she untied my hands and legs. Finally, I felt like a tiger who had been released into the wild, and I pounced on her.

I took both her boobs into my hands and squeezed them as I had never seen boobs before. I took one boob into my mouth and sucked and bit it like there was no tomorrow. My cock was dying for a pussy, and I pushed her onto the bed, and I pushed my cock into her pussy in one jerk and full force.

I fucked her at a rapid pace like there was no tomorrow. I fucked her like a wild animal, and after a good few minutes and giving her a couple of orgasms, I cummed in her.

Then, I collected our juices in my hand and pushed them into her mouth. She gladly swallowed all of it. She then continued to lick and clean my cock.

This was the wildest sex I had ever had, and I understood that the reason for that was that she teased me a lot before letting me free. I loved it. We then chatted for some time while she was stroking my cock. She told me about her introduction to swap parties and how she enjoys them.

Me: So, how many guys did you fuck with?

Ashley: I don’t know. I never counted. I have been having sex since I was 19. I must have had at least 10-12 new cocks every year. I am 29 now. So it must be around 100-120.

Me: Wow. That’s crazy. You are only the 4th woman I am having sex with. I wish I was born with you guys and enjoy sex as you guys do.

Ashely: I am sure you will enjoy it going forward. I am sure you will find couples to swap when you go back. And if you are ever in London, my whole group will be waiting for you.

Me: I will visit London. At least for that. I hope Aarti will be on board too.

Ashley: I am sure she will. Once she learns how amazing it is, she will want more. My first boyfriend introduced me to it, and since then, I have been hooked on it.

Me: I hope so. I hope she will become as open-minded as you are. Can I ask you a favor?

Ashley: Of course.

Me: Will you talk to Aarti and tell her how amazing it is. How much fun do you guys have? Influence her a bit?

Ashley: Sure. I will do that.

Me: Thanks much, Ashley. You are the best. I will do anything you ask me to if you can make her like you.

Ashley: I will try my best. But before that, could you do something for me?

Me: What is it?

Ashley: I have heard that you are crazy about asses. I even saw you ogling at mine. Why don’t you explore it?

Me: I would love to. My cock is also begging me to explore your asshole.

Ashley: Not with your cock.

Me: What do you mean?

Ashley: I want you to lick all over my butt and asshole. Tongue fuck my asshole too.

Me: Yuck! No. I never licked anyone’s asshole.

Ashley: Come on. It will be great. It’s just like licking a pussy. I have even washed it clean.

Me: But still. Fucking asshole is one thing, but licking it sounds weird.

Ashley: Alright. I will go first. I will lick your asshole, and then you do mine.

She convinced me within no time. We then went to the washroom and cleaned each other’s assholes neatly. Then, we got back on the bed, and I got into the doggy position. She kneeled behind me and spanked my butt cheeks. I yelled in pain.

She then proceeded to lick all over my butt cheeks and bit and suck them. Then, she placed her tongue over my asshole and licked it. It felt ticklish in the beginning, and then it felt good. Then, she pushed her tongue into my asshole and explored inside it. It was a strange feeling, but I enjoyed it.

She explored my asshole for a while. Then, it was my turn to tongue fuck her asshole. She got into a doggy position, and I kneeled behind her. I spanked on her butt cheeks. She moaned in excitement. I licked all over her butt cheeks and asshole. She was enjoying it very much.

Then, I pushed my tongue into her asshole and tongue fucked her for a while. She was moaning in excitement. That was making me go crazy. After a while, I couldn’t hold any longer and placed my cock over her asshole and, with one jerk, pushed it in. It went in smoothly.

I started stroking her, and she begged me to go faster. After fucking her fiercely for a few minutes, I cummed in her asshole. She took the juices oozing out of her asshole and licked them. Then, she took my cock and licked and sucked it clean. We were tired and collapsed on the bed, hugging each other.

Ashley: That was good. I had a lot of sex, and this was one of my best.

Me: Thank you. It was all because of you. The way you made me go crazy had a big effect on it.

Ashley: That’s why I do it. To get the best out of men. So did you have fun with Alia last night?

Me: Yes. She was amazing too. I wish we could stay back here in the Maldives and enjoy the rest of our lives fucking each other.

Ashley: Haha. Don’t worry. We have one more day to enjoy as much as we can. Did you get to fuck her asshole? Akbar told me she never let him fuck in the asshole.

Me: Oh yes. I did manage to convince her to let me fuck in the asshole. I heard Akbar is just rough and isn’t that great in bed. So, she was scared. But I saw to it that she enjoyed it very much. I even asked Aarti to teach him a few things tonight.

Ashley: That’s true. Even I made him do a few things last night. Hopefully, he will get better.

We chatted for some more time and fell asleep without realizing it. By the time I woke up, Antony was already in the room. I grabbed my clothes to get dressed as I was still naked.

Antony: Don’t bother. It’s alright.

Ashley: Ya. You don’t have to get dressed just because he is here.

She rolled onto me and hugged me. She was also naked. Then, she kissed me in front of her boyfriend. That excited me, and my cock straightened up immediately, forming a tent under the bedsheet. She removed the bed sheet and stroked my cock in front of her boyfriend.

Antony: Looks like you guys had good fun last night.

Ashley: Yes. It was great. I am glad we did this.

Me: I loved it. I had the best three days of my life, thanks to you. I got to fuck Alia and Ashley, two of the sexiest women I have ever seen. Thanks a lot, Antony.

Antony: You need not thank me. I had my eyes on Aarti as well. But I am glad that all of us enjoyed it.

Me: Yes. I have one final wish. Can all of us spend the last day together? I have always dreamed of group sex, and I want us to enjoy it together.

Antony: Sounds like a plan to me. Let us all meet for breakfast in an hour, and we can take it from there.

Me: Sounds perfect.

Antony then walked into the bathroom to freshen up while Ashley and I made out. She kissed me for a few minutes and then licked all over my chest. Then, she licked my balls and cock and sucked my cock for a few minutes.

Then, I pulled her up and kissed her again and licked and sucked her boobs for a few minutes. I was getting ready to fuck her when Antony walked out of the bathroom.

Antony: Come on, guys. We have a whole day to fuck around. Freshen up first, and then all of us can do it together.

Then, Ashley walked into the bathroom while I got dressed. On the way back to my room, I stopped by Alia’s room to inform them of the day’s plan. I knocked on the door, and Alia opened it.

She had already had a bath and was wearing blue denim shorts and a white shirt. She looked and smelled like an angel. I admired her beauty for a few seconds.

Me: Where is Akbar?
Alia: He is having a bath.

Realizing this was my chance, I pulled her onto me, hugged her tight and kissed her on the lips while I ran my hands all over her back. I let her go after a minute or two. She was worried that Akbar might see us.

Alia: What are you doing? Akbar is right here.

Me: It is alright. I am going to fuck you right in front of him today. So don’t worry.

Alia: What do you mean?

Me: All of us are going to spend the day together. Fucking around. You guys get ready and come down for breakfast in half-hour.

Alia: Ok. I hope he will be okay with it.

Me: Of course, he will. And please wear a bikini today. I want to see you in a bikini.

Alia: You bastard. You have seen me naked already, and you want to see me in a bikini now? I will think about it.

I kissed her again, said goodbye, and went to my room. By the time I got to my room, Aarti had freshened up and waited for me.

Aarti: Looks like the night wasn’t enough for you. Got back so late.

Me: Haha. Nothing like that, baby. I was talking to Antony and Ashley about today’s plan.

Aarti: What plan?

Me: About our group sex.

Aarti: Are you serious about it?

Me: Of course I am.

Aarti: Do you think you will be ok when you see me have sex with others?

Me: I guess so.

Aarti: Umm. I don’t know. Knowing that you have sex with other women is one thing. But I don’t know how comfortable I would be to see it in front of me?

Me: Don’t worry, sweety. It will be alright. Let’s try it just this one time.
After convincing for a few minutes, she finally agreed. I pulled her into the bathroom to have a shower with me again. She cursed me.

By the time she tried to free herself, she was drenched already. She gave in and removed her clothes. I kissed her for a few minutes and then sucked on her boobs. I was happy that she had such big and sexy boobs.

After having a shower together for a few minutes, we walked out of the bathroom and got dressed. When I saw that she was wearing shorts again, I grabbed them and asked her to wear a bikini. She was hesitant as she was shy.

After a lot of pestering, she gave in and wore her red bikini. She looked stunning in it. Her top was barely covering her big boobs. I am sure every guy would get a hard-on just looking at her.

By the time we reached the restaurant, the other two couples had breakfast at the table. We went and joined them.