An Irresistible Offer – Part 4

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Once in Bangalore, Mr Singh and Tasmiya check into the Presidential suite of a 5-star hotel. The other two contended gentlemen go on their way. As they check-in, the hotel’s GM comes to meet Mr Singh.

They talk for a while. Based on this, Tasmiya realises that Mr Singh is well connected and knows the higher-ups of the hotel’s GM. They are escorted to the suite room, and the waiter leaves after ensuring they’re comfortable.

Tasmiya is enamoured by the room’s luxury and space. It’s a suite room with a living room and a bedroom. As they settle down, Mr Singh orders food and goes to shower. The food arrives.

“I’ll shower and come. We’ll eat,” Tasmiya says.

“Eat first and then shower. The food is hot now,” Mr Singh insists.

She steps out after the shower, wrapped in the white towel that the hotel provides. She sees that the bedroom lights are turned off and the curtains are closed. Just the light coming from the living room gives the bedroom visibility.

Tasmiya figures out that Mr Singh is up to something. She’s amazed by his sexual appetite and is excited to see what’s next. “Remove the towel and come and lie on the bed,” he orders her.

She instantly drops her towel, walks to the bed and lies down obediently – as if she was waiting for this. As she lies down, he ties her hands and legs to the four sides of the bed. He then blindfolds her using a black cloth. She can see nothing and doesn’t even know what’s coming.

“No matter what, you won’t shout. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” he says.

“I trust you,” is all Tasmiya could say.

He twists her waist a bit so her butt cheek is exposed to him. He then smacks her butt hard.

“Aah,” Tasmiya yells in pain, coupled with excitement and pleasure. A few more hard slaps on her butt follow. Tasmiya begins to enjoy how he treats her. Her butt cheek is red with all the slaps it got.

He then places a pillow under her lower spine and butt. He bends down to kiss her lips. She grabs his lips with hers as if desperately waiting for them. As their kisses become deeper and more passionate, he separates from her.

She’s disappointed for a bit but then feels hopeful as she expects that he will lick her and fuck her now. But she doesn’t know how wrong she was. He takes a feather and runs it down her forehead to her lips.

She initially feels the tingling sensation and asks, “What is it?”

“It’s a feather,” Mr Singh responds.

As the feather reaches her neck and shoulder region, she begins to feel ticklish and her body twitches. Mr Singh now runs the tip of the feather along her right breast, circling it. He holds the nipple between his thumb and index finger and lifts the breast to run the feather under her breast.

The pinch on the nipple, the stretching of her breast and the tingling sensation caused by the feather on her skin make it unbearable for Tasmiya. “Please, I can’t take it anymore,” she hisses.

Mr Singh ignores her words, runs the feather along her right breast areola, and bends down to bite her nipple.

“Aah,” Tasmiya moans.

As he begins to work on her left breast the say way, he constantly pinches her right nipple.

“Untie me. I can’t take it anymore. I want you inside me,” Tasmiya pleads.

Mr Singh proceeds further to her navel. He uses the feather to play inside her navel. That’s the first time Tasmiya realises that her navel is so sensitive. Her pussy is wet and leaking. She’s ready to explode anytime.

He then proceeds to her pubic area and runs the feather there. Post that, the feather explores the inner thighs of Tasmiya before landing on her pussy. Her pussy lips are moist with her juices which also wet the feather and make it impossible to move further.

Mr Singh throws away the feather and bends to blow warm air on her pussy. Tasmiya loves the feel of this. Now she was almost certain that her pussy was going to get the attention that she was so desperate for.

He dips his ring finger into her pussy and takes it out. The finger is wet and sticky with her juices. “You’re bloody wet,” he remarks. He then spreads her ass cheeks and plays around her asshole, using his ring finger to lubricate it. He then inserts his greasy ring finger into her asshole.

“Aah,” Tasmiya shrieks at the unexpected way he handled her. She can’t see anything. She doesn’t know what he is doing till she actually feels it. This makes her get more excited and aroused.

Her body says that she can’t take it anymore. But at the same time, she doesn’t want this to stop. She’s surprised at her state. As she’s in this state of flux, Mr Singh inserts his index finger and middle finger into her pussy.

She’s so wet that they easily slide in. Tasmiya lets out a big gasp. He then presses her clit with his thumb and starts to play with it. As he starts that, he bends down to suck her boobs. He almost has all the sensitive areas of her body fully covered.

This is unbearable for her, and her body is ready to explode. “Aah, yes,” Tasmiya hisses in pleasure as her body convulses into an earth-shattering orgasm.

This was way beyond what she had ever experienced. She could never imagine that she could ever go through this. She’s in a trance.

As she’s steeling down, Mr Singh’s phone rings. He picks up the phone and says, “Hi, where are you?… Is it? OK. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

He disconnects the call and tells Tasmiya, “Honey, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Till then, you’ll be like this and rest. There’s a lot more to come.” And he leaves the room.

In a few minutes, she hears the room bell ring. Though she asks, “Who’s it?” the person outside the door can’t hear as she’s in the bedroom. The doorbell is from the living room door. After another ring, she could hear the door open.

She goes numb. Before she could realise what to do, she heard footsteps approaching her bed and heard a lady’s voice yell.

“Tasmiya! What are you doing here?”

To be continued.

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