An Opportunity – Part 1

Chapter 1: The Pack Up

It was 2015, and Damini’s husband Dinesh Naik who is an architect by profession decided to shift to Hyderabad for advancement in his career. Damini had to tag along with him even though she didn’t like the idea of leaving her home town Pune.

While waiting for the packers and movers to come and pack their stuff, the couple decided to have one last sex session in that home before leaving. In no time, they found themselves naked and wet kissing on the sofa. Dinesh inserted his dick into Damini’s warm and wet love hole making her moan with pleasure.

A doorbell rang which seemed to disturb their pace, but Damini didn’t let Dinesh out of her, with her legs tightly wrapped around his waist. Dinesh took the hint and kept fucking her at a varied pace. The silence in the room kept being replaced by the spring sounds of the sofa and their soft moans.

Then the couple heard the bell ring again and yet continued their pleasuring act with increased pace and louder noises. Damini’s husband’s grunts and thrusts aroused her. On hearing the doorbell for the third time, she shamelessly screamed and moaned making sure that the person outside understood what was happening inside. Feeling at the edge of orgasms, the couple cuddled each other tight and Damini felt her husband’s ejaculation fill up her womb and Dinesh felt her walls being flooded with her juices around his dick.

The bell rang again, but twice this time. Damini got up throwing tantrums under her breath as her post-sex private time with her husband was being disturbed. She picked up her clothes and headed inside their bedroom before Dinesh stood up and answered the door after wearing his clothes. It was the packers and movers. The team was visibly embarrassed and irritated. He asked them to start working from the living room and went in to inform Damini about it.

Damini dressed up after taking a bath and guided the workers with the luggage and other things while Dinesh freshened up. All the packing was done, Damini hugged Dinesh in the empty house filled with their memories. They prepared themselves to take their train to Hyderabad that night after laughing at the embarrassing thoughts of being heard by the packers and movers’ staff.

Chapter 2: The Arrival

Meanwhile, Karthik, a quite charming young stud in his 20s, was browsing through YouTube on his computer after completing his homework.

As the early-age YouTube recommendation system did its magic, he kept scrolling and watching random movie trailers. At one instance, the thumbnail of some erotic scene from a 2014 Marathi movie named, “Shutter” grabbed his attention.

He looked around and made sure that the door of his room was closed before opening that video. In the scene was Sonalee Kulkarni in her sexiest avatar wearing a backless blouse with a floral design on it and a saree. The pallu of her saree dropped exposing her navel and some part of her chest while tying her hair up. The young boy was beyond mind blown watching the mouth-watering Marathi beauty in her prime.

Being fiercely aroused and in his personal space, he dropped his shorts down and started to jerk off to that scene like any other average teenager would do when aroused by a hot woman on screen.

He was on heat and started stroking his young cock back and forth imagining himself with the woman on screen. His precum started to ooze over his index and thumb fingers. But to his ill luck, his mother banged on his door thrice and he knew he had to get up and answer the door.

Thinking to continue his session later in peace, he adjusted his foreskin and pulled up his shorts to open the door with an irritated face. His mom Shanti, a teacher by profession, like any other average Indian mother of a teen, questioned him first about what took him so long to open the door and then told him the matter.

Shanti: A new family is shifting into the opposite flat. I just talked with them. Come with me, I will introduce you as well.

Karthik: Mom, please. I have other work. I will introduce myself to them later. You carry on.

Despite his efforts to stay back, he had to listen to his mom and agreed to go with her by leaving his hot actress on screen in his room.

Chapter 3: The First Meeting

The door was open and the mother and son went in while Dinesh was guiding the packers and movers with placing things. Dinesh politely wished Shanti again and Shanti with a smile on her face introduced her son to Dinesh.

Dinesh: Hi, champ.

Karthik: Hello, sir. This is Karthik.

Dinesh: Good to know you, Karthik.

While they were in talks, a sweet smell elevated the room’s ambiance and there came Damini from inside the kitchen.

Dinesh: Oh, here comes my wife Damini.

Karthik’s heart skipped a beat on looking at Damini. She wore a semi-transparent yellow chiffon saree with a floral-designed black blouse. Her slim waist and her blouse which had hooks on the front along with a mangalsutra were on display through that shimmering semi-transparent cloth of saree. He never came across such a beautiful woman in his entire life in his neighborhood. On learning that they were Marathi people, he couldn’t help comparing her with his on-screen lady crush Sonalee Kulkarni.

Damini: Namaste Shanti ji, is this your son?

Shanti: Yes dear, he is the one I was talking about.

Damini put her hand forward to give the young boy a shake hand and Karthik’s entire body shivered for a second. Her touch felt electrifying to the teenager. Thoughts of her touching his cum sticky fingers excited him even more.

Damini: Oh! I completely forgot, can I borrow your lighter to turn on the stove? Our lighter just stopped working.

Shanti was busy talking to Dinesh about his job and their reason to shift to Hyderabad. So she asked her son to get the lighter from their kitchen.

Damini walked to their door with Karthik to look polite and Karthik got her the lighter in under a minute. She took it and as she turned around. Then her pallu got stuck to the door handle and she was pulled back at once. For a second, she thought it was Karthik. But realized that it was the door handle.

It was too late before she could bend a little and adjust her pallu on her shoulder. Karthik got his eyes on her eye feasting cleavage. He was disappointed that the moment didn’t last enough. But the image of her soft cleavage got stuck in the deeper parts of his mind. He thanked his mom inside his mind for bringing him out of his room.

The milk-overflowing ceremony was done and Mrs. Shanti being a friendly and welcoming neighbor invited them for lunch. The couple also got to meet Mr. Narasimha, the husband of Mrs. Shanti at the table.

Even though Damini was a little upset about their shifting to Hyderabad in the beginning, all her worries vanished after she found such lovely neighbors who treated her like their family.

As long as Damini was present, Karthik couldn’t bat his eyes away from her. With his parents and her husband around, he tried his best to stay normal and decent.

Chapter 4: Lighter That Ignited Fire

In the evening, Mrs. Shanti found that the lighter was missing when she wanted to make some nice tea. She searched for a matchbox near the small wooden mandir in their home and luckily there was one match stick and she lit the stove with it. She remembered that their lighter was at Damini’s home and called Karthik to get their lighter from her. Karthik who had been waiting for such a chance readily agreed and headed out.

Just when he was about to ring the bell, the sounds from the living room stopped him. It was Damini’s voice.

“Yes, ah, Yes Dinesh, fuck me. Don’t stop Dinesh, don’t stop. Harder, faster, Give me a baby Dinesh, make me pregnant. Cum inside me. Cum inside me,” moaned Damini.

The couple already started having their first sex in their new home on that same sofa. Karthik standing outside tried his best to peep through the window pane. But his efforts went in vain as he couldn’t see anything.

Fear of someone watching him gripped him and he moved up and down the stairs and in the corridor until the couple finished having their session. His excitement and curiosity hit peaks. He could only imagine and he didn’t back off from imagining his real-life lady crush naked and having sex. His dick started oozing with precum. The sounds ended after about ten minutes and he rang their bell twice in excitement. To his surprise, the sound of the door knob opening came so immediately.

Damini opened the door and said, “Oh! Hi Karthik, what is it that brought you here?”

Karthik fumbled with his words and said, “M… m…my mom was asking for the lighter, So..”

Damini: Oh! So sorry dear, I totally forgot to return it.

Karthik: F… Fine. It’s okay.

Then Damini went to the kitchen and Dinesh from the sofa smiled at Karthik and Karthik gave back an awkward smile. Damini came back with the lighter and closed the door after handing it back to Karthik with a smile. Damini’s moans, her slightly visible bra strap, her face full of sweat, her frisky hair, and her blush-filled cheeks ignited darker feelings for her even more.

The sight of Damini’s panties under the sofa where Dinesh sat, couldn’t stop him from imagining that she opened the door with no panties and with a pussy full of cum dripping down her thighs. He gave back the lighter to his mom and shut the door of his room. He fell on his bed naked and closed his eyes imagining Damini.

Then he gripped his hardened dick so tight and vigorously started to stroke it back and forth. Her thoughts filled his mind and her moans reverberated through his ears. He couldn’t control himself anymore with such dirty thoughts about his sexy, hot, and beautiful neighbor.

Within no time, clenching his eyes and teeth tight before ejaculating thick white strings of youth that flew out of his young dick like a fountain with great force into the air and fell back on his stomach and chest. He felt free from the sweet torture he went through since the beginning of that day. But couldn’t stop fantasizing about Damini.

Then he took a bath and called it a day after he masturbated thrice that night after dinner with his hot neighbor at his home.

The story will continue.

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