Bachelor son’s sweet anal obsession – Part 2

I was flushing with sensations as I paced across the room. My heart was pounding. I never thought in my wildest dreams that a squeeze on my ass can be this arousing. I bit my lips at the thought that my son’s giant palms mauled my soft cheeks. I felt this strange desire to present my cheeks to him and surrender to his mercy, let him squeeze and tease me.

For a moment I wanted him all over my ass, wanted to feel his tongue in every place, my butthole.. but at the same time, it is so sweaty and stinky. It is a gandhii place, totally gandhii. It is my most private secret place that even my husband has not explored.

I couldn’t take my mind off the steamy thoughts so I thought of going for a run in the ground to distract myself.

“Wow! You look very energetic today, honey,” my husband Ravi remarked as he came out of the bathroom.

“Yeah honey, I feel good today. Tempted to go for a run. You want to come?”

“Well, no! I just had a bath and must get to shop a bit early today! There’s a thunderstorm warning. You should go to school early today.”

“Just a few minutes of run and I’ll be okay,” I hummed, slipping on my black tight tracks and t-shirt. As I got out of our room, I saw my son Dev walking out of the hallway, dressed up in running gear. He was headed out to the stadium too.

We took the car and dropped Ravi at the shop. As soon as we bid bye to my husband, my son’s hand rested on my ass.

“Shh…honey, I am driving!” I chided.

“You are the best of us when it comes to driving, so don’t worry!” my son winked as he gently moved his hands around.

I pushed his hands away and warned him again. Retracting his pesky hands, he sat like a good baby for the rest of the ride.

Before our jogging, Dev came close and whispered:

“Run well, maa.” He gave a quick pinch.

“Okay! Geez beta, stop your pinching, it’s public!” I whispered.

My whole plan about not getting horny was ruined by this idiot son.

As I jogged, I paid attention to my ass. The way the fabric of my wet panty made delicate friction, the way my butt giggled, the sweat accumulating, the heat, etc. I remembered how these very cheeks were held by my son’s strong hands as he pleasured them. I longed for his hands to feel my hot beating burning ass again. I longed for him to knead and tease. I longed to feel the way he made me feel with his antics.

As I drove back home, I stared at my son’s hands differently. For the first time, the sight of his palms made me aroused. I waited if he would make a move but he was quiet. Soon, it began to rain heavily. Dev turned on the radio. The news announced that today would be a holiday due to rain.

“No office today,” Dev whispered.

“No school for me either.”

We silently parked the car. I turned off the engine.

Soon after I stood on the floor, Dev suddenly held my waist and picked me up.

He locked me in his grip and carried me to his room. He placed me against the wall, hung his arm around my waist began kneading my ass again. My spirits soared as I felt his grip again. It took a good amount of self-control on my part not to moan or yell “Yesssss” when he kept kneading and pressing my hot ass cheeks.

But the control was short-lived. As he continuously and lovingly molested my cheeks, I moaned “Yes” to his every attack.

“You like your son kneading you?”

“Yesssss yessss..I love your hands there son..Knead me forcefully. Yes!” What a shameless person I had become overnight! A slave to my son’s lustful fetish. I could not believe I was enjoying my ass being assaulted.

“Oh maa, mera randi deviiii” Dev moaned as he began to knead harder and faster.

“Ohhh meri ranjhaa, oooh maaro mujhe jhor se..” I bickered.

I got aroused in every affront. The room was filled with sounds of moans, slaps and pompous grunting.

After moments of intense ass-squeezing, suddenly Dev stopped.

My senses heightened and became sensitive to the calm. I was standing against the wall with hands resting on them and my ass facing my son. He was just behind me, allowing his long finger to seductively trace through my back. I felt goosebumps as his bare hands entered my tracks. I shuddered as his rough palm slowly grazed the soft naked skin of my ass for the first time. I let him remove my tracks and my soaked, wet, dripping panty.

I felt the cool air against my naked, exposed ass. Next, I felt my son’s big palm against my cheeks. I felt his fingers cupping and his thumbs grazing the crevice of my ass. Oh my God! My son was moving through the crevice, the forbidden place, the dark place, my gandhii place. Oh no, his thumbs were grazing deeper.

“Oh my god, oh my god. Stop. Stop it.. Mother is dirty down there” I pleaded but to no avail. My son’s finger slid through my sweaty crevice unashamed.

“Uuuhh…It’s dirty and stinky there, beta….don’t embarrass your mother..please…”

My son responded by further widening my cheeks. In the space between my dirty crevice…I felt some strange sensation of air and moisture. I shuddered when I realized that it was my son’s nose on my butthole. He was going to smell my sweating, dirty, dark anal crevice.

“…its gandiii gandiii..please..” I moaned but to no avail. I felt him inhale my dirty slimy scent and shudder pierced through my spine as the taboo debauchery ensued between the mother and son.

Dev gently wafted and whiffed in his mother’s deep scent. He stole away the secrets from my puckered arse hole, inch by inch. He lingered achingly through every inch of crevice and relished its dirty, steamy, scent. I soon felt my son’s wet tongue touch my butthole. Sensation throbbed through my being with his dirty touch and my womb spasmed in pleasure. I didn’t realize that juices from my pussy were overflowing and wetting the carpet. All I knew was that his warm, wet, dirty touch sent spasm after spasm of bliss.

My own son was licking and smelling every corner of my dirty sweaty ass. The wetness of his tongue adorned my sphincter and tickled my nerves into a wave orgasm. The sheer taboo, the sheer sin, the sheer rawness of my son lustily inhaling, smelling, and devouring my darkest dirty anal crevices made me moan in a wild rapture.

He ate every crevice of me, he smelled every forbidden place as long as he wanted. He smelled with abandon, and passion and wild longing. He tasted me, and ate me for hours till my body exploded intense shuddering orgasm after orgasm.

“Oh maaa, maa, I love you,” Dev moaned as I regained my composure.

He gently lifted me and placed me on his bed, gave me some water and wrapped a warm blanket around me. As he tried to go away, I held his hand, cajoled him into the blanket and slept with him.

I woke up and checked the time. The thunderstorm had subsided. It was time for Ravi to return. I took my clothes and walked to my room.

Dev excused me from going to his room again that night. But I longed to see him again. After Ravi slept, I tiptoed into his room. He was in his studies, the night lamp turned on. He perceived my entrance quizzically.

I walked to him slowly, turned around, removed my leggings to reveal my bare ass, and bent down. My ass must have glistened under the night lamp. Soon my son’s mouth was on my crevice. I warmed up to his tongue and let him have my butt to his heart’s content.

My pussy leaked water, overflowing its container. Fuck! I wanted that lustful itch of mine to be fulfilled. I wanted to get penetrated and fucked. Lovingly. Relentlessly. Thoroughly. If only we weren’t related, I thought. If only he felt the same way about my pussy. But he was my son who was getting over his obsession so that he could find a life partner. I should control myself.

Dev thanked me for coming, lay me on the bed and he lay next to me. We talked without inhibitions. He told me all this was like a dream come true for him. I wished I could kiss him and run my fingers through his chest, but that would be super taboo and so I controlled it.

“You know I really wish to cuddle you and hold you, maa. But we can’t, right maa…” Dev whispered.

“I am afraid so..”

My heart shuddered with love for him but one side of me controlled.

That night, Dev got some warm massage oil, made me lie on my stomach and gently and lovingly, massaged my buxom ass till it was time for me to return. It was a beautiful experience. Still, my pussy needed some fulfillment.

I returned to our room and began to kiss my husband Ravi. When he opened his eyes, I was naked rubbing my dripping pussy on his crotch like a bitch in heat. He responded by sucking my lips passionately. He removed his pajama and exposed his hardon. I kissed him with dripping saliva while he positioned his cock on the entrance of my wet cunt. I wasted no time in sliding in. It felt like years since we fucked and I felt happy we were doing it again.

I started bucking my hips on his cock like a wild demoness until he climaxed inside me, which was pretty quick. He went to the toilet to clean his jizz, put on a new pajama, kissed my lips and pulled me close.

“Mm, that was hot!” Ravi mused.

“It was, honey” I kissed him back.

Ravi slept like a baby while I rubbed my pussy till slumber overcame me as well.

The next day morning, I took a bath and was grinding for chutney when my son lifted the saree and petticoat, and slid my panty sideways without even wishing good morning.

“Hi, mom. Your cheeks are softer after the massage,” he said as he caressed my butt cups again.

“Oh…I don’t understand you.” I moaned as he spread the cups and buried his nose into my anal crevice, inhaling me again. It felt raunchy. His licking was too good for me to focus on grinding. He enjoyed eating my anal dumplings till I heard my husband’s alarm ring. I shooed him away just as Ravi woke up.

That morning, we had another kinky adventure. I took the usual metro bus to reach my school. The bus is crowded during the morning time and that day was no exception. As I stood in there, I felt a hand on my ass.

“Shit, Deva!” I noticed the huge hunk of a man clad in a mask standing behind me. He skillfully ran his finger around my soft ass. As the bus suddenly came to a halt at the next stop, he squeezed me.

“Uffff” I moaned. The lady next to me asked if I was okay.

“Yeah..uff..hmm…I’m fine ma’am..just a shhh sprain. No problem.”

As the crowd increased, Deva began to get bolder with me, kneading and teasing my ass. I stood leaning to a pole enjoying my son’s game. He was assaulting my ass, in a public bus! And I was enjoying it. He skillfully tickled me and readily kneaded me. My body sweated in the excitement.

After he kneaded my ass to his heart’s content, he leaned to me discreetly, “Fulfilled?”

“ dirty…” I whispered back, excited, anticipating his next move.

He now gently held my waist and pulled me behind until my ass rested on his hard erection. I felt his raging warmth on my cheeks. He skillfully found my crevice and rested his cock there, sliding gently all the while caressing my ass.

“How about now?” he whispered.

“Son, it’s… can’t…use that thing…”

“I can feel you there, that’s what we agreed. I can feel with my nose, tongue and…this too” Dev murmured.

No doubt he was right.

“Mm…you pervert….in that case….pull your me closer to you,” I whispered shamelessly as I ran my hips up and down against his cock. I felt his thickness and knew for a moment that he was hard and strong. My son’s manhood was grazing my plump ass. Our breathing got heavy and some of the passengers suspected we were doing something kinky. But we did not stop.

I bucked my hips on his cock and he slid his hardon against my ass crevice. We played until the bus reached my stop. I got out sweating, wet and horny. Deva was nowhere to be seen.

I walked into my teaching cabin hurriedly. The school assembly was to begin and I had to rush there soon after keeping my stuff. Just as I unlocked my cabin, my son pushed me after appearing from hiding. He hushed me and hugged me. I tried my best not to kiss him and somehow succeeded.

He turned me around and expertly undid my saree. Amidst our heavy breathing, he slid down my dainty light blue petticoat.

“Uff…beta…assembly!” I tried to wiggle, but he pinned me to the table, split open my crevice and began eating like a mad man.

“Oh you, dirty dirty dirty boy….” I shuddered softly as he relentlessly ravished my anal canal with his tongue. I heard his pant falling down and soon I felt his hot rod rubbing my ass crack.

“Uff, you pervert” I moaned as he poured lubricant into my crack and began sliding in and out.

“Best feeling it is, maa.”

“Uff… can enjoy as much—ahh—as you want at home beta….this is shh school..”

“Oh, yeah? Can’t I rub my cock here dance teacher?” he began kneading me mercilessly, stimulating every zone in my ass and sliding his boner on my ass crack.

“Mfff yeah…you dirty devil” I moaned as he seductively rubbed his dick in me. We relished the moment…until the bell rang.

“Ohh…yes yes…oh..shhhhitttttttt beta, the bell rang…get the fuck out.” I hurriedly moaned. I couldn’t believe one hour passed so fast.

Dev put on his trousers and kissed my cheeks. “I’ll see you after office, my yummy maa”.

He dashed off to his office and I spent another half an hour putting on my panties, petticoat, and saree.


End of part 2

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