Bachelor son’s sweet anal obsession – Part 5

As we drove back home from the birthday party, my heart was still pumping 100 miles an hour thinking about what would have happened if somebody had seen my son eating cake from my ass crack?! I could see the wicked smile on my son Dev’s face. He seemed cool as a cucumber.

I wondered how I could have let it all happen. Just an innocent wish of my son to touch my ass. I thought he would just feel it through my saree. But soon his caresses on my saree changed into caresses on my petticoat, then panties, and finally my naked bare ass cheeks.

I thought he would stop there, but I was wrong. My son brought his nose into my crevice, then his lips, then his tongue, and that night, at a public function amidst the partying of all respectable guests, their respectable teacher was secretly spreading her ass for her son.

How could he be so reckless?! On the bus! In my staffroom! And now in this function! What was wrong with him? He said that I have just the perfect ass with the right amounts of flesh and he loved the contour. How could anyone be so crazy?

And why was I enjoying this taboo? I was turned on when I knew my son was touching and loving my forsaken places. I tried my best to pretend not to enjoy it all. But the flooding pussy juices dripping down my panties and petticoat told an entirely different story.

But I was a sanskari. And what my son was doing was downright immoral. So I decided to put an end to this. He couldn’t eat me like that in public.

As the car began gaining speed, Dev leaned to my side and pulled the seat belt.

“For your safety, maa”, Dev said.

“Safety, my chappals!” I chided.

Then I started my rants about his unruly behavior.

Suddenly, there were heavy winds and a downpour as I had never seen before. Dev forcefully buckled my seat belt and carefully drove but soon, the rain became so heavy that we couldn’t see the road. Then Dev parked the car on the side of the highway. The raindrops fell on the windshield like pellets and it seemed nearby vehicles were also parked with hazard lights on.

“Probably the remains of the cyclone”, Dev mused as he scrolled through his phone. The internet was not working. We could not connect with my husband Ravi either.

Soon we received an SMS from Ravi.

“Heavy cyclone, avoid travel, stay put.”

Dev turned on the hazard lamps, secured the windows, and made sure we were safe.

“Don’t worry maa, we will wait till the rains subside”, Dev comforted.

As we both calmed, I continued ranting about how wrong and risky it was to do what we did. How I felt scared that my students or parents would see us, how my heart raced, and how our lives and his marriage prospects would be ruined if everyone found out. He listened to everything, I had to say patiently and lovingly.

It seemed that after every word I said, he was leaning closer and closer to me. I kept blabbering till I could feel his lips inches away from my mouth and his warm breath.

“I understand what you are saying, Maa. But you haven’t told me everything”, Dev said, pulling out my slimy black panty from his pocket.

I knew that he had read the language of my pussy. There was no denying the apparent. I gazed at him in a mixture of embarrassment.

Without breaking eye contact, he brought the panty to his nose and amorously inhaled my juices. Seeing the erotic act, I felt juices oozing from my pussy. He ever so lightly brought that panty to me. I tried to avoid but the moment it touched my face I reluctantly but wantonly inhaled and smelled my pussy juice mixed with my son’s saliva.

Then my son threw the panty over and held my face with his strong palms, bringing his lips so close to my lips. He seductively grazed over my skin without touching it. But his warm breath gave me shudders. God, he was seducing me in the car on the roadside just when I was advising against it and hell I was falling for his lure.

He then pulled down the backrest of my seat fully and I obediently lay down with my ass facing him. He began to feel my soft buxom ass draped in a saree. What he was doing was so risky but the thrill was irresistible! Never in my life had I done this in a car, on a highway. As I lied down, I could lightly make out the hazard lights of the car a few meters behind us through the rear glass.

Would they see us? Would they see my petticoat being pulled down by my son? Would they see him lifting my saree and revealing my supple ass? Would they hear the slaps he gave me? Would they hear my “uffffs” and “aaaahs” as he pinched me? Would they see him smelling my crack? Would they see me enjoying it eyes closed, lips parted?

These thoughts slowly waned as I awakened to the sensation of my son’s tongue plodding in my anal hole. The edges of my sphincter felt warm ticklish and delightfully itchy as I gently massaged my interiors. Soon he replaced the tongue with my finger and gently plodded my tightest canal.

“Just relax”, he whispered, slowly plodding deeper. My sphincter relaxed at his command and accommodated his finger.

“How is it, Maa?”, Dev whispered.

To his question, I shamelessly tightened my sphincter against his finger. Taking the cue, he gently retracted his finger against my searing tightness which sent immense pleasure spasming throughout my body.

We did that again, with his other fingers, and for each of his invasions, I silently cooperated while secretly enjoying this experience.

He did this at least 10 times with each of his fingers and after that, he gave my butthole copious kisses and slurps. I felt embarrassed and flattered at the same time.

Deva then rested on top of me and whispered into my ears.

“Did you enjoy doing this in our car?”

“No”, I quipped.

“But your pussy juice has almost ruined the seat”.

I was silent, conflicted between the morality of what we did and the undeniable pleasure my son gave me.

“Tell me maa”, Dev whispered again.

I wasn’t going to submit to him.

“Look what I said and what you did”, I said.

I gave him the silent cold treatment.

“Can I kiss you Maa?”


“Did I do something wrong Maa?” His voice cracked for the first time.

I kept silent.

“Are you fine?” he was almost to the point of tears.

I kept silent again turning and hiding my face.

“I love you, maa”.

“If you love me then stop this! And marry a girl”, I quipped.

“I’m sorry, Maa”, Dev was almost to the point of crying.

Just then, something fell on the top of our car. Without even looking at me, he opened the door and went away. I heard him pulling out the branch that fell on top of the car. Then there was no sign from him. Only the sound of rain and winds. I waited for a few minutes and still, there was no sign of him.

My patience turned to panic. I regretted mocking him and started praying to the gods for his safety. Unable to bear the tension, I slammed open the door and got out of the car. I got fully drenched in a matter of seconds in the unrelenting downpour. I could not see anything clearly despite the strong winds. I moved around and finally found him sitting on the roadside.

I pulled him to the car. As soon as we closed the doors, I gave him a tight slap.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?”, I yelled.

He just sat there stone cold. Then I took the pallu of my saree and tried to dry his head, but it was fully drenched.

“Maa… Did you mean whatever you said?”, he asked pleadingly.

I did not know what to say. I was angry but at the same time, I wished to convey to my son how much pleasure he had given me. I just hugged him tight recklessly and kissed his head and cheeks. At that moment, I felt as if I was kissing my son and also my lover. Then, looking at his eyes, I slowly took his finger and placed it on my perineum. I let him feel the spasms of pleasure I was enjoying which was never given by anyone else in my life but my Deva.

Drenched in rain, we felt so cold and longed for warmth. Instinctively, uninhibitedly, delicately, I opened the buttons of his shirt as he unhooked my blouse. As I pulled out his vest, I felt my bra being peeled down. As I undid his jeans, I felt my saree leave me. As I loosened his underwear, I felt my petticoat vanish. With his shoes gone, my sandals were removed.

We bunched to the spacious backseat of the car naked. I whimpered as his warm strong sturdy chest embraced my soft supple full breasts. My soft tummy rested against his diamond-hard abs. We hugged each other with the tenderness of mother and son but the freshness of lovers embraces.

I smelled his bodily musk as he inhaled my feminine scent. I let my tongue run wild on his face, on his thick round shoulders, on his bulky neck, on his hard chest, on his tender nipples as he growled in pleasure. He said the sweetest things to me. How much he longed for this. How much he dreamt for this. How much he loved me. How he would never take anyone except me as his lover. How warm my lips felt on his body.

Then I made my way down to his ribs, his taut stomach. I let my eyes linger down below. In the flicker of the dim hazard lights, I saw my son’s monster of manhood. It was so well-endowed and massive! Several times bigger and thicker than his father.

Then I spread his legs and gripped his humongous monster with my left hand placing myself to the level of his balls. I selfishly inhaled his musky manly scent deep down. I couldn’t believe I was smelling my own son’s musk. Then I teased his aching balls by running my tongue over there for what seemed like an eternity before gently wrapping my hot warm wet lips around his sack.

Within a few minutes, his left ball was in my mouth. I sucked on them gently massaging him with my tongue while squeezing his monster cock with my fingers. Saliva dripped from my mouth and spilled over as I relished my son’s sperm sacks.

Soon my attention went to my son’s erect manhood. I struggled for a bit encircling my small palms around his massiveness. Gently pulling down his foreskin, I placed my finger ever so lightly on his frenulum. His cock throbbed more as I teased that region with my wet fingertip for several minutes.

Then I placed my tongue on the base of his penis. I moved up slowly, achingly, inching towards his frenulum. At the cleft of his tissues, I flicked my tongue back and forth generating spasms and throbs from his cock. At the exact moment he relaxed, I placed my wet lower lip on his frenulum and tickled his frenulum again as he grunted in abandon before wrapping my upper lip on the ring of his head engulfing his glorious crown in my warm wet mouth.

My son’s spasms turned into shivers of pleasurable sensations as I lustily swallowed him. I took him in lovingly, slowly to not excite him too much, allowing his crown to adjust to his mother’s warmth. Slowly, I swallowed him till my mouth could take in, gripping my fingers on the portion of cock just below my mouth.

I stared at him like an absolute whore and raunchily started to mouthfuck him, blowing my son gently yet tightly.

As I increased the pace, I felt his spasms take over. As he was heading towards his peak, I flicked my tongue over his frenulum, applying perfect pressure relentlessly till furious deep ropes of his impending orgasm spurted inside my mouth. The quantity was so rich and I drank it all gripping his manhood like a vice.

The mother and son gasped in excitement and perspiration adorned their bodies. The windows were fogged due to our breathing. The car smelled of his cum and sweat.

Then I brought my mouth to him and poured over some cum on him. He looked at me with such wonder and disbelief.

The rain had abated and my phone rang. It was my husband Ravi again.

“Shit! Quick, get ready”, I said as we dressed up hurriedly and resumed our journey home. Even as I was speaking to Ravi, my son’s fingers were still sliding through my sweaty ass crack. Well kids these days!

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