Banging my hot housewife mom – Part 1

I am 18 and I came back to my home for a vacation. I am studying abroad. It was summer and I just wanted to have some fun, so I thought why not just go home?

Now, my mother is 42. If you wanna imagine my mom, then have actress Rajsi Verma in your mind. She is like a copy of her. And I mean it, she really does look like her, but with a better figure and obviously more hotter.


So, it was summer. And in India, the summer is always hot. So mom would usually wear shorts and a sleeveless top. You can see her ass chicks from those shorts and you can see her cleavage and glance of her navel as her top is also short.

I am rich, so it’s pretty normal stuff.

She is a housewife and usually stays home most of the time. She does go to the gym in the morning to keep her fit. But I have really burned a lot of calories for her. 😉

So, enough with her description. Now, the story.

So, it was summer. Dad goes out doing his business and my brother goes to school. So, me and my mom are home alone pretty much all day.

Now, one day the lock of our bathroom suddenly got broken. And we couldn’t find anyone to fix it. So, it was like that for like a month. We would close the room if someone wanted to take a bath.

And that my friend is the moment when it all starts!

One day, my mom was taking a shower. Now she might have forgotten to close the door of her room. And I didn’t know she was inside. I went inside the room and closed the room and got naked. She was in the bathroom, NAKED! I went in with my hard cock, because it was almost 10 in the morning (the time I woke up). And as soon as I open the door, my mom was in front of me cleaning her pussy! OMG!

I was so embarrassed that for 5 seconds I just kept watching her body. She was so hot that my hard dick got even harder. She screamed obviously, so I ran out. But man, that look on her face and she washing her pussy while standing. It was a magnificent view.

My mother had a clean pussy and she had no hair anywhere except her head. She was clear like a newborn baby. And man, her figure. I knew she had a great figure, but when I saw her naked, it blew my mind.

So I ran out and wrapped my towel.

She said, “You should have at least knocked,” while taking the shower.

I said, “I’m not used to knocking like that, it’s not my fault the lock is broken.”

She didn’t say anything and I kept standing there. She came out, wrapped in her towel and asked me to go outside. I said sorry and went out.

After that, she called me and I went inside the room again.

She said, “You should knock, beta. I know you are not used to it, so it’s okay.”

I apologized again, but I was confused. She wasn’t concerned at all that I saw her naked. Mom seemed pretty normal and that made me even harder. After that, she went out and continued with her chores. And I went inside and took a bath.

I kept thinking about that view. It was magnificent.

Later that day, we were pretty normal but I noticed something. When she was in the kitchen, she bent down to take something from the fridge and I could literally see her boobs hanging. She didn’t wear her bra! I was hooked. She might have forgotten to wear it in a hurry when I ran into the bathroom.

I was hard again and I kept staring at her to see if I could see something else. And to my surprise, she didn’t wear her panties too. It turned me on.

But she was still my mom, so I didn’t think much and continued that day.

After a few days, one day I woke up and I was hard. I thought about doing something. I wanted to show off my dick to my hot housewife mom. So I woke up with my hard dick and went straight into the kitchen to drink water. My dick was hanging out from my pajama and I was pretending like I didn’t know that.

My mom was there and she saw my big dick hanging out. She kept staring at it. I don’t know why she didn’t say anything. She sat on the sofa and started watching TV. I was confused.

I went to her and said good morning and she replied normally. I went to take a shower and continued my day. I didn’t have much to do, so I spent my day playing games and stuff.

In the afternoon, I heard something. My mom was again taking a shower. To my surprise, the door was open! And she had her shorts and top which she was going to wear on the bed.

And yes, I did what you’re thinking. I ran straight into the bathroom again. But this time, my mom was fingering her pussy and didn’t notice me. I kept watching her. After some time, she saw me and suddenly, screamed again! I went out and this time, she didn’t tell me to go out. She came out of the bathroom naked and told me what I was doing.

“I was here to take a bath, why do you keep forgetting to close the door?”

She said, “I am not used to it, you dumb” (she was angry)

I said, “But mom, you’re naked. Put some clothes on, then we can talk.”

She said, “What? I can’t stand naked in front of you?”

I said, “Of course not.. you’re my mom.”

She said, “But you’re my son, I’ve seen you naked thousands of times. What’s the big deal if you saw me?”

I was confused and said, “You’re right.”

Then she asked me if I wanted to join her for a shower.



Let me stop here. You might wanna know what happened after that because it is not what you are thinking, pervs.