Became a Wife of two Teachers – Part 2

So I was on my principal’s bed with him. One of the teachers was fondling my breasts and thighs over my ghagra and choli.

Mr. Sharad, my principal, now got bolder. He started to push his hand inside my choli and grabbed my breast over my bra. Vasanth, my teacher, slid his hand to my crotch on my thighs, lifting my ghagra fully up.

I was also now getting into full sensation and grabbed Vasanth’s hand and started pressing it on my milky thighs. My cock was now semi-erect. So they knew I was enjoying their actions. Seeing this, my principal took my chin into his fingers and moved it closer to his face.

We could now feel the hotness of each other’s breath. Before I could take a breath, he gently put his lips on my red lipstick-clad hot lips. He started sucking and kissing my lips while now fondling my breast and nipple over my bra.

Vasant now got up from bed and came and sat between my legs and opened my legs wide. He started kissing my thighs while putting his hand inside my panty and grabbed my semi-erect dick. My cock isn’t very big. Hardly 4″ when erect fully.

My principal was in full mood and smooching and sucking my lips hungrily. I was also responding to him now. So he opened my lips using his tongue and put his tongue into my mouth. He started sucking my tongue. It was so very hot.

Vasanth now started stroking my dick slowly while still kissing and fondling my milky thunder thighs. He was now coming slowly up as he kissed every inch of my inner thighs.

My principal now took his hand out of my choli and started loosening the string on my back. His other hand was placed behind my head, pushing my lips onto his.

Vasanth held my panty from the waist and started pulling it down. So I helped him lift my huge, round sexy ass. My ghagra was up till my belly, and my panties pushed down to my ankles.

The sound of my bangles and anklet around my feet were making a rhythmic sound. Vasanth came up and put his lips on my small cock. A sensational pleasure ran through my body. It was the first time my cock was touched by someone’s lips.

Sharad completely untied my choli and started removing it, leaving me only in my bra. He now broke the kiss, which I was enjoying a lot. I gave an upset look to him, but soon, it was turned into a smile. Sharad pulled me closer and started sucking my neck.

“Aaah,” I moaned loudly. He dropped my bra straps from my shoulder but kept the cups on my breasts. He grabbed my boob now with one hand and started the other hand into my ghagra from behind. He started circling his fingers on my ass cheeks. It was ticklish yet sensual.

Here I was in bed for the first time with two men who were loving every inch of my body and giving me the pleasure of my life. Now principal laid me on my back and, from my neck, moved his lips and my breasts. He was kissing my deep cleavage, sucking and biting it in between.

Vasanth now was sucking my cock fully from top to bottom. His saliva was rolling down to my ass crack. He started massaging my ass crack, which was wet with his saliva. I loved it and kept moaning.

My principal now pulled my bra down completely, and my mesmerising breasts flung out. They were and still are so juicy and soft. He took one of my nipples in his teeth and bit it softly. “Wow,” I said. He started circling the tip of his tongue on my nipple.

My nipples became so erect by this and swollen almost twice their size. He loved it. He was chewing them, sucking them, also teasing them with his tongue. I felt like a mommy breastfeeding my baby.

Vasanth, by now, made my entire ass crack wet with his saliva dripping down from my cock. He kept sucking me and started pushing his fingertip on my butthole.

At first, it was hurting, and I said so. On this, he started doing it slowly. My principal yelled at him, saying, “Hey. Let me do the honour. She deserves to be deflowered properly and not with a finger. But first, let her taste a new flavour of men.”

They both smiled, and Vasanth replied, “Yes, sir, you are senior.” Vasanth took my hand and made me get up. He and the principal made me completely naked, removing my bra and ghagra totally.

I was too much fair, like an angel wearing my full wig. Wearing make-up, which was now ruined as if after the first night of a bride. My lipstick was all over my face. My huge breasts and erect nipples were shining because of sucking and kissing.

My bangles were making a crackling sound because of Vasanth’s grip. My deep navel was wet with my sweat. The silver chain around my belly was almost hanging half on my hips and half under my belly flesh. My thunder thighs were fully red from all the caressing.

My cock was erect at 4″ dripping precum. My ankles and feet were covered in darkened mehandi. I was looking like a sex goddess waiting to be deflowered by these two lovers. They both got naked fast and gave me the shock and blush of my life.

Vasanth was well built with a fairly hairy body, around 5’10 height. But his cock ‘omfg’ his cock is good 8 inches long hard, and easily 2 inches in girth. I know because we measure it from time to time during our love play.

Sharad was in his mid-50s, not very hairy, with a residing hairline. He had a monster of 7 inches long but over 3 inches in girth. They also got nude completely. We were three naked lovers enjoying every bit of each other’s company.

Sharad now came to my back and Vasanth on my front. They sandwiched me between them and started again fondling and kissing every inch of me.

Vasanth was holding my waist from the front and smooching my lips like a true loving husband. He was rubbing his cock on mine and trying to push it between my thighs.

Sharad was groping my breasts and nipples from behind, sucking my neck and rubbing his cock between my wet ass crack. His cock was so thick that my ass was parted way too much when he rubbed it in.

This went on for a while. Now, they broke the sandwich position, and Sharad also came in the front. Vasanth kept his hands on my shoulder and started pushing me down as if wanting me to sit down.

So I sat on my knees. And they both came in front of me totally naked with their long hard cocks in their hands right in front of my mouth. Vasanth was on the right side, holding his cock in his right hand. Sharad was on the left, holding his cock with his left hand.

Both of them took their free hands on the back of my head and made me sniff their cocks at once. “Oh My God!” Such an amazing smell of their precum. It was new for me, but still smelt fantastic.

Now pushing my face forward, Sharad ordered me, “Kiss them, my darling!”

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