Became a Wife of two Teachers – Part 3

Please read the previous parts of this real-life experience, where my principal and teacher got me into bed.

Now, here I was, sitting on my knees. Fully naked, wearing my full hair wig, red hot lipstick, bangles in my arms, necklace around my neck, which was hanging inside my cleavage. My boobs and nipples were swollen twice the size because of all the pressing biting.

My arousal, a silver waist chain, was below my fleshy belly button hanging around my big round hips. My milky thunder thighs were red because of all the biting Vasanth had done. My dick was erect at 4″ long. I was wearing a silver anklet and mehandi on my feet.

My amazing, fair white, milky, fleshy body was shining like a diamond because of the sweat and saliva of my lovers. Two men, fully naked, standing in front of me. They were holding their hard erect dicks right in front of my face. I was smelling the scent of their precum.

I could feel the stickiness of it in my palms as I was stroking them. Now, my principal, Sharad, held my head from behind and pushed my face towards his dick. He said, “Kiss it, honey.” I obeyed and kissed it softly with my lips.

It tasted wonderful, a little bit salty and sticky, but had a beautiful smell. I kissed it about 4 to 5 times. While I was kissing my principal’s dick, I was holding my other teacher, Vasanth’s dick, in my hand and stroking it nicely.

Sharad moaned in pleasure and said, “Now take it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop, my darling.” This made me even more horny, and I opened my mouth and took the head of his dick in my mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. His foreskin was fully retracted.

His big pink dickhead was shining because of a mixture of my saliva and his precum. I loved to suck it. While doing this, I was maintaining eye contact with him and Vasanth. And I could clearly see the satisfaction on their faces. I love to suck it. I started to lick his dick with my tongue from down to top.

As my tongue was touching his balls, he was moaning with pleasure. So I understood there was a pleasure point. I took both his balls in my mouth as well and sucked them nicely. He loved this action and moaned and pushed my head more on his balls.

I was circling his dick with my tongue, licking his full length from down to the top and giving him a nice blowjob till half his cock. His cock was 7 inches long and 3 inches thick, so my mouth was left with no space.

As soon as I again took half his dick in my mouth, he gave a hard push and slid his entire cock in my mouth, down my throat. I gagged heavily due to this, but he did not let my head loose. I kept it that way for 1 to 2 minutes so that I could get adjusted to his cock length.

After a while, I got used to it and did not gag. So again, he started fucking my mouth in rhythm. It was heavenly. His was oozing his precum in my mouth, my saliva was also mixed in it, and my mouth was full of that liquid dripping down my lips onto my throat and falling on my bare breasts.

I did not want to waste it, so I started swallowing it as much as I could. Sharad was so happy that he whispered, “Oh my God, honey. You are so wonderful. I am having the best pleasure of my life. I am really proud of you, my jaan. I will never let you go from my life. I am going to make you my wife forever.”

On hearing these words, I got really happy and felt proud of myself. I was making my principal and teacher so happy that they were really proud of me. So, in excitement, I started sucking his cock and balls as deep and fast as I could.

I started stroking Vasanth’s dick even more pleasantly. Vasanth was moaning with excitement and looking at me with so much love in his eyes as I was sucking my principal’s dick. Now, my principal was in full motion. He was fucking my mouth more furiously.

I was enjoying his balls hitting my chin and his pubic hairs touching my nose. I was making gag sounds in between because of his cock going in my throat. His cock became hot and swollen even more in size and was pulsating like crazy. But he suddenly stopped fucking my mouth and took his cock out.

I gave an upset look as I was enjoying it so much and didn’t want this to end. But the very next moment, my face again turned happy. Now Vasanth came near me and, in one go, pushed his full cock into my throat. His was an even longer cock at 8 inches and about 2 inches thick.

So I had little space to breathe, but his cock was full in my mouth. He was fondling and pressing my breasts as was fucking my mouth. My principal, Sharad, now went to the kitchen and came back with three more glasses of that drink. He gulped his entire glass in one go so did Vasanth.

But I was not allowed to drink it from the glass. Vasanth started pouring the drink on his cock. I was sucking it in along with his cock and drinking all the fluids in my mouth. It included a lot of his precum, my saliva and the drink.

Now, Sharad came behind me, grabbed my breasts from underneath my armpits, and guided me to stand in a bending position. Now I was in such a position that my ass was lifted high. I was bent and sucking Vasanth’s cock. My huge, milky breasts were hanging.

But Sharad was pressing and playing with them. He now let go of one of his hands from my breast and parted my ass cheeks with his fingers. As he did so he started rubbing his cock up and down in my ass crack. It was so hot. A sensation was running through me every time his cock rubbed against my asshole.

I was getting more excited and sucking Vasanth’s dick more furiously. Sharad now opened his table drawer and pulled something out, and started applying it on my butthole. It was something sticky but smelt nice. He applied a lot of it on my butthole and in my asscrack. He also applied some of it on his dick.

He kept his cock head on my asshole and started pushing on it. I understood what was about to happen. And in excitement and to assist him, I lifted my ass furthermore and spread my legs wide. I was feeling a lot of pleasure by these two men.

Also, the effect of that drink was on me, so I was in no mood to resist anything that happened. Instead, I was enjoying all of it. Sharad now started pushing the tip of his cock in my ass. It did not pain much but rather gave me pleasure. I pushed my ass more on his cock.

This time he got bolder and held my waist with both his hands and gave a harder push, and slid his entire cock head in my hole. His cock head was very thick, so I moaned louder and tried to scream in pain. But Vasanth pushed his entire cock till his balls were in my mouth and shut my mouth.

Sharad did not do any more pushing and held that position for 2 or 3 minutes and let my asshole adjust to his cock. After a while, my ass stopped paining as much, and rather a pleasurable feeling took its place, so I pushed my ass more on his cock.

He understood that I was comfortable. Without wasting any time, he gave a hard push and slid almost half his cock into me. This hurt me somewhat, but I couldn’t scream. So I just moaned louder, and a tear rolled down my eyes. Again, Sharad waited for me to get comfortable.

I loved the way he was letting me adjust to his actions. He was so caring that he did not rush into things which would cause me more pain. So, as I got comfortable, I again hinted at him to push more. He now gave string push and slid his entire cock in my ass.

It completely opened all the levels in my anus, and I was absolutely in heaven. I never knew my asshole was so deep, and there is a pleasure spot in my ass. As his dick went deeper, I found my pleasure spot and felt amazing pleasure. Finally, I lost my virginity to this extraordinary, gentle lover.

I loved the way he handled all of this and thought of pleasure along with his. Now Sharad started fucking me slowly at first. As his cock was moving in my ass, I was getting new pleasure every time. Vasanth’s cock was still in my mouth.

I was sucking it wildly, and he was also fucking my mouth hard, holding my head with both hands. Sharad was fucking me deep in my ass.

He whispered, “My jaan, I am simply falling in love with you. You are the best life partner I am ever going to have. I am going to give you all the happiness and pleasure in the world if you agree to be my lover.”

I was more than happy as I had found someone who loved me so much and gave me amazing pleasure. Now Vasanth said, “My darling, you have no idea how gorgeous you are looking.” We moved ourselves in such a way that we could see ourselves in the big mirror in Sharad’s wardrobe.

I really couldn’t believe in my eyes. I was not at all looking like a boy. My long hair wig was spread. I was looking like an angel from heaven and goddess of beauty. My fair skin was shining bright with all the sweat. I was having Vasanth’s entire cock in my mouth, which I could see pushing in and out.

Vasanth held my breast. The other one was groped fully in Sharad’s palm. Both of them were pinching and playing all sorts of games with my breasts. My round, fleshy ass was lifted high in the sky. Sharad had one hand on my back to pull and push my ass on his cock.

It was sliding in my ass more and more as he fucked me hard. Sharad was also spanking my ass hard, so it had become pink. Some of Vasanth’s precum and all the mixture in my mouth was rolling and dripping from my lips, so it made my lips shinier. I fell in love with my beauty.

I got more excited and started pushing my cock on Sharad’s dick faster. All of us were now moaning loudly in this pleasure. And Sharad started fucking harder and harder. I could now feel his cock getting hotter and longer and thicker as he fucked me.

It was hot pulsating, and with the final hardest push of the night, Sharad cum inside me. It was so hot inside my ass. I felt stream after stream of hot liquid being sprayed everywhere in my asshole. Sharad cummed and cummed and cummed in gallons. He moaned so loud while shooting his cum.

He kept spraying for about 2 minutes continuously. Finally, he collapsed on my back but did not remove his cock out. He cum so much that some of his cum was flowing out of my ass on my inner ass cheeks and rolling on my inner thighs.

He stayed like that for about five minutes and finally took his limp cock out of my ass. He grabbed the glass of my drink and collected all the liquid that was coming out of my ass and on my thighs in it. I wanted more action, and my wish was soon fulfilled by my other husband.

Now Vasanth stopped fucking my mouth and took his cock out. Now, he turned me again in such a way that I could see my face in the mirror and see him standing behind me. I looked at Sharad, who now had collapsed on the bed. His cum covered cock was shining and fully exhausted by the action.

Now Vasanth rubbed his cock head on my hole only once, and without any sign, he gave a hard push and slid all of his cock in my ass in only one go. My ass was already loosened and was lubricated because of Sharad’s semen. So I did not feel much pain.

But still, I felt Vasanth’s cock going deep into my anus as he was longer than Sharad’s. He pushed his entire cock inside in one go, due to which I moaned loudly in pleasure. He now leaned on my back and got hold of both my boobs. He started playing and teasing them as he fucked my ass.

He was also kissing my back and spanking my ass hard in between. It was already red because of a previous spanking from Sharad. He fucked me for like 10 -15 minutes which was a lot. I had already sucked his cock for about half an hour while Sharad fucked me.

And after 10 to 15 minutes of hard fucking, he held me by my waist and pulled my ass harder on his cock. His cock went deeper, became hard and hot, and he also showered all his cum in my ass itself. He cum more than Sharad, and Vasanth cum was going even deeper in my ass.

He cum so much that my ass just filled in two shots of his cum spray. The rest of it again slid on my inner asa cheek and thighs. He kept cumming for 3 to 4 minutes, so his cum almost flowed to my knees. He moaned loudly and collapsed on my back.

He whispered, “I love you so much, honey. I wish to spend my life with you. How do you like your daddy’s cock, my darling?”

I didn’t like this and said, “You are not my daddy, sir. But if you are willing, I will accept both of you as my husband. I love both of you so much and am willing to give you every pleasure a wife wishes for her husband. I will be your obedient wife. I love you so much.”

To which both of them replied, “We accept you as our loving wife, honey, and soon we are going to marry you.” He stayed on my back for 5 minutes and took his cock out, and he also gathered all the liquids in the same glass. We were all exhausted, so we just collapsed on the bed.

My cock was still hard, but it was small, around 4 inches only. Sharad came closer to me, kissed me on my lips, held my cock in his fingers and said, “Now it’s time for your pleasure.” He took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it.

I was already so excited that I could not control it. I cum just as soon as he sucked my cock for the first time. This was the first time any mouth was wrapped on my cock. Sharad now took the glass again and spit the cum in his mouth into that glass.

He raised the glass high and said, “Darling, you have become a wonderfully loving woman. You have taken the first step towards being our loving wife. Now we wish you drink this and make us your forever,” saying this, he took the glass closer to my mouth.

At this point, I was ready to do anything my future husband wanted me to do. So I drank all of it happily and swallowed everything. Both of them clapped and cheered for me. It was around 10.30 pm by now.

So Vasanth got up from bed and called my parents. “Sir, Kedar and his few friends will be staying at my place today. We want to celebrate our amazing performances.” My father had no idea what kind of performances I had delivered to please my audience.

He just said, “Okay, no problem, sir,” as he knew Vasanth as my teacher. Vasanth hung up the phone, came close to me, and kissed deep on my lips. Suddenly, both of them lifted me, one holding me by the armpits and one holding my legs.

They took me into the shower. Cleaned me completely, even by inserting their fingers in my ass hole. Then dried myself with the towel. Sharad gave me a nice set of see-through nighty and pantyhose and a lacy nipple cover bra to wear. I again looked like a sex goddess after wearing all that.

They again lifted me and carried me to the bed. They knew that I was gone weak in my legs from all the fucking I took. They laid me on the bed facing downwards. Sharad opened his wardrobe, and to my surprise, he took a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold from his wardrobe.

He handcuffed me to the edges of the bed and put a blindfold on my eyes. And said, “It is just the beginning of round two, my sweetheart.”

Hope you liked this part. This is my real life. Since that day, I have transformed completely. Please let me know in the comments, and I will keep sharing my life with you guys.