Being Toyboy To Love

Hey friends. I am Arnav from Pune. You might have read my previous stories but this one is something different. It is a real story of me and a mature lady I met through this site. So let me introduce myself first. I am a 23-year-old guy from Pune, 6 feet tall and handsome.

So let’s begin the story. It was nearly 2 years ago. I was in 3rd year of my college and had just posted a story of my experience with a neighbor of mine. I received many replies and one of them was of this lady, Ramya. It was just saying that the story was nice.

I too replied with thanks and then our conversation began. She was 38, a chubby lady like most of her age. Her hubby was a businessman shuffling between India and UK and a son studying in Delhi. So with the chats, I realize she was a lonely lady. Not only in the sexual arena but also in other things.

A lady may be having a lot of money and people to work for. But what she needs is a man who cares for her. So with some talks, she fixed that we should have a sex session at one of her farmhouses. To be frank, I had not even seen her. So it was a risk for me.

But from her chats, I could make out it was real. So now came the D day. I entered her farmhouse and met her. She was not the very ultra-modern lady but a lady with a class. After exchanging the pleasantries, we moved to the bedroom. We both were very nervous and I could see her shivering.

It was a first time experience for her other than her hubby and I could see her nervousness. Slowly I moved towards her and pulled her into a hug. I could feel her resisting it. And then I started smooching her and my hands made their way to her ass. The moment I touched it, she trembled.

I could feel she was not cooperative in the kissing too and I backed away. I could see tears in her eyes and to be frank I was fucking scared. But slowly she cooled down. I gave her a glass of water. And then she started with the story of her life.

I concluded that it along with the sex, she was missing the care and love of a man. I was like, ‘Damn! Why does this happen to me?’ So I stayed there, consoled her and left. This was then the end of my lust story. And now begins the love story.

After I left, we slowly started chatting again. We would talk about all the nonsense topics under the sun. Slowly we moved to calls which turned into late-night calls. I started accompanying her for shopping and we would meet for coffee. But still, there was no sex.

One night, while we were talking, I slowly shifted to the topic of sex and we had a mind-blowing sex chat. That’s when I realized to have more sexual pleasure, you need to do it from the heart and not the dick. We planned for a meet again at the same farmhouse.

This time I was hoping that the things which happened last time don’t repeat. So I was there in a t-shirt and jeans. While she was in a saree looking sexy and classy. This time we moved to the bed. I could sense she was not that much nervous. I slowly moved towards her and her back was touching the wall.

Slowly I kept my hands on her hips and looked in her eyes. I could see the lust but a lover’s lust and not some slut’s lust. Slowly I brought my face forward and kissed her lips. This time she reciprocated and our lips met. Her hands were all over my hairs and mine were busy caressing her ass.

I broke the kiss and saw her smiling. I again jumped upon her and started biting her earlobes. I moved down to her neck and gave a long lick there. ‘Ahhh,’ escaped from the mouth. I removed her saree pallu and could see her huge melons in her blouse.

I started madly kissing them over her blouse and she was in the pleasure of heaven. She had her eyes closed and was just taking it all in. I removed her blouse hooks. I could see her melons caged in a black bra which could explode anytime.

I could sense her hand moving near my crotch area to get a feel of my dick. I straight away unbuckled my pant. I took out of my dick and placed her hand on it. She was shocked a little. It’s strange for a lady to get a feel of another dick. Her hands were moving up and down its length while I was busy mauling her breasts.

I ripped apart her bra and now her milky globes were just mine. They had already turned red due to my mauling. Now I started licking her nipples. The best part of a mature lady is her long nipples and large areolas. And I was just feeding upon it.

Slowly I untied her petticoat and now she was just standing in her traditional panty. I took her with me on the bed and made her lie down. I slowly started my kissing and licking her toes and moved upward to the legs. Her fair milky thighs were inviting me. And I could not resist.

Some long licks and bites and I could sense she was dripping. Her panty was soaked in with her juices and I removed it before it could get wetter. She was feeling shy and started closing her legs. I went up to her and slowly kissed her. My dick was rubbing near her pussy region.

My one hand was busy playing with her breast. This made her comfortable and now she started opening her legs. It wasn’t the link type but a mature pussy which tempts many. I started rubbing her clitoris and she was moaning like anything. Slowly I inserted a finger of mine inside her.

I could feel her pussy muscles tightening. The more it went inside, the more the heat increased. She had closed her eyes and she was experiencing something unique. I started a to and fro motion of my finger and then inserted another one. This was too much for her.

She just exploded like a volcano which would never end. She was just lying like a dead log and I started kissing her back again. She was again into the mood and asked me to fuck her. I wanted to lick her and get a blowjob. But she was a traditional lady who didn’t feel comfortable with this.

So I placed a pillow below her ass, placed her legs on my shoulder. Now my dick was ready to ram her. I rubbed it near her pussy region and now she was literally begging me to insert it in. And now with a hard jerk, I was inside her. She screamed her lungs out as she was experiencing a dick after a long time.

Slowly I started moving it in and out and could see her expressions displaying pleasure. She was sweating in an air-conditioned room. I increased my pace and my balls started hitting her ass cheeks. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting. I was also feeling the build-up.

And at one moment, she just couldn’t take it all and released her juices. Her pussy just strangled my dick and I too started flooding out. Ahhh, I just collapsed upon the bed beside her. she was like feeling heaven. She just caressed my hairs with love and we went into a tight embrace.

We had a few more sessions until she left for the UK. It was a tearful goodbye from me. What I had experienced was not just lust but love.

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