Bet with GF leads to sex with bhabhi – Part 2

Hi friends, this is the continuation of my previous story. If you didn’t get a chance to read the previous one, please read that first and get back to this. Thanks for the wonderful feedback that you have shared with me.

Guys, some people were asking for the pics of my gf and bhabhi. I wouldn’t be sharing pics of anyone because I respect their privacy. And also, few people were asking whether this was a true incident. This is a 100% true incident.

Now, let’s start the story.

After the video call with my gf, I started to play with bhabhi’s boobs. I was enjoying each moment. Sucking the nipples slowly, and I could see the pleasure that my bhabhi was experiencing. Each time I sucked her boobs, she moaned slowly. She started jerking my dick while I was sucking her boobs.

And slowly, she went to my dick and started to suck it like a lollipop. Within no time, my dick was saluting her. She came and sat on my dick in the cowgirl position. This is my power position. I fuck like hell in this position (only my gf knows how hard I fuck).

I started fucking her slowly. I was trying to reach as much inside as possible, filling her pussy. She was enjoying all of this, and after 5 minutes, I started to fuck her hard. I could see her expression changing on her face. She started to every enjoy it more. It is both pain and pleasure she is experiencing now.

While fucking her hard, I started to slap her boobs as well. The room was filled up with sounds of moans and slaps. After a few minutes, the baby made some noise, and then we realized that baby was sleeping. I was now slapping slowly, and she also controlled her moans.

After 15 minutes of drilling her pussy, both of us cum, and she faints on me. My dick was still inside her pussy, but she fell on me. After 10 minutes, I again started to slowly fuck her, but she was begging me to leave for tonight. So I left her, and we slept next to each other.

The next day bhabhi woke up before me. She got a coffee and woke me as well, around 6. I was still naked, but my bhabhi was wearing a nighty. She handed over the coffee to me and returned to the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and hugged her from behind.

I was kissing and licking her neck and ears. At the same time, I was pressing her boobs and playing with them over her dress. Later she turned around and kissed me.

Bhabhi: I had my best time with you yesterday, and thanks for it.

Me: This is not the last best time. We would have more such times.

I again turned her backside and made her bend in the doggy position. I started to insert into her pussy from the back. I started to fuck her slowly, and the room was full of our tap-tap sounds. After 10 minutes of fucking her, the calling bell rang, and I had to leave her.

I went to the room again and acted as if I was asleep. Bhabhi opened the door, and my mom it was. She came in and woke me up. I did a flying kiss to my bhabhi and went home. I fell on the bed after going into my home and received a message from my gf.

GF: Good morning, baby!

Me: Very good morning, baby.

GF: How come you woke up this soon? I thought you might be tired after yesterday night.

Me: No baby, I woke up long back, I started one more round, but mom came and disturbed us.

GF: OMG! Did you guys get caught?

Me: No, we were doing it in the kitchen. Mom rang the calling bell.

GF: Oh! I hope you guys had a good time.

Me: Yeah, we had a good time, but not as much as we both had together.

GF: Don’t lie, baby.

Me: I’m not lying, baby. I think she is not having the much stamina that you have. She fell just after one horse ride only.

Gf: Baby, it is not easy to sustain your horse ride. You fuck so hard. I feel sad for bhabhi. How is she now?

Me: You only ask her.

GF: I don’t have her number.

Me: Ok, wait, I will create a common group

I created a common group of me, my gf and bhabhi. I named the group buddies. My bhabhi has changed the name to fuck buddies.

Gf: How are you, Sis? Is everything fine?

Me: Yea, everything is fine. See how she has instantly changed the group name.

Bhabhi: Yea, Priya, everything is fine. I’m good.

GF: If you say so, he didn’t fuck you well.

Me: Yea, baby, I fucked her only once.

Bhabhi: What? Only once, we both have cummed twice. Don’t you remember that?

Me: The first was foreplay, and the other was the entire session.

GF: Generally, this idiot wont leave just with one round!

Bhabhi: He fucked me hard, sis. It was the first time for me that hard, and he started again in the morning. Butt luckily aunty has rescued me.

GF: Hahaha, you are saying this just for 1 single session. Generally, with me, he gets wild and typically won’t leave without 5-6 rounds. That, too very wild sex. Generally, my vagina gets swollen.

We all started to chat frequently on WhatsApp and other texting apps daily. Slowly it became sex chats and nude video calls. The frequency of these also increased. We were all desperate to meet and have much more fun. We were waiting for the right time and moment.

This continued for around 3 months. Then finally, our wait came to an end. One of my bhabhi’s cousin’s brother’s marriage got fixed. My bhabhi wanted to attend that marriage in her village. She decided that this would be the right time for us to enjoy ourselves.

So she invited Priya and me to the marriage, and we also readily accepted the invitation. My bhabhi went to her village a week before the marriage. My brother didn’t get enough leaves, so he decided to arrive a day before marriage. We, on the other hand, attended the marriage 5 days before.

My bhabhi’s house was an old type of house and its a 2 floors house. Her parents used to stay on the ground floor, and the above floor has 2 rooms. The kid was always with the grandparents. They loved to play with him a lot. So we stayed in the above rooms happily.

Priya and I used to stay in one room, and my bhabhi used to stay in the other room. One day, during the evening, we three sat on the bed and started talking. After 5 minutes, I took Priya into my hands and grabbed her boobs over her t-shirt. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Priya wore a t-shirt and track pants, and my bhabhi wore kurta pyjama. Later I took my hands into her t-shirt and pressed her boobs aggressively. I then looked at my bhabhi, and her eyes were filled with horniness. Priya said, “It’s time to play with Sis,” leaving me for some time.

I took my bhabhi into my hands and removed her top. I started to press her boobs. After a few minutes, she started to moan. I started to enjoy it more. In the meantime, Priya removed bhabhi’s pajamas and started kissing and licking bhabhi’s thighs and legs.

Slowly I removed bhabhi’s bra, and Priya removed her underwear. Now my bhabhi was nude before Priya and me. She looked damm sexy and like a sex goddess. By this time, bhabhi’s pussy started oozing. Priya said that all the juice was getting wasted.

I jumped onto the pussy to suck all the juice. Priya went on near bhabhi’s boobs. The ladies kissed passionately, and I was sucking my bhabhi’s pussy. Slowly bhabhi started to remove Priya’s t-shirt and bra and started to suck her boobs just like her baby does to bhabhi.

Then bhabhi removed Priya’s pant and panty and started to finger Priya’s pussy. After 15 minutes, bhabhi had cum, and we decided to change places. Now I pulled Priya down and started to lick her pussy. On the other hand, Priya was fondling bhabhi’s boobs and licking bhabhi’s pussy.

10 minutes later, Priya also cum. The room was full of moans, and both the ladies were exhausted. We all three rested on the bed for some time. After 20 minutes, both the ladies started to suck my dick. It was a fantastic feeling that I had experienced.

Bhabhi sat on my dick, and I was pumping her hard. Priya came and sat on my face keeping her pussy near my mouth to lick. And both the ladies were playing with each other’s boobs and kissing. This continued for 15 minutes, and I cum in my bhabhi’s pussy.

After some time, we were on the way to drill Priya’s pussy. But just then, bhabhi’s parents called us. So we had to stop there and leave.

This is my threesome experience, and this is a true incident. All of this was possible because of my gf. I love her so much.

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