Bet With Hot, Married Colleague Led To Romantic Session

Hi people, this is Cum drainer, your favorite writer and fuck buddy. I lost my previous account, so I have created a new account. But nothing to worry about, I will keep posting my beautiful encounters and will keep making you all wet.

This time I’m writing about the incident regarding my encounter with my colleague Smita (real name).

About me, I am 5’9″ tall, with a 6-inches tool that can quench anyone’s thirst for sex.

So I was working in MNC, NCR region (still there). And she was from another team. Her age was 37. She was married, mother of a kid, but fucking HOT! Her figure was 36-30-38. My hot colleague’s most beautiful asset was her ass, which I used to squeeze while kissing her.

We both used to work the same shift. So, we shared a great connection. We both were open-minded, but we never discussed our sex lives.

We used to spend a lot of time together in cafes or while waiting for a cab. Then we exchanged our contacts and started texting on WhatsApp. She used to wear leggings most of the time or sometimes one piece.

And the day she wore a one-piece, black dress, covering her thighs up to middle length only, my breath was taken away. Oh man! Smita was looking fucking hot. I complimented her.

Me: You are going to be the centre of attraction in today’s meeting.

She: Looks like someone is checking me out today (and she winked).

Me: Only a fool will try not to do it. Let’s go to the meeting.

We both were sitting next to each other. But I was not focusing on the meeting. My eyes were ogling those thighs which were covered by one-piece. Then Smita hit me by her feet and whispered –

She: Focus on the meeting!

Then I adjusted myself. The meeting went for 1 hour. After we were free, we both decided to go for lunch.

Me: I need to get my mobile. You go and I will see you in 2 minutes.

She: I am not in hurry, come soon.

And my hot married colleague started walking slowly. Then I grabbed my mobile and saw her (from the back). I was stuck for a moment as I saw her ass was swinging so smoothly. I was lost for a few minutes.

Then she saw me and called me by my name many times. But I was not listening. Smita came back and punched me lightly and I came back to my senses.

Then we had lunch and after a short walk, we were back to the floor. We were discussing the over weekend plan, etc. Then I told her that –

Me: This month I will be the top scorer (performance-wise).

She: Keep dreaming, I will beat you easily.

Me: No chance, baby.

She: Wanna bet?

Me: Of course.

She: If I win, then you’ll have to do as I say for a day.

Me: I don’t mind. But what if you lose?

She: What do you want?

Me: Ammm, can’t think of anything now. But I will let you know.

She: Sure.

We left for the day. Then she texted me.

She: Have you decided?

Me: Amm, you tell me what you want me to ask for?

She: We can spend some quality time while lunch.

Me: Is that something new?

She: So, what else?

Suddenly I got an idea to get her in my bed. But not this way.

Me: You have to kiss me (alone).

She: What? Do you know what you are asking for?

Me: The thing I deserve, the thing which I always wanted (wink).

She: No way.

Me: Means you lost the bet already, you loser.

She: I accept the challenge. Because you are not gonna win this time anyhow.

Me: Just wait for tomorrow, the result will be out.

We both said good night and slept. The next day, I was excited. I was sure that I was going to be the top scorer. Then she came and we exchanged smiles.

Me: Keep your words and be ready to kiss me.

She: You better wait for the result and wait to do as I say.

The result was declared after 2 hours. The names were displayed on the screen. And I knew it, I won again. I was looking at her face and winked. People congratulated me and asked for a celebration and I was literally jumping. Then I told her-

Me: I want my reward.

My colleague left without saying anything. We left for the day and then I texted her.

Me: Do you want to kiss me?

No response from her for the next 3 minutes.

She: You will get what you deserve.

Me: Don’t put on any makeup, even lipstick.

The next day, we met and she was smiling when she saw me. We were roaming outside and there were many people. We were discussing random stuff and she suddenly kissed me on my cheek. I was shocked and luckily no one saw us. Then I whispered –

Me: This is not a kiss.

And she smiled. We were waiting for the lift. The lift arrived and only 2 were in that lift. I was dying to kiss her in the lift, but the bloody camera was there. But somehow, I just planted a kiss on her lips. Then I told her-

Me: We will go to lunch together.

We started doing the daily task. But I was only waiting for lunchtime. On the previous day, I took a tour of my building, so that we could kiss without any interference. And I found a place.

I thought that was the correct place to feel her lips. Time was running slow. Somehow I waited for lunchtime, but I was hungry for her only. Then we had lunch and she whispered-

She: Just move along with me.

We were roaming around there and she said-

She: Come to basement level 1.

That bitch had planned for another place. It was a bit risky, but still, a good place to kiss her. We went downstairs and looked around. No one was there. Then I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer and kissed her.

To be continued…

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