Betrayal In Friendship – Chapter 1

It was 2005 when we shifted to Sangli (Maharashtra). I and Parth grew up together, we were in the same class since kindergarten. Our mothers also grew as best friends from then. We were like brothers and our mothers, they were like sisters.

Sangita(Parth’s Mom) treated me like her own son. Time flew and now we were young enough. We were 19 years old. We had completed our 12th.

It was a hard time for my family. We had many issues going on and my family had to visit the village every now and then. I was left behind to stay at Parth’s house every time. We studied together but since we had different colleges, we had different timelines.

One day when I woke up early in the morning, I went near the toilet to pee and saw my friend’s mom Sangita coming out of the bathroom only with a towel wrapped around her body, revealing her cleavage which turned me on.

For the first time in my life, I felt sexually attracted to her. I cursed myself for this. I was ashamed. Days passed and I got more attracted and felt like she was observing my change but never said anything.

It was December and like always, my family left me behind with Parth and his family. When I reached Parth’s house, I came to know that he was going to the college picnic tomorrow.

I was so sad as it was weekend and I thought we could have fun together. But I was happy for him because he could spend some time with friends and forget about studies for two days.

We started helping him pack his stuff. And suddenly his father came, he was so tensed. Sangita went inside to ask what was the matter.

After some time, we came to know that there has been a bus accident near Mahabaleshwar ghat (Mountain road) and his best friend was traveling on that bus. The bus went offroad and was stuck in the woods 50 feet from the Highway. He left immediately.

Parth and Sangita were shocked. He wanted to cancel his trip but Sangita insisted that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT. Next morning at 5 am, Parth went to his trip. I woke up early to say goodbye. Now it was only me and my friend’s mother Sangita in the house. And it was all going to change tonight.

As I was awake early, I thought to be productive of that time and study. I had a shower and started studying. After some time, Sangita called me to help her. It was a heavy metal box filled with water (it was Uncle’s business material).

Sangita told me to help her pick it up. As she bent, I could see her deep cleavage and boobs through her lowcut dress. My friend’s mom caught me and reacted, “Ahm Ahm”. I was baffled and afraid. But somewhere inside, I was feeling horny. And I started finding chances to see her boobs and touch it by mistake. She noticed it but didn’t say a thing.

We had dinner and I was helping her with the utensils. While bringing utensils to the kitchen, I unintentionally spilled some water on the floor. And..and..Sangita slipped on that. She injured her leg. She had a sprain. I ran when I heard the sound. She was struggling to stand.

I picked her up and took her to the sofa. I brought a balm (lotion) to apply it on the sprain. She lifted her gown for me. I was hesitant to touch her. She was clean shaved under there. Her legs felt like silk.

I started applying the balm and said sorry. I felt guilty. Tears rolled down my eyes. She smiled and lifted me up saying, “It’s ok Rohan, it’s not your fault. I didn’t see the water on the floor, now stop caring, my baby”.

My friend’s mom kissed me on my forehead. I was staring in her eyes and I don’t know what took over me, but I kissed her on her lips. I locked my lips on hers. She was awestruck. She pushed me and went inside struggling to walk without saying any word. I thought I ruined everything and had made the biggest mistake of my life.

I went to my room and started studying. Books were in my hand but my mind was filled with what I did. And if she tells my mom and dad then I am totally screwed. My father would beat me a lot. I started thinking of the future possibilities of my hell life.

At night, she called me in the hall. I saw her sitting on the sofa watching TV. I sat beside her and uttered, “Sorry, aunty”. Her eyes were filled with tears. She wasn’t looking at me. I kept saying sorry but she didn’t respond.

After a while, she asked, “Why did you do that?”. “I don’t know, it happened spontaneously”, I replied. She questioned me, “Do you have any feelings for me?”. I was numb. I said nothing. “You are like my son Rohan, how could you have done that?”. I started crying, “I am sorry for that, it won’t happen again!”.

Sangita kept her hand on my lap and looked towards me. We were looking into each other’s eyes. Our eyes were filled with tears. Suddenly, she leaned and kissed me on my lips! Our lips were locked. This was the first kiss of my life. We were in a deep passionate kiss. I didn’t know how to do it, but she was taking me with the flow. It was a perfect kiss.

We broke it after approximately 2 minutes. “This was the first kiss of my life,” she said. I was awestruck. I asked, “But you are married and uncle must have done it?”.

“No”, she replied. “He only has sex and that involves only his dick and my vagina”. I knew now that she really needs good sex. I have been watching a lot of porn films and I thought I knew how to satisfy her.

“I will show you what real SEX is”, I said to my friend’s mom and grabbed her hand. I took her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed.

I went near her and took her face in my hands and started kissing. I removed her gown. She was only in her white bra and black panty. I started kissing her neck and went down till cleavage. She was moaning, “Awww”. Then I removed my t-shirt and shorts and she could see my 6-inch dick rising through my undies.

I pressed her boobs over the bra. She was feeling that with her eyes closed. I could see the happiness on her face. I went down and removed her panties.

I widened her legs and started kissing her pussy. She pushed me away. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”, she questioned. I smiled and said, “Making you feel special and showing you what real sex is”.

I started kissing her again. I put my tongue in her pussy and started licking it. She was moaning like hell, “Ahhhh Ahhh Rohan it’s great Ahhhh”. I licked her till she threw her juices over my face. She was very happy. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy.

Sangita then took my face in her hands and lifted me up. She started kissing me. “I am feeling really special today”, she said. She moved her hand over my undies and removed it afterward. I guided my dick to the heaven..her pussy. It was tight. So I took it out. “It needs lubrication”, she said.

My friend’s mom took my dick in her hand and started licking it. It was the best feeling for me. She was sucking it like a pro. We were in the mood. But, suddenly we heard a knock on the main door. KNOCK!! KNOCK!!


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