Bhabhi turned me from a boy into a man – Part 2

Hi again to all the fans of sex stories. Ronak here, and I’m back with the next part of the story, where I got the first real sex experience of my life.

I’m overwhelmed by the feedback I got and also by so many people requesting to post the next part. So here I bring the next part of the story for all of you. Apologies for a little delay and for making you wait. But I’m putting in my best effort so that you all feel that the waiting was worth it.

Let’s continue from where we left off.

It was a perfect set-up. Bhabhi’s boobs almost popped out of her bra. My cock resting on her palm. Her nightie raised all the way to her upper thighs. The moon shone brightly, bathing the terrace in cool, faint, milky white light. The scene was so erotic.

Very little doubt was left in my mind that my lovely Bhabhi was trying to seduce me. It was going to be my lucky night that I was going to get the first pussy for my hungry cock. A cool breeze was flowing, but it did not affect the heat building up between the two of us.

Both of us knew where it was going to end. Both of us wanted to go all the way but waiting for the other one to make the next move. I waited for 5 minutes, maybe 10. Then, slowly, I raised my right leg and rested on her left leg.

Both of us were still pretending to be asleep while clearly knowing that the other one was awake. That move pressed my cock further into Bhabhi’s palm. I’m sure she could feel the girth and length of my rock-hard cock in her palm.

It must have had her juices flowing between her legs in anticipation of getting my hard cock inside her pussy soon. I could see that her breathing had become much heavier. In fact, a light moan escaped her mouth when she felt my cock on her palm.

Till this moment, we were pretending that everything was happening unknowingly, unintentionally. But the moment of truth had come where pretension had to come to its end. As if both of us realized at the same instance that the time to pretend was over, we both made our moves simultaneously.

I started caressing her leg with my toes from her ankle to knee and back to ankle, and in response, I felt my cock getting gripped by her fingers. My god. This was really happening. What a heavenly feeling it was to get my cock held by someone else other than myself and that too by such a hot young woman!

She brought her left hand, which was resting on my waist all the way up to my face, and started caressing my right cheek. I opened my eyes and saw that her eyes were also open and staring straight into my eyes. A smile was there on her lips.

She brought the forefinger of her left hand onto my lips, gesturing me to keep quiet. Then she started caressing my cheek again while shaking my hard-on up and down very slowly over my shorts. I kept caressing her leg with my toes. Then she slid closer to me.

Now, our bodies were touching each other. Her breasts touched my chest, and our faces were just inches apart. I could smell her body, and she smelt lovely. I could feel the heat in the air she exhaled. I held my desire to initiate action and let her take the lead.

I was going to lose my virginity, and I wanted it to be a beautiful moment. However, I had read a lot about lovemaking. I felt that when I was getting this opportunity with a mature and experienced young woman. I should let her guide me to make it the best memory.

She kept looking into my eyes. I felt like I was getting drowned in those eyes. Then she brought her face closer. Our lips were just a few millimetres apart. Her wet lips shone in the bright moonlight. Then she closed her eyes and placed her lips ever so gently on my lips.

My eyes also shut automatically as the focus of my entire consciousness was on this sensation I felt on my lips. The touch of soft, wet lips on my lips was all that I had imagined in my fantasies and much more. She pressed her lips a little over my lips, feeling my young lips.

Then she pulled back. She stopped shaking my cock and brought her right hand up to hold my face in both hands. Then she kissed me again. This time a little longer and harder. I didn’t know when and how my right hand had moved on her back and started caressing her back.

I pushed her more into me with my right hand. Her kissing became more intense with every passing second. Then she started sucking my lips one by one. I was lost in that sensation. It felt that time had stopped, and I didn’t want it to end ever.

She withdrew again for a moment. We adjusted our bodies so that they were pressed to each other head to toe. Our legs were entangled with each other, doing their things. Our crotches were pressed hard so that my hard cock was stuck firmly into her pussy area. Her big melons were pressed flat on my chest.

I could feel her hard nipples poking on my chest through her bra and nightie. Then, she began the third round of kissing. This time, it turned into a full-fledged mouth-to-mouth kiss. After sucking my lips to her heart’s content, her tongue snaked its way into my mouth.

She moved her tongue around inside my mouth before strongly pressing it on my tongue. I must say that she tasted great. And the ecstatic feeling of experiencing that powerful kiss was far beyond the words. I didn’t know how much time had gone by.

We were just engrossed in that kiss. My right hand, having its mind, had moved down onto her hips and was pressing them hard. I could no longer hold back and started kissing her actively. I slid my left hand under her body and hugged her tight. I kissed her back with great intensity.

I was sucking her luscious lips vigorously while raising her nightie with my right hand all the way up to her waist and pressing her naked ass cheeks by sliding my hand inside her panties. She started moaning now. Now, I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and explored every corner of it with my tongue.

Our tongues wrestled with each other for supremacy. Then I left her ass and brought my right hand up to caress her left breast over her nightie. What an otherworldly feeling it was to hold that soft spongy, yet firm boob in my hand.

All that I had imagined a woman’s breast would feel in my hand paled compared to what I experienced then. Bhabhi bucked her hips into my crotch. The intensity of her moans increased as I pressed her left boob gently. And she kissed me back with even more vigour.

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