Bhabhi turned me from a boy into a man

Hello everyone. I’m back with another story. This time, it’s about my first encounter with real sex.

This was way back in the early 90s when I pursued my junior college. Those were when there was no internet, and satellite TV was also relatively new. And visit to Mama’s place (Maternal Uncle) in summer holidays was a norm.

I also spent most of my summer holidays at my Mama’s place every year. I was the favourite among all the nephews there. Always used to get royal treatment.

My elder cousin (Mama’s elder son) got married. He had found a beautiful woman from a nearby village as his wife. At that time, I was quite young, and I liked her a lot, and she also liked me. She showered me with love and care and cooked my favourite dishes whenever I visited there.

As time passed, I grew up quickly, and in no time, I was just 19. Having decent height, I also had a toned body due to my regular sports activities. I started reading erotic stories secretly, which got published in B-grade publications like Dafa 302 and Manohar Kahaniya.

I also watched C-grade Malayalam movies, which ran in single-screen theatres then. I had learnt to masturbate and was doing it regularly.

Coming to the story, it was the summer holidays after junior college. I was back at my Mama’s place once again. Only my Nana, Nani, my elder cousin and my bhabhi were there then. My Mama, Mami and two younger cousins had travelled to attend a family wedding. They would return only after 3-4 days.

My elder cousin ran a Cable TV business and used to stay up late at night to address any complaints. Those days were when cable operators ran movies on the cable network every night. So, during the day, I had access to TV, VCR and a whole collection of VHS tapes of different movies, old and new.

This time, I planned to watch all my favourite movies. On my reaching there, bhabhiji cheerfully and warmly welcomed me by giving me a tight hug. I could feel her breasts touching my chest for a few seconds. That was the first time I sexually thought about her.

It was the first visit when I started observing her as a woman. She had fair skin and a lean but strong physique. Those were the days when hiring maids was not a norm. All household chores were taken care of by the women of the family. She used to wear sarees only during the day and full-length gowns at night.

Bhabhi would be in her late 20s at that time, I think. Her figure would be roughly 34-28-36. I started checking her out during the day and while she served me food. Her blouses were quite deep-necked and also with deep cuts at the back.

She would raise her saree to her knees and tie at her belly while sweeping off the floor. I used to feast on her deep cleavage and also her tight ass which would bulge out against the thin fabric of her saree. She didn’t try to cover her valley at the front.

I thought she didn’t do it because she considered me a kid. Later on, only I came to know her real intentions.

It was the peak summer time of May month, and Air Conditioners were a privilege of only the elite class. For us, sleeping on the terrace under the open sky was the ultimate fun in those days. Mama’s place was almost at the end of the town. So there were open spaces around it.

Cool breeze used to flow at night irrespective of how hot it became during the day. On the second night, I climbed up to the terrace late. I saw there were two beds made. One single mattress was spread for me, and two mattresses were spread side by side for my cousin and Bhabhi.

On seeing me, Bhabhi told me to sleep beside her if I wished to. She told me my cousin was out for a booze party with his friends, so that he wouldn’t return till morning. I hesitated a bit but then agreed. There was only one table fan on the terrace, and it could serve only one of us.

Bhabhi had put on a full-length, off-white cotton nightie with a V-neck with 4 hooks in front. I was in Bermuda shorts and a round-neck T-shirt. I lay there beside her. She was lying on her back on my left side. We chit-chatted a little about my studies and my parents.

Then, about my cousin’s work and their family matters. After a while, we stopped talking as the cool breeze drifted her to sleep. However, I was unable to sleep. It was the first time I could sleep alongside such hot bodied woman. After a while, she turned and slept on her left side.

Her right leg was slightly pushed forward and bent from the knee, while her left leg was straight. It was a cloudless sky, and the moon was shining brightly. Full moon night was just two days away. Because of her posture, her nightie was pulled up above her left knee, and her milky left thigh was visible.

The fabric of her nightie was pressed tightly against her shapely butt. I could easily make out her panty-line. Looking at this site, my cock started growing inside my underwear. I pulled a bedsheet over me to keep my erection hidden, but sleep was far away.

My sensibilities had gone away, and my hormones took over. I also turned to my left and slid a little towards her, pretending to be asleep and put my right hand over her around her waist. She didn’t move. Then I adjusted my lower body so that my pubic area came in contact with her ass just a little.

I could feel the softness of her ass cheeks on the tip of my erect cock. I was a little afraid and too much excited at the same time. I lay there without doing anything for a few minutes. When I saw that Bhabhi was fast asleep, I pushed my hips further.

My cock slid between her ass cheeks, pushing the fabric of her nightie inside the crack between her butts. I lay there for a few minutes. Then, I could feel some stirring in her body. I didn’t move even a millimetre and lay there pretending to be asleep.

I kept my eyes half-closed to see what she would do. Her right hand moved as if scratching her neck and chest. Then she started turning and lay flat on her back. Her left hand was on her forehead, and her right was on the side. She raised her left leg bent from the knee while keeping her right leg straight.

This movement slid her gown further up. May be 3-4 inches further, and her panties would be visible. Her right hand was lying at her side with her palm open. It was just at the right level where it would touch my erection if I moved just 2 inches towards her.

I slowly looked at her legs and moved from her toes to her knees and then her thighs. Then I looked further up and was surprised to see that 3 of her 4 hooks of the nightie were open. I could see where her neckline ended, and the slope of her boobs started to rise.

Almost half of her left breast was visible. I could even see the cup of her bra, which covered the further area. My cock got even harder. I had never felt such hardness in my tool in the past. She smelled nice. Maybe she had bathed just before coming to the terrace.

I was in a sexual confusion. On one side, it looked like just a coincidence, while on the other side, deep down my heart, I felt that Bhabhi might be trying to seduce me. If that was the case, I didn’t want to miss the chance. I had to take a risk to know what exactly was going on.

I lay on my left side for a few minutes and observed Bhabhi’s torso moving up and down with her breathing. Then I made a move. A move that I would have regretted throughout my life if I didn’t make it. A move opened a new world of pleasures I had only imagined till that moment.

I pushed my hips ahead and brought my hard cock to rest on her palm. I was pretending to be asleep but observing what was happening with half-closed eyes. Then I saw what I was waiting for. She opened her eyes and tried to see downward where my hard tool was on her palm.

Then she took a deep breath and turned towards me without moving her right hand. She rested her left hand over my waist. This move made her cleavage more prominently visible. Now I could see both her boobs almost spilling out of her bra.

Those two melons were just inches away from my mouth. Even the areola or left boob was visible where the cup of her bra started. My cock throbbed involuntarily. She shuddered a little, feeling the throbbing of my cock on her palm but didn’t open her eyes.

I could see it was more imagined than seen. A smile appeared on her lips momentarily. Her breathing got a little heavier now. And during all this, she didn’t attempt to push her gown down to cover the nudity of her lower body.

I think I’ll stop now and continue further in the second part. Awaiting your comments eagerly. To remind you all, my email id is . Don’t forget to drop a line. I will post the second part soon, depending on the feedback received.