Bonding Between Siblings – Part 3

Hi, my name is Sanket. Today, I am writing the next installment of a fictional story about the incestuous relationship between a brother and sister.

Before we begin, I would like to thank my audience for appreciating the first two installments. Those who have not read it, please read the first and second parts first.

Now, continuing the story where we left it. Pratik sat in his room half nude wondering what he should do when sleep took over him.

Pratik woke up half an hour later and was feeling hungry. He was unaware that he was still undressed, and he headed straight for the kitchen. His sister Himani was kneading the dough to prepare roti in the kitchen.

A sleepy Pratik went ahead to get some water. Himani noticed him and said –

Himani: Apni talwar to myan mein kijiye shehzade saab. (Put your sword in the scabbard, young prince.) (she tainted.)

Pratik: Meri talwar ki myan to tere paas hai, rajkumari sahiba(You have my scabbard, princess), (he chided back.)

Pratik: Himani.

Himani: Hmm?

Pratik: Thanks, toone jo kiya uske liye (Thanks, for what you did back there).

Himani: It’s okay, jaake pant pehen le (It’s okay, go and wear your pants).

Pratik: Kya farak padta hai? Aise acha lagta hai. Waise bhi toone dekh hi liya hai, to ab kya chhupana? (What’s the point? This feels good. Besides you have seen it already.)

Himani: Hmm.

Pratik: So, Alfiya di.

Himani: Uska kya? (What of her?)

Pratik: Mujhe nahi pata tha tujhe ladkiyon mein interest hai(I didn’t know you were interested in girls).

Himani: Aisa nahi hai. We were just experimenting. Waise bhi sab ko hi urges hote hai ye. (It’s nothing like that. We were just experimenting. Besides everyone has urges.)

Then Pratik went near her and hugged her from behind and whispered in her ears.

Pratik: Tera khayaal tere chhote bhai ko rakhne de (Let your brother take care of you).

Then he planted a kiss on her nape of the neck and allowed his hands to graze her boobs. Himani purred like a kitten. Pratik continued planting kisses on her neck. Himani was becoming ecstatic. All she could manage to say was, “No”.

Then Pratik started squeezing her boobs from above her T-shirt. Suddenly, Himani’s phone rang. Both of them came back to their senses. Himani picked up the call, and it was their mother.

Himani’s mother: Ho gaya kya paper? (Done with the exam?)

Himani: Haa, kab ka. Ghar bhi aa gaye hum (Yes, a while ago. We even reached home).

Himani’s Mother: Kaisa tha? (How was it?)

Himani: Acha tha (It was good).

Pratik started playing with his sibling’s ass. Himani widened her eyes and looked at him with a look of anger in her eyes and motioned him to stop. Pratik ignored her and pulled down her shorts.

Himani’s mother: Kya kar rahi abhi? (What are you doing now?)

Himani: Khaana bana rahi hu (Preparing meal).

Then Pratik started rubbing her pussy over her panty. Himani scowled at him, begging him to stop but her body was reacting otherwise. Her hips matched the rhythm of his fingers.

Himani’s mother: Hello.

Himani: Hmmmm.

Himani’s mother: Tu theek to hai na? (Are you feeling okay?)

Himani came out of the ecstatic reverie and answered: Haa, sabzi taste kar rahi thi. Mast bani hai. (Yes, was tasting the meal. It tastes nice.)

Pratik started feeling her bare pussy now. It was dripping with her juices. Then Pratik tasted her nectar from her thighs. Himani felt disgusted and aroused at the same time. She wanted to push him away but also wanted him to continue.

Himani: Abhi hum khaana kha lete. Main baad mein call karti (We are having lunch now. I’ll call you later).

Pratik’s tongue was about to enter her pussy now.

Himani’s mother: Arre sunn, hum kal shaam tak aa rhe hai. (Arre listen, we will be coming till tomorrow evening.)

Hearing this, both of them paused.

Then Himani asked: Kyu? (Why?)

Himani’s mother replied: Arre kal chhoti si party hai bua ke yaha. Wo karke aayenge. (There is a small party at aunt’s house. After that, we will come.)

“Acha”, Himani responded.

After a few more pleasantries, their mother cut the call. Pratik’s lust was on cloud nine. He enthusiastically started lapping Himani’s pussy. Himani too, was enjoying the attention her pussy was getting.

She moaned: Oh, fuck! Mmm, Aaahh.

Then Pratik stopped licking his sister’s cunt and went to his room. Himani stood there, a bit dazed. She felt various emotions at the same time – surprise, arousal, shame, fear, and disappointment.

She tried to get back to work. Absent-mindedly, she cleaned the kitchen counter and stood there. Just as she was getting a grip on her mind, Pratik came and turned her to face him. Himani turned in shock. Before she could recover, Pratik began to kiss her. Lust took over her and she reciprocated.

He started feeling her body. His hands caressed her arms while his tongue explored her mouth. He traced circles over her shoulder and pushed her over the kitchen counter. She complied.

Her breathing increased. Pratik’s hands were now fondling her soft, tender boobs over his sister’s t-shirt. As he started pressing her boobs, her nipples grew hard. Pratik pinched her nipples while still kissing her. Himani pulled him closer.

Pratik then lifted her t-shirt and started feeling her bare boobs. Simultaneously, he started kissing her neck. Himani closed her eyes and merely enjoyed the sensation of her brother kissing her and fondling her boobs. Her hands caressed his head and urged him to continue. Every now and then, a moan or a purr would escape from her lips.

Pratik proceeded with removing her t-shirt. He stood back a moment to relish the view of his sister naked on the kitchen counter.

Himani tried to hide her boobs behind her arms but failed. Her face turned red. Pratik brought out a pair of scissors that he had got from his room.

“Yeah kis liye chahiye?” (What is the need for this?), Himani asked.

“Sab samjh aa jayega. Darr matt, kuch dangerous nahi karunga.” (You’ll see. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything dangerous), Pratik replied.

He then went forward to remove Himani’s arm from her boobs and started sucking on her nipples. There were many things Himani wanted to say but now was not the time. Her mind had gone blank.

Pratik was now kissing every inch of her body. At last, he reached her pussy. Himani’s panty was dripping with her cunt juices. Pratik started sucking them. He then used his scissors to cut the panty and made a hole around Himani’s cunt.

“Ab tu ye din bhar pehan sakti aur main tujhe chod sakta hu (Now you can wear this all day and I can fuck you)”, Pratik told her with a smile.

For some reason, Himani found it very hot. She couldn’t help but felt aroused because of all the attention her brother was giving her. Then Pratik smooched her again. This time Himani’s hand found Pratik’s dick which was completely erect and oozing with precum.

She used his precum to lubricate his dick and positioned it over her vagina. Pratik needed no instruction. Without any further delay, he rammed his cock inside her pussy.

“Aaaahhhh Behenchod..” Himani cried. Before her cry could increase, Pratik caught it in his own mouth. Himani was not willing to move. Blood ran down from her vagina indicating the broken hymen. Pratik, too, stayed put.

Slowly, as Himani got used to the pain, she shifted her hip slightly. No matter how hard she tried, Pratik was not letting her break their kiss. As she moved, a ripple of pleasure flowed through her body. Pratik also became aware that her pain had subsided.

Then slowly, he started fucking his sister’s pussy. Himani also began to enjoy it. She hugged Pratik and wrapped her legs around him. The thap-thap sounds of their bodies colliding reverberated in the kitchen.

After a few strokes, Pratik picked her up and started fucking her there itself. His dick was hitting his sister’s womb and Himani started having light orgasms. Pratik increased his pace and came inside her. Himani felt him shoot his load in her womb. She did not say a thing. They just stood there, and Himani was on her brother’s nursemaid’s elbow.

Her legs locked around his hips, and his dick sheathed inside her pussy. Her arms were around his neck and their lips locked in a smooch.

After a few minutes, Himani got down. She went on her knees and started giving her brother a cleanup blowjob. Once she had licked his dick clean, she said-

Himani: Jaa aur kisi medical store se condoms leke aa. Mere ko tere jaisa tharki bachha nahi chahiye. (Go and bring condoms from some medical store. I don’t want a perverted kid like you.)

Pratik smiled, got dressed and rushed out. Once he was back, they had a few more rounds of sex. Pratik fulfilled all his fantasies and Himani, too, got a taste of male cock. They spent their day and the night in passionate lovemaking.

The next day, their family got back home in the evening and they tried their best to pretend that everything was fine. But their mother could sense something was amiss.

However, only one person other than those two knew what had transpired. Himani had many other adventures in college before she eventually got married and settled down. But more on that in the later parts.

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Until then, Thank you, and have great and safe sex.