Bonding Between Siblings – Part 4

Hello all, this is a side story of the siblings Himani and Pratik’s relationship as observed by their cousin Rajshri.

A quick intro of Rajshri. Rajshri was the cousin of Pratik and Himani. She lived near their house and was quite close to them. Her height was 5’5” and she had a 33-26-32 figure. She was about 4 years elder than Himani.

Our story begins after Pratik finally got to fuck his sister Himani in the kitchen and Himani asked Pratik to get condoms.

Rajshri was returning from her office. Due to low workload, she had ensured that she would get a half day. Her mom had called and asked her to accompany her cousins who had stayed back because Himani had an important exam.

Rajshri was already planning what all games they were going to play and how they would be enjoying their time together when she noticed Pratik standing at the pharmacy counter. It was an unusual sight.

There were many pharmacies near his house, what was he looking for here? Was it something serious? Was Himani not feeling well? She went near him and was about to call when he called out the shopkeeper –

Pratik: Ek condom ka packet dena (a packet of condoms, please).

Rajshri was shocked by what she heard. Her little cousin was having a physical relationship with someone?! Who was that girl? She had to know more. Then she hid among the crowd as Pratik paid for a packet of condoms and rushed away.

Rajshri tailed Pratik to his own home. What was going on? Why did Pratik have a girl at his place? Did his sister Himani not object to it?

Rajshri thought for a moment: If I barge in, they would either be scared or alerted, neither of which is a good idea. I need to know more.

Then she tiptoed to the back gate of the house and let herself in. The house seemed silent, almost as if no one was at home. Something felt wrong. She observed that Pratik’s clothes were thrown astray.

“Someone was clearly in a hurry,” she thought to herself. Then she tiptoed toward the bedroom, trying her best to catch her cousin brother red-handed. As she neared the bedroom, she heard the sounds of smooching. Rajshri smiled to herself. Her little brother was enjoying.

As she neared the door, she heard her brother moan, “Aaahhh Himani, kya mast choochiyan hai teri!” (Aaahhh Himani, what wonderful boobs you have!)

Rajshri froze. This must have been a mistake. She must have heard incorrectly. Why would Pratik talk to his sister like that? This must be someone else with the same namesake. She was not prepared for what she heard next. It was Himani – her and Pratik’s sister who replied:

Himani: Kyu itne pasand hai tum ladko ko boobs? Wo Avi ka dhyaan bhi mere choochiyon pe hi rehta hai (Why do you boys love boobs? That Avi also keeps his attention on my boobs most of the time.)

Then Rajshri slowly opened the door to take a peek. What she saw shook her to the core. Himani was relieved of her clothing and pinned against the wall. Pratik too was naked. His hands were mauling his sister Himani’s tits. Their lips joined into a wet sloppy kiss.

Himani’s hands were exploring Pratik’s body. Pratik’s hands were exploring Himani’s butt and boobs. They looked like a couple on honeymoon!

Rajshri stood there, not knowing what to do. A part of her wanted to stop her before they did anything wrong. She was about to barge in when Himani said –

Himani: Is baar andar daalne se pehle condom mujhe pehnana hai. Mujhe ek cheez try karni hai. (This time before inserting, I want to place the condom. I want to try something.)

Rajshri brought both her hands to her mouth. They had done it before!

Then Himani said: Ek condom de (Give me a condom).

Then Pratik dutifully handed a condom to his sibling. Rajshri peeked in to see what was happening. Himani held the packet of condoms by her teeth and proceeded to tie her hair back in a bun as she sat on her knees.

She then held the packet in her hand and started sucking her brother’s dick like a lollipop. Pratik groaned a little. Himani felt his precum leak a bit. Then she sucked on his balls a little. And then she tore the packet and took the condom in her mouth and used her mouth to cover Pratik’s dick with a condom.

Prarik: Wow Himani, ye kab seekha? Aisa lagta hai main pehla nahi jise toone choosa hai? (Wow Himani, when did you learn this? It seems I am not the only one whose dick you have sucked.)

Then Himani replied: Ek porn mein dekha tha maine ye (I saw it in porn).

Pratik smiled as he bent toward her and started smooching her again. He pinned her to the wall again and started sucking his sister’s boobs again.

Himani begged: Aaahh behanchod, kitna intezaar karwayega? Chod ab mujhe (Aaahh sisterfucker, how long will you make me wait? Fuck me now.)

Pratik replied: Jo hukum meri raand (As you wish, my whore).

He thrust his dick inside his sister. Himani was sandwiched between Pratik and the wall. Pratik kept fucking her for a good 5 minutes before he came.

Then he carried Himani to the bed and started licking his sister’s pussy. Not knowing what to do, Rajshri recorded all of it on her phone.

Pratik was hard again now. Then Himani helped him wear another condom and then started riding him. Pratik watched as his sister’s boobs jiggled in front of him while his shaft penetrated her pussy.

He got up and started kissing her boobs and tummy. As he got up, his penis penetrated a little further inside Himani, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body. She started having light orgasms. After some time, they both orgasmed. Then they fell onto the bed and stayed like that for some time.

Rajshri spent some more time observing them. They seemed to be fucking like rabbits in heat. She silently left leaving them to their fun.

Watching them both go at each other like that had made her horny. She immediately called her boyfriend and asked him to book a hotel for them. Then she called home and lied about staying with Pratik and Himani.

After that, she messaged Pratik to lie to her. She knew he won’t be seeing her text anytime soon, but she didn’t care. As soon as Rajshri and her boyfriend checked in, she jumped on him like a bitch in heat. They both had multiple passionate sex sessions.

But Rajshri’s lust was not satisfied. She still felt horny and could think of nothing but sex. She could only see the image of her cousins Pratik and Himani fucking each other and she knew it won’t be over unless she gets something like that.

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