Call Me Mommy – Part 6 (Shower Sex)

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I was hoping that this wasn’t all a sweet dream. My Vidya Balan lookalike mommy’s cheeks blushed. I saw it all in the faint beam from the streetlight. It highlighted both our outlines and shades as we lay side by side in my bed.

Mommy noticed the tent formed in the sheets over my crotch. She was in the pink babydoll bought from the mall. From the texture of the panty, I could guess that the best mom ever panty was dripping with her pussy juice. I slowly started rubbing her pussy.

I focused my finger on a point on her pussy when my mom suddenly started to let soft moans out. We stuck ourselves close to each other’s bodies. I didn’t let go of the pussy grab. She lifted her left leg and hugged my back, bringing her closer to me.

Me: I love you, mom!

I whispered it in her ears. She was just in her babydoll and panty. I took this chance to loosen her hair.

Me: I love seeing you like this, mom! With your hair down, you look so gorgeous.

I was gasping for air, with my heart beating fast. My bulge now poked on her sexy cute navel right through my boxers. We locked eyes. I was so horny I stuck my tongue out and touched her lips, licking them. My mouth overflowed with spit that slowly oozed out down my tongue.

My sweet mommy instinctively opened her lips and sucked on my tongue and all of my spit. Shortly we locked lips. She got on top of me. We didn’t break our kiss. I tossed away the blanket and slowly unzipped her baby doll.

Mom: Baby! Please! I can’t bear your teasing anymore.

Mommy breathed fast as I gripped her ass cheeks tight and kissed her neck passionately. She was already on top of me. She moved down and removed my boxers. Then she stood on the bed and moved directly over my face.

She dropped her panty down, and it landed right on my lips. The panty soaked in her pussy juice set my senses on fire. My uncircumcised light brown 6-inch cock flexed itself real hard. Veins popped.

Mom: Why don’t we pick up from where we paused?

Mom sat on my face and held her hands on the bedframe, supporting her weight.

Mom: Don’t you love it when I sit on your face, sweetheart? I know what you like. Your search history was always there for me to learn from.

Mommy moved her hips round and round as I sucked on her pussy lips, slowly inserting my tongue. She bit her lip and rolled her eyes back. I liked the sour taste of her pussy. Her pussy kept creaming. I kept licking and sucking.

Now her thighs started moving wildly. She arched her back in a sudden whiff giving me more area between her legs to play with. I fingered her asshole slowly and then matched it to her shaking rhythm. Her 34 sized ass enjoyed the cushion of my cheeks.

Mom covered her mouth. She was concerned about the neighbours. Her final squirt drenched my face. Mom left a deep sigh of relief. She wiped her sweaty brow with my boxers.

Mom: Don’t mind me, baby! My thong is all drenched up, you know. Now, I want to know how sweet my pussy is.

Mom was taking all the control. She locked lips with me and sucked the life out of me. She was so horny after what happened on the living room couch. Mommy stuffed my mouth with her thong.

Mom: Now it’s my turn to return the favour. Wow! It looks like I get some precum treats before going all out on your rock hard dick.

Mom licked the precum flowing down my shaft. Her tongue moved up. I was free to moan as it all would be muffled by her panty in my mouth. My abs tensed. My mom bit her lip and kissed one ab after the other.

She resumed giving me a blowjob. Mom slowly massaged my balls and went deep throat at the same time.

Mom: Grlckgrlckluck!

Mom was taking it all in. I sucked her pussy juice from her panty. After swallowing my load, mom was soaked in sweat and cuddled next to me. Both of us fell asleep quick.

We both woke up late that day. Mom walked in on me showering. She was shy and seemed like a different person from the previous night. I took the initiative as she was about to walk out.

Me: Mommy, we both are late. Maybe we should help each other out so both could be on time.

I held her wrist and slowly pulled her in. She removed her towel when I shut the bathroom door. Mom covered her nipples and pussy. I turned on the shower and helped her with it. She was still shy. She opened up her stance when I started soaping her luscious body.

Seeing her fully naked for the first time did quite a number on my dick. It was throbbing hard. We were silent until mom broke the silence.

Mom: Let me help you too, baby.

We both started working on each other with our hands. With erotic, firm strokes, I spread the lather across her body. She hugged me from behind and asked, “Do we have time for something?” She applied shower gel on her tits and started to rub my body with her voluptuous breasts.

Mom knelt to cover my thighs with her boobs. But now she noticed my erect dick and started giving me an awesome boobjob. We were brought back to reality by the sound of the clock striking. Mom got up and grabbed a razor, and spread her legs wide, leaning on the bathroom wall. She seemed to be in a rush.

She looked at me and blushed. I grabbed the razor from her hands, got down on my knees, and started shaving her pubic hair. I was so delicate with her pussy. After her pussy was clear of the bush, I swirled my finger asking her to turn around. She was confused for a second but then understood it and turned.

I stood up close to her ass. I pulled her ass back and widened her legs. After completing the task, I stood in awe, looking at her cute pussy and hairless asshole. Like I saw it back when she was down on all four, cleaning her room.

I hugged her from behind and asked, “Do we have time for something?” Mom gasped when my dick touched her fleshy pussy. My dick had fit between her legs and was teasing her pussy. I rubbed the tip of my cock on her pussy over and over. She was dumbstruck and had h.

Mom: Ahh! But! This is wrong! You’re my son, after all. Oh my gosh! Uhf!

I paused and turned her body. I had to remove her doubts and insecurities.

Me: I know I’m your son, mom. But that’s what makes this special for me. I love you. After all, you are doing what your body tells you, na? But for me, it isn’t like that, mom! I enjoy being with you. I’ll always be your baby boy.

I was caressing her body and slowly tugging her right nipple while reassuring her. She wasn’t completely convinced.

Mom: Nobody can ever know about this! You have to promise that, sweetheart. And I have to correct you with something. I’m not a hormonal teen. You are. So I know what I’m doing and feeling. I have to confess that I enjoyed the steamy moment we had in the trial room.

Mom: And every morning before waking you up, I would admire your rock hard morning wood. I finally saw a man in my sweet boy. I resumed masturbating because of you.

I opened up to my mom.

Me: You don’t have to confess alone. I have to tell you a few things too. In my days of youth, once I peeped into your room and saw you undressing a red saree to a matching bra and panty. Something about seeing you like that had made me always inclined to you. My affection for you has always been there, mom!

Now we were caressing each other under the running water of the shower. I was softly pinching the tip of both her nipples. She looked into my eyes with a shy yet naughty smile.

Mom: Exposing my ass when I was cleaning was a naughty thought when I found your cum on my panty. And It felt so good when you carried me to my bed both when my leg cramped while doing yoga with you and when I was drunk on my birthday.

She leaned on the tiled wall and split her legs wide. Mom guided my cock into her warm, welcoming pussy. Ah! Aahh! Each pounding of my cock grew stronger after the other, and her moan grew louder. I sucked her nipples.

Finally! I was inside her!

Me: Mom, did you think the vibrator was smart? I was in the other room increasing the speed and watching you have the time of your life, mom! Uhf!

I gasped to speak as we fucked passionately.

Mom: Ahhh! Now you have become a motherfucker.

Our wet bodies added extra sound to our passionate fucking.

Mom: I’m sorry, sweetie! I have to go. Ahh! Uhf! I’m late!

Me: I am close, mommy! Do you want me to cum inside?

She knelt, sucked me off and left the shower.

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