Chachi And Me

Let’s start with a description. For males consider yourself the main character. Let this character have the name Aman. And females consider yourself the character who is an aunt (chachi) of Aman, named Ramya. It was April 2018 when Ramya, mother of 2 sons, one 18 years old and other only 14, lost her husband in a car accident.

Soon her life had an unprecedented turn. She was only aged 45 then. It was hard for her to accept the truth. But her elder son gave her strength. Looking at him she would remember her husband. She lived in a joint family with her jeth jethani (brother of her husband and his wife) and their only son Aman.

This story is about love bond between Aman and Ramya. Aman was 27 years old then. Aman felt too bad for her chachi(Ramya). He always has liked her. Soon time passed and things got somewhat easy for Ramya. She engaged herself in household chores and looking after her sons.

It was then that Aman confessed her about his love for her. In turn, he got a tight slap and she asked him to leave. She cried a lot that day. Aman was unhappy too. Days passed. Ramya and Aman avoided each other. But that’s not what was planned by the god. Soon Aman again came to Ramya and asked for her forgiveness.

Aman: I am sorry, chachi. I should not have said such things. But none of my intentions were wrong.

Ramya did not say a word and left. After some days Ramya felt bad about her behavior. She confronted Aman and said, “I forgive you.” Soon Aman’s mom came to know all about this. And she thought why can’t Ramya have Aman. Aman’s mom was modern herself.

She was not bothered by society and its old norms. She talked about it with Ramya and convinced her. Soon Aman and Ramya could have been together. But Ramya wanted her elder son’s permission to which he readily agreed. The marriage was planned after 2 months.

2 months was a long time for Aman’s patience. One night he went to Ramya’s room where she was lying on the bed in a yellow saree. Aman knocked on the door. Ramya adjusted herself and went to open the door. She was surprised seeing Aman at the door. She smiled and greeted him inside.

She was quite shy. Aman asked her if she was good and complimented her beauty. To which Ramya only smiled and looked down. Aman said, “We are soon getting married and you need not hesitate.” Aman went ahead raised her head. The moment got intense, the heartbeats raced and soon lips were locked.

Soon they were in each other’s arms. After lip lock, they both calmed down. Ramya asked Aman to lock the door. Aman went to lock the door and came back. Ramya was standing with her back against Aman. Aman grabbed her from behind and started kissing her neck.

The fragrance of Ramya’s body made him wild. Soon he dropped her saree and started fondling her breasts over her saree. He opened her blouse and soon she was in her lace bra and panty. She was feeling shy so she turned around and hugged him tightly.

She said, “I love you, Aman,” for the first time. Aman replied, “I love you too, Ramya.” Soon lips were locked again and while kissing Aman undid her bra. Now Aman made Ramya lie on her bed and sniffled around her panty and opened that too.

Ramya was not prepared for the occasion. So she had little bushes. Aman sucked on her breast and soon they were in the ///”>69 position. After sucking on each other they parted and it was time for real lovemaking. Ramya asked Aman if he had protection to which Aman replied no.

So they went ahead with unsafe sex. After all, they were soon getting married. Aman gave his first stroke and he was halfway in and Ramya moaned. She asked Aman to be gentle and Aman agreed. He slowly started fucking her pussy and soon he was all inside her.

After 2 minutes, he started ramming her hard. Ramya also went with the flow and with each stroke, her moans grew louder. Soon the room was full of noises. Though it was not their suhagraat it was no less than that. After uncountable strokes, both came together and were lying in each other arms.

Ramya got tissues. Both of them cleaned up each other. And soon they were inside a white blanket. Aman kissed Ramya softly to which she responded. Ramya was caressing his head. She realized Aman was no more a child but a hunk to whom she was going to get married soon.

Ramya turned her back and Aman cuddled her and slept. Next morning Ramya was late for daily chores. So Aman’s mom thought she might be unwell and went to her bedroom and knocked. Ramya got up when hearing the knock at the door. Soon she got her nightie on and went to open door.

Aman’s mom asked her if she was well. Ramya was silent and had newly wedded bride’s smile Soon Aman’s mom realized whole matter and saw her son sleeping like a horse in the white blanket, probably naked. She teased Ramya.

Aman’s mom: Oh, so someone had tiring sleep last night. Koi nahi. Have fun I will look after daily chores you can come down later. And I will send your breakfast to your room.

Ramya was totally embarrassed. She locked the door and went to see Aman. He was sleeping like a child. So Ramya thought he looks so cute while sleeping. Soon Ramya had a thought. She started giving blowjob to Aman. To which Aman woke up hard. He had not expected this. It was his best morning.

Soon they had a great fucking session in the morning too. Both went to have a bath together and had another session under the shower. Both came out. Ramya wrapped a towel around herself and gave a towel to Aman. To which he said, “Is this really needed?”

She laughed and said, “Please wrap it up. Your mom already knows about us.” To which he said, “Tab toh aur acha hai.” Both came out of the bathroom. And started kissing each other. While they were having a smooch there was a knock at the door. It was Aman’s mom. She brought their breakfast and Aman’s clothes from his room.

Aman was smiling at his mom and hugged her and said, “I love you, mom.” To which his mom replied, “Bas bas ab makkhan mat laga. Mujhe pata hai ki tujhe aajkal teri maa se jyaada aur koi pyaara lagne laga hai. Chalo ab tum dono ko jyaada pareshaan na karte huye main yaha se jaati hoon.”

And she left. Aman locked the door and came back to Ramya started kissing her. Both of them were naked again. They came to the bed and both started feeding each other. After finishing their breakfast Aman was up for the next session.

But Ramya watered down his intentions and asked him to leave for work. Aman got up half-heartedly and was getting ready to leave for work. Ramya too got up to get ready. She asked Aman what saree to wear to which he replied red one.

Ok, that’s it for this part. Do tell me what you thought about this story and feel free to mail me at . Open for all sort of critics. This was the first sex story from my pen. Do give your love.