Chennai brahmin couple becoming cuckold couple – Part 1

This is a true story regarding a conservative Brahmin couple in Chennai. Only the names are changes. The husband’s name is Srikanth and the wife’s name is Vijaylakshmi. They got married when Vijaylakshmi was 22 and Srikanth was 30. They were both virgins and never had relationships before the marriage.

Now they were married for 4 years, but had issues in the bedroom. The wife wanted to have kids, but they had been unsuccessful. After many doctor visits and unsuccessful treatments, they gave up. Then they visited a sex therapist who recommended trying cuckolding.

They were both curious and unaware of this lifestyle. Initially, they started exploring the lifestyle through watching porn and role-playing online with strangers on Reddit. They eventually started talking to a bull who had experience with cuckold couples. He was interested in this couple since he always wanted to sexually please an unsatisfied innocent wife as a kink.

After successful roleplays online, the bull asked if the couple would be interested in trying it in real life. They were hesitant, but he was charming and said they could take it slow to get to know him well before actual sex may happen.

Then they first started with a dinner date at a local restaurant. The couple initially was scared to go to the restaurant, because it was mostly a non-veg restaurant and they only used to go to a pure vegetarian restaurant.

When they got there, the bull named Anbu assured them they had good vegetarian options. The couple got dosa with sambar while the bull got chicken and goat curry. Somehow and even though he was eating meat in front of them, the couple got along really well with the bull. They had long conversations and the Brahmin wife started to fall romantically in love with the bull. She enjoyed his very dark skin and his charming manner.

Then they exchanged their numbers and the wife was giggling in laughter and smiling after the encounter. The wife and bull continued having conversations at home which were mostly sexual in manner including sending nude pictures to each other. She was very much in love with his dark penis that got to 9 inches when fully erect.

They did roleplaying through video chat every night which both enjoyed very much. On their next date, they went to a movie with both, the couple and bull as three people.

She was sitting in between them. But she was mostly flirting with the bull and holding his hand. Throughout the movie, while sitting in the back, they were looking at each other while holding hands and whispering. They eventually kissed while the husband was watching.

When they got home, the couple really liked the bull and the husband found it hot watching his wife have a taboo relationship with that bull.

They eventually decided to let the bull into their relationship. Then they decided to invite him to the house to start their first cuckold sexual relationship. When arranging it, the bull asked if they wanted to do it with condoms. The wife said since they had been infertile, there was probably no need.

He then recommended the husband to get a chastity cage for his penis with a lock that only his wife had the key to. He recommended her to abstain from sex for a month before their encounter and for her husband to wear the cage for the entire month.

They eventually met at his house. Since he liked meat, his wife cooked him chicken biryani which she learned how to cook from watching videos online. Then she served it to him while they ate vegetable biryani.

After dinner, they went to the bedroom. The husband told his wife to get in a nighty dress, remove the mangalsutra, and put it in the cabinet. He said he was an atheist and wanted the woman to be non-religious for the night with him. She had never taken it off but did it because the bull insisted.

He then told the husband to strip everything so that he could see the cage and had him sit in the corner on the chair. Then he gave him a video camera and told him to videotape the whole thing. He had her sit next to him, while she sat in her nightie with no mangalsutra. She was still was wearing a toe ring and anklet to signify she was married.

The bull started by kissing the married woman passionately while she did the same. They did it while talking dirty to each other and him calling her ‘theyvidya munda’ (whore) multiple times. He then proceeded to take off her clothes and strip her bra and underwear. He proceeded to tell her to take off his pants and underwear.

She removed it and saw a big erect uncut black cock that was 9 inches. He then told her to suck it good like a good little whore in Tamil. She slowly started blowing him and soon, he had her gagging and deepthroating while calling her obscene names related to being a slut.

He then told her to go lower and lick his ass like a good little slut. She proceeded to do that while stroking his dick. The dominant guy then tossed her on the bed and pulled her underwear down. He proceeded to lick her married pussy which was wet while she was moaning.

After she achieved multiple orgasms, he removed her bra to reveal milky white breasts. He proceeded to suck them while she was moaning and saying his name and telling him to fuck her.

The aggressive bull proceeded to insert his raw dick in her wet pussy slowly while she screamed in pain as it was so tight. But slowly, he was able to stroke his dick in and out so that her tight pussy relaxed. He then proceeded to fuck her for many minutes while she achieved multiple orgasms.

He then flipped her in doggy style and proceeded to add lubricant to her asshole. He then rammed his dick in her ass to her delight while pounding her hard.

After that, he proceeded to take his dick out and had her suck it so she could taste her ass. He then got her in missionary position again until he cummed deep in her pussy while calling her a whore in Tamil while she acknowledged being a whore in Tamil in front of her husband. The husband was getting turned on by watching this cuckold sex and taping this.

After he released a massive cum, she cuddled with him, while he told the husband to get lost in the other room and gave them privacy. He did that while she was holding on to him tightly.

The bull took out a cigarette and smoked while she held on to him tightly and slept on his chest.

She ended up miraculously being pregnant with their first child from this encounter. And the couple fully embraced him as part of their family for him to sexually please his wife and also for breeding services.

More of the story will be continued in the next part.