City girl gets fucked by hot villager

Hi everyone, I don’t wish to reveal my real name and city. Let’s say I’m from Bangalore. I have a thick and curvy body. Because of this, I get stared at a lot. I’m 5’4″ tall, and I have large boobs and buttocks. I never measured it, but I wear a 36C size bra and 38 size panties.

I have a dusky complexion, curly hair, big eyes and thick lips. I don’t have a flat stomach. It bulges out a little. I appear to be decent on the outside, but I’m a sex-crazed bitch on the inside. I started watching porn and masturbating very early. I have emotionally unavailable parents, so I got off track early.

I usually dress modestly in kurtis and jeans or loose t-shirts with pants or crop tops with long skirts. I also usually wear a scarf around my neck to hide my big breasts because they attract much attention, even from women. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable.

But mostly, I enjoy the attention people give my boobs and buttocks. Men usually look at me with a lust-filled gaze. I look quite modern, but I don’t like foreign porn or anything that is not Indian, including porn and sex partners. I wear a belly button ring and mostly don’t wear a panty.

It makes me feel like a slut and keeps my pussy wet. Sometimes I even walk around the house with something stuffed in my pussy. It feels too good! I have looked at myself naked in the mirror. The huge hanging boobs and the big belly with a belly button ring make me look like a dirty, cheap prostitute.

And I fucking love that!

I am an IT employee. I have had rough and dirty sex with about 10 men without my family’s knowledge. But I will narrate one incident only in this story.

A rice mill cum wholesale rice shop near my house, and a North Indian man owns it. So, all the servants and laborers working there are North Indian villagers from UP, Bihar etc.

I’m not stereotyping anyone here. But most of those laborers are lusty and horny men who openly stare and pass lewd comments. I visited that shop once a month to place orders for rice bags. It is at a walkable distance from my house.

Whenever I went to that shop, I used to see all the workers stopping their work to stare at me. They used to look at each other and smile creepily. But there was one particular guy who attracted my attention. He was of medium height and had tattooed hands.

He had an evil look on his face. He had greenish eyes. All these features made him look boorish and sexy. I liked his staring the most. One day, while I was at the shop, he walked past me while brushing his elbows against my left boob. I was taken aback but did not flinch.

My heart was racing as I walked back home. I started to want him badly. I came home that day and rubbed the fuck out of my pussy while calling myself ‘randi,’ imagining it coming from him. After that, every time I went there, he started subtly touching me, on my boobs or ass or pussy.

I loved the courage that guy had, and I used to let him touch me wherever he wanted to. Nobody noticed him touching me. I badly wanted to see his dick and stuff it in my pussy. I was hoping it was long and fat. The fatter the dick, the hornier I become.

A few weeks later, one day, I was sitting at home, feeling horny. My mom was trying to call the shop owner to place an order. He was not answering the calls, so my mom sent me to check. I was not wearing a bra. But my mom told me it was urgent. So I wore a scarf and rushed to the shop.

My heartbeat was very high. As I approached the shop, it got windy. My scarf kept flying up, exposing my boobs through my yellow t-shirt. The owner was not there that day, so the workers had a gala time staring at me. This guy did something unexpected.

He walked up to me, lifted my scarf and grabbed my left boob. I almost fainted. His lusty eyes were making my pussy leak. I wanted to grab him and suck his dick wildly, but I controlled myself. He came very close to me. I was scared and EXTREMELY horny at the same time.

I picked sex over shame and decided to get fucked by him at any cost. So, I seductively smiled at him. Then I asked all of them, “Aapke seth kahaan hai?” (Where is your owner?) One of them said, “He’ll be back in a while.” So I gave this guy another slutty look and started walking towards my home.

But I wanted him to take hints and follow me, so I took a different route. I couldn’t believe that I was taking such a huge risk and doing this daredevilry. To my surprise, just as expected, he started to follow me after looking here and there.

Now, I live in an upmarket locality, so most streets are empty all day. Nobody comes out. And it was afternoon, so there was not a soul on the roads. I found an empty plot and stopped there, hoping to get fucked behind the bushes. I pretended to adjust my sandals. He came close and said, “Ma’am.” I was like, “Yes, it’s happening!”

Me: Haan? Kya hua? (Yes? What happened?)

He: Mem, aap mujhe pasand ho. (Ma’am, I like you.)

I couldn’t control my innate slutty behavior. I could not pretend to be normal anymore. I mentally prepared myself for a really good fuck and to be used like a filthy prostitute.

Me: (smiling) Acha? Sach mein? (Yeah? Really?)

He narrowed his eyes and whispered, “Han.” He fondled my pussy with his left hand and pinched my boob with his right hand. It was driving me crazy. I wanted to take off all my clothes and get fucked like an animal. My heartbeat was so high that I could hear it.

I was horny and nervous at the same time. I said, “Ruko, yahaan chalte hai,” (Stop, let’s go there.), pointing to the empty plot with bushes.

We quietly walked in on the dry leaves and reached a spot behind the bushes and the compound wall. I was taking a huge risk – hygiene risk, pregnancy risk, risk of being caught and shamed. My desire was stronger than all my fears. So I turned into a cheap roadside prostitute.

I fondled his dick over his pants and said, “Utaaro pant.” (Take off your pant). He took off his pant, and there it was! It was just as I had expected!! About 8 inches long and thick and sloppy. I had never seen a dick like that before. It was wet with precum already!

It was gleaming in the sunlight. The dick I had craved for months! It was very smelly, and the filthy urine smell made me even hornier. Black, fat cock with the smell of urine! Fuck, perfect! In one go, I took it into my mouth. He held my head, and I started sloppily sucking it. I was fucking loving it.

The smell of his pee was driving me crazy. I wanted him to treat me like a prostitute, so I took the dick from my mouth and said, “Gandi gaali de mujhe.” (Call me dirty names). He said, “Acha? Choos randi!” (Yeah? Suck it, you slut). I put the dick back into my mouth and started sucking on it.

Then I got up and lowered my pant and kneeled again. I held his cock with one hand and rubbed my pussy with the other. He said, “Shareef dikhti hai par randi nikli.” (She looked decent but turned out to be a prostitute). When he said that, I started sucking his cock faster.

It turned into a fat and rock-hard object. I felt it growing in my mouth. Then I said, “Chal chod mujhe aur jaldi kar,” (Come on now fuck me and do it fast).
Then he grabbed me by my neck, choked me, and felt my pussy and ass well. I took off my t-shirt.

I got goosebumps because I was fully naked outside my house, in the open! I let him do whatever he wanted to. For about 10 minutes, he squeezed my boobs, sucked and bit my nipples. He spat inside my ass hole, inserted 2 fingers, and started fingering my anus.

He also sucked and ate my pussy like a hungry animal would eat food. I was lying naked on the leaves and moaning softly. I called him, “Maadarchod.” He heard that and slapped my pussy. I was in heaven! And when he was licking my boobs, I was fondling his cock.

I like the balls (testicles), especially the big hanging balls. I like to sniff and nibble on them. And he had huge dangling balls which were covered by hair. But I still smelt the balls by deeply inhaling the pee smell and body odor and sucked on his balls.

I choked him and told him to be a man and call me filthy names. He used words like ‘bhadwi,’ ‘chuttad saali,’ etc. I came hard hearing those words while his cock was in my mouth. Then he pulled me by my hair and pushed me to the ground. He entered my pussy in one go.

My pussy is neither tight nor loose. I think the wetness made it easy for him. I gasped! Fuckk! That feeling! His throbbing long, black, smelly, fat dick is inside my pussy! Damn! He was too good at it!

He kept thrusting and pumping hard in missionary. I pulled him close and kissed him. He was drunk. I smelt alcohol. That drove me even crazier. I made him bite my nipples while fucking me by pushing his head down.

I said, “Sunn bhadwe, apna ras mere badan pe chod de, chut mein kuch nahi jaana chahiye.” (Listen, you pimp, ejaculate on my body, nothing should go into my pussy). He then flipped me and entered my ass hole by spitting on his dick. It was unexpected.

I thought he would fuck my pussy in the doggy position! I was in extreme pain. I gasped and went numb. I said, “Abey madarchod bata ke toh gaand maarta.” (Motherfucker, you should have at least warned me that you would fuck my ass).

He said, “Chup,” and pinned my head down on the ground. I was fucking loving all of that! I loved the pain! I kept saying, “Ahhhh,” in a low voice. I thought I would die or something serious would happen to me. Tears trickled down my face.

After about 10 minutes, he finally pulled out of my big dirty anus and made me suck his cock. I very happily did that. Imagine a fat, sweaty prostitute with messy hair, huge hanging boobs and a big belly with a dangling belly button piercing-sucking a black, fat dick in the open!

I was on cloud nine! He showed no mercy, and I loved that! I kept sucking till he was about to cum and then made him cum on my boobs and stomach. Fuck! It makes me horny even now. He then made me lie down and buried his face inside my pussy. I was enjoying it to the hilt.

He spat on my pussy. Then I came hard again. I came 3 times during the whole thing. I made him lick my pussy after I came. Then he wore his pants, and I got up to wear my clothes. I felt like a real fallen, filthy prostitute getting laid in the bushes by a laborer!

It was amazing! I kissed him again to thank him and licked his lips and neck. Only after I stood up that I realize how fucked up I was! I fucking couldn’t walk. I said, “Dekh tune kya kiya hai, khade nahi ho paa rahi main.” (Look what you have done, I cannot stand) and laughed.

Then I wore my clothes quickly. I let the cum remain on my body. It was smelly. This took around 25 minutes, and my mom kept calling me. I picked up the call while my ass was stuffed with a monstrous cock and said, “He told me to wait. He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

I then walked home with great difficulty. The pain was unbearable. I acted normal and went inside my room, locked the door, took off all my clothes and first ate his cum from my boobs and stomach. Then I spat on myself and squeezed my boobs.

I inserted my lotion bottle inside my pussy, and rubbed myself while uttering madarchod, bhosdike, etc. I came hard for the 4th time in 40 minutes. Then I peed inside a mug, poured it on myself, and masturbated again. And then finally showered and got out. I was fucking exhausted!

The best part is, no one saw us, no one suspected anything, and everything went well. A week later, I learned that the guy was fired by his owner. I was heartbroken. I don’t know what led to him being fired. I crave from him even now, after almost 1 year.

So, that was the incident. I hope you like it. Bye, until next time!